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Njustard and Cress.


Prosecution by the Pontypridd…

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Sequel to a " House Warming"…


Sequel to a House Warming" at Treforest. A LANDLADY SUMMONED. CASE DISMISSED. Mrs Elizabeth Jones, landlady of the Bailey's Arms Inn, Glyntaff, Treforest, was charged at the Pontypridd Police Court on Wednesday with keeping her house open during prohibited hours. Mr James Pliillips, solictor, Pontypridd, de- fended. P.C. Stibbs stated that. he visited the Bailey's Arms at midnight on the 8th inst. in company with P.C. Watkins, and found the frent wide door of the inn open. In the bar he saw a large number of men, some standing and some sitting and upon the counter were several vessels con- taining beer. Behind the counter were the landlady, her son, and another man. Witness asked her if she had had an extension, and she replied "Yes, I was up yesterday, and got it." The constable then asked for the'paper but was told she had not received one. When asked if she had paid the 2s 6d, Mrs Jones said she had not, at the same time remarking to the officer, "I may as well pay it you now, it's the same thing." Witness then said he would report her, and on going into the long room he saw a large number of men, women, and children there. One man was playing a harn, and another sineimr. At twelve o'clock the landlady's son camo in and shouted "Stop tap." One of the company said to the defendant "It's a pity you are so stupid, but you are hard of hearing." "Yes," replied Mrs Jones, "I am hard of hearing." When witness served the sum- mons the landlady remarked, "It's a pity I am so stupid; I hope you will do your best for me." Mr Phillips stated that the whole affair was done openly, the front door of the house was wide open, and there was no attempt at con- cealment. It appeared that Mrs Jones had been up to the Court on the Wednesday previous, and asked for an hour's extension on the occa. sion of a house-warming party on the following day. Mrs Jones was very deaf, and she went away under the impression that she had been told "granted," but as a matter of fact the words were "not granted." On leaving 'the Court she met Mr Morgan Thomas, the hauliers' agent, and told him her application had been granted, and the same thing she said to many other gentlemen, being, of course, under the impression that it was so. The whole thing had arisen through a misunderstanding. The case was dismissed.

A Trallwn Wonjan i" Trouble

Matrimonial Bliss.

Presentation to Dr. fcay Treherbert-

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The World of Pastime.1 -

IA Pleasant Day at Forest…

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