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Matrimonial Bliss.


Matrimonial Bliss. BUTCHER'S BILL THE BONE OF CONTENTION. At the Pontypridd police court on Wednesday, Thomas Brace, collier, Pontypridd, was charged with assaulting his wife, Ellen Brace, on the 17th inst. Complainant said that on Saturday night at half-past eleven her husband came home. He had a bill from the butcher's shop for more than he expected, and complained of it. He pulled off his coat and rolled up his sleeves, while she was putting the baby in bed, and struck her on her back several times. Witness ran into a Mrs Williams' house, but defendant followed and again struck her four times. She had been married to the defendant twelve months. Mrs Williams corroborated. Defendant stated that the reason he behaved as he did on Saturday was because his wife had deceived him with regard to the amount of the butcher's bill and rent. His wife said she only owed 14s. to the butcher, but he had to pay JE3 3s. O!d. The rent owing, she said, was only a month, but he received a bill for JE6 12s. On Friday before Jubilee day she said the "bums" had been in and marked the goods for rent. He had never given her less than 30s. a week since they were married. This statement complainant denied, saying she had received X-3 in two pays, and X-2 and L2 14s many times. When Mrs Williams was giving her evidence defendant interrupted, saying: "My 'missus' and Mrs Williams are very well acquainted because they drink together on the quiet. I have been ordering from Smyth's shop a case at a time for this woman, and a dozen for my wife. It's a settled thing between them, because I have refused to bring any drink to the house." Complainant: He has beaten mc i-iany timer before now. Di-fendant was ordered to pay the costp. and bound over to keep the peace for six months, the Stipendiary -c, to the complainant: "The next time- • e knocks you, you had better apply fo? s; ;,aration orti- i-, aud then ho will have to keep YoU.

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