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Cycling fiotes. 0


Cycling fiotes. 0 By Pedalphast. I Lamplighting times.* July 23rd, 8.59 p.rn July h, 8.58 p.m July 25th, 8.56 p.m. July 26th, 8.55 p.m. July 27th, 8.53 p.m July 28th, 8.52 p.m. July 29th, 8.50 p.m. -0- Treforest Cycling Club runs: July 24th, Og- more, 3.30 p.m., July 24th. Chepstow, midnight, July 25th, Chepstow to Treforest, 2.30 p.m.; July 29th, Llandaff, 3 p.m. Ynysybwl section: July 24th, Caerphilly, 5 p.m. -0-- In my remarks last week respecting the "drop' iu prices of Rudge-Whitworth Cycles, I forgot to mention that these machines are obtainable at the local depots of Messrs Morris Bros., Cycle Works, who are sole agents. As will be seen by their advertisement. in the "Cycles" column they can now supply a lady's or gent's new machine, latest designs, at 12 guineas cash. --0- Bye the bye, I am informed that Messrs Morris Bros. have bad an exceptionally busy season this year, particularly with the ladies, having taught close upon 100 of the fair eex to ride this season. The value of competent tutors is easily appreciated when we find that they fre- quently teach their pupils to ride in three or four lessons, and even less occasionally. -0-- Given fine weather a large number are ex- pected to turn up for the run of the Treforest Cycling Club to Chepstow. Several of the Ynysybwl members are expected, and provided the Weather is fine a pleasant time will, no doubt, be spent. --0- The afternoon meeting organised by the Tre- forest Cycling Club on the Taff Vale Park on Saturday passed off very successfully. A large crowd assembled to witness the racing, and the two events were keenly contested. The surprise of the evening was the win of David Davies, Llfwitwit, in the final of the three miles handicap. Starting from the 50 yards' mark he was allowed to make the pace by the back-markers, whose attention was taken up in watching each other, until the last half lap. The "fast" men then sprinted, but they had left their effort too late, and Davies ran out a winner by two yards. -0-- No doubt this lesson will not be lost upon the scratch men, and in future they will not fall into the error of valuing novices too cheaply. It is rare indeed that the man who cuts the pace wins,but in this case the unexpected happened, and the! victory of Davies was a popular one with the "gate." -0-- If loafing of this description is indulged in competitors will probably find a time limit fixed upon the various events, and those who fail to accomplish the distance in the given time wculd be disqualified. May I suggest that the Pontypridd Football Club adopt this course at their next sports? -0- Francis scored a brilliant win in the 25 miles' race, but here again the same tactics were adopted as in the three miles' race, with the result that Francis was allowed to retain 4is start from beginning to end. The rivalry be- tween some of the riders was so keen that they were afraid of making the pace at all for fear of throwing their chances away. As it hap- pened the touring pace at which they were tra- velling was most suitable for Francis, and he was able to stick it to the end. --0- Had the scratch men made the pace a oracker at the beginning, and troubled less about apply- ing fancy names to some of their fellow riders, the result might have boon different. However, no one was more pleased with the win of young Bob than myself, for he is a quiet, unassuming young fellow, and universally liked by his club- mates. May this bel but they first of a long procession of victories for him. -0- Following up his success in the three miles, David Davies came in second in the 25 miles. Judging by his riding on Saturday he appeared to be a steady, consistent rider of the plugging type, and from start. to finish he never allowed himself to be flurried in the least, but main- tained an even pace right through. In my opinion distance riding is his strong point, and doubtless ha will be heard more of in the near future. -0- A general meeting of the Treforest Cycling Club will be held on Friday evening at eight o'clock sharp. Important business to be tran- sacted. --0- On Saturday a fancy costume cycling carni- val in aid of the "Arthur Linton Memorial Fund' will be held at Aberaman, starting from the Swan Hotel, Aberaman, at six o'clock. -0- The following prizes are offered for competi- tion For the best costume, 1st prize (given by Mr Sam Linton) elaborate photo album; 2nd prize (given by Mr Charlie Evans, Porth), electro plated tea service; 3rd prize (donor, Mr Josiah Hawke, Aberaman), double inkstand, pen, and blotter. Ladies' costume competition: 1st prize (Mr Tom Linton) ivory mounted dressing oase, value JE5. For the largest club mugter, Gent's walnut writing desk, given by Mr James Lewis. For the best comic costume: Russia photo al- bum, given by Mr Morgan Parr. -0-- Competitors should send their entries at once to Mr Morgan Parr, Aberaman, or to Mr Ivor J. Davies, 35, Seymour street, Aberdare. i'he awards will be made in Aberdare Park. A collection will be made en route, the proceeds of which will be devoted towards perpetuating the memory of one of the most brilliant expo- nents of speed cycling ever turned out from Wales, and one who would rather die thaji be defeated.


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