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A Trallwn Wonjan i" Trouble


A Trallwn Wonjan i" Trouble At the Pontypridd Police Court on Wednes- day-before the Stipendiary, Alderman Richard Lewis, Dr R. C. Hunter, and Councillor James Rcberts-Mary Ann Chapland,a Trallwn woman was summoned for being drunk and disorderly on the 7 th inst. P.C. Evans (40) stated that on the evening in question he saw the defendant staiiding on the pavement in Middle street. She was drunk, and behaving in a very disorderly manner. When she wetttt into the bouse her sen held a poker over her head, but she soon ruthed out again. Defendant: I think the policemafl wag ifitoxL cated. (To P.C. Evans): You should not go about the publics and drink yourself. Robert Chapland, son of defendant, said he and his mother went in because they were told to go. He could not help his mother abusing other people or the latber abusing her. Hia mother was not drunk. He held the poker over her head because of the quarrelling; they could not get any peace. He only held the poker to keep his mother in, as he could not help her temper. HC1 never had any drink, and he knew his mother had not had any that day. He hoped the Bench would deal leniently with this case, as his wages were only 16s, and they could hardly live now. Witness completely broke down at this point and sobbed bitterly. The Stipendiary: There's no doubt you are a very good son, but you have evidently saorificed the truth for the sake of your mother. It is obvious the woman was runk. We will ad- journ the case for a month, and if the defen- dant behaves herself in the meantime perhaps she will hear nothing more about it. If there is any complaint during the next month, as far as I am concerned, I shall send her to prison, because to impose a fine upon the son wouiu not meet the justice of the case at all.

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