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9' Barddoniaeth.

Colofn y Cyrriry.



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Purified Petroleum for Delicate,…



Trade Announcements. "ONICA" (Registered by Royal Letters Patent). "THE NEW," "THE UNRIVALLED," "THE POSITIVE CURE" For Boils, Cuts, Whitlow or Felom, Chapped Hands, Bad Breasts, Bad Legs, Ulcers, Chilblains, Bruises, Abscesses, Burns, Scalds, Scabies, Eczema, Itch, Irritation of the Skin, and Old Wounds and Sores of all kinds. Have you a Corn ? If so, "ONICA" will eradicate it root and branch without pain or tenderness. "ONICA" sold in Pots at 1 /1 of Chemists only. Sent by Post for 3d. extra. SOLE DEPOT: EMRYS RICHARDS, Chemist, THE DUNRAVEN PHARMACY, TONYPANDY, GLAM. 3325 HEATHTjT SONS. p IANOFORTES AND ORGANS BY ALL MAKERS. ENORMOUS DISCOUNIS DURING SUMMER MONTHS. Send for Catalogues and Verdict of 900, Free. Gns. Monthly. WALNUT CASE, FULL COM- PARS,panel front,3ffc. iOin. high 18 10 6 Similar Model, superior quality. 20 11 o VANDERBOLiT MODEL, iron framp, full compass, trichord, check action, machine, covered hammers, 3ft. lOin. high 24 14 0 HENRY MODEL, lin. higher, superior quality 26 15 2 EMPIRE MODEL, full compass, iron frame, full trichord, check action, plated bolts, sconces, marqueterie and gilded panel trusses, 4ft. high 30 17 6 BOARD SCHOOL MODEL,as sup- plied Cardiff, Penarth, &c., In- termediate and Board Schools 34 19 10 ASSOCIATION MODEL, 4ft. 2in. high, burr walnut, prize medal design, with all the most modern improvements 38 22 2 ALEXANDER MODEL, ditto, 4ft. 4in. 45 26 3 5s. in the £ DISCOUNT for CASH. ALL GOODS SENT CARRIAGE PAID. ORGANS PBOM £ 5. PIANOFORTES by Broadwood, Collard and Collard, Kirkman. Erard, &c., &c. Now is the opportunity for acquiring a splendid in- strument at the lowest possible price, either for Cash or on the approved Hire System from 5s monthly. CALL AND SECURE A BARGAIN. SHOW ROOMS: 51, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF; 70, TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD; AND 21, WINDSOR ROAD, PENARTH. Manufactory: — LONDON. Agencies at Aberavon, Cadoxton, Bridgend, Maesteg, &c xe Canvassers wanted in all parts, on good commission. 1 1382 CHARLES BUBB, THE PRACTICAL .L Sanitary Plumber and Gas Fitter, 21, MORGAN STREET, PONTYPRIDD. C.B. takes this opportunity of thanking his numerous patrons for their support in the past, and hopes, by personal attention, to receive their future favours. Hot and Cold Water, Gas Electric and Crank Bells supplied'and fitted with all the Latest Improve- ments. A larpre assortment of Bain Water Goods, Flushing and other Tanks. Incandescent Burners and NOTE THE ADDRESS. [2672 whTT IS COFFEE ESSENCE ? It is a liquid extract of the useful constituents of Fine Coffee. A Teaspoonful added to boiling water gives cup of delicious Coftee in an* instant, superior to the best ground Coffee. T. SYMINGTON AND CO., EDINBURGH, are the Makers. To be obtained everywhere, in 6d. and Is. Bottles. [2593 MEN, WHY SUFFER, WHEN PROFESSOR KELLY, Licensed Herbalist, Temple of Health, 60 Glo'ste Street, Aberdare, can Cure Yon Unsolicited testimonials to hand by every post. [TKSTIMOKLU..] Dear Sir,-I have very great pleasure in highly recommending your valuable remedy for fits. Three years ago I was looked upon by all who knew me as incurable, and naturally, of course, I had resigned to my fate that I should end my life as a martyr to them. I tried several skilful medical men, but all seemed of no avail, and the serious malady seemed to be increasing. I often had two fits during one night. About three years ago I was recommended to try your remedy, and during the whole of the time I was under your treatment I only hid three fits. I am now quite recovered, and hope that I may long enjoy my restoration to health.—I bepe remain, yours very gratefully, DAVID EVANS. To Professor Kelly, Temple of Nmtth, Aberdare. Correpondence treated privately. ;f. All young men should consult Professor Kelly as to their future weitare. Attends at 55. Taft Street, Pontypridd, every Wednesday from 2 to 7.30 p.m. No connection with any other firm in Pontypridd. [2421 FREE TO IEN. When you are tired of taking nauseous and mys- terious prescriptions and compounds which do you no good, but only ruin your digestive organs, write to me and I will send you a book which describes a QUICK AND CERTAIN cure for lost strength, wasting weakness, &c., from whatever cause arising. STOMACH MEDICINE. NO ELECTRICITY, Sent in envelope on receipt of two stamps for postage. LEIGH, 93-93, GBSAT RUSSKL STBBE* LONDaN. W.O" 2749 X SPECIAL TO yOUNG JJEN. X Just Published, a Medical Work, entitled "HOW TO ENSURE HEALT H." On the LAWS GOVERNING LIFE, and the CAUSES, SYMPTOMS and TREATMENT of all diseases depending on Exhaustion of Nervous Vitality, such .as Nervous Debility, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude, Depression of Spirits, Loss of Energy and Appetite, Pains in the Back, &c. Pent post free for 2 stamps; or by letter post, 3 Stamps. The Females' Friend and Adviser Will be sent to any address on receipt of Two Stamps. Address Messrs BARNES & Co., 48. Lonsdale-square, Barnsbiiry, London, N. 2989 A SELF CURE. One who has himself suffered will send to any SUFFERER a FREE PRESCRIPTION on receipt of a stamped addressed envelope. This Presciiption has restored many hundreds of persons suffering from R17«irrr\T?I?Tl Nervous Debility. Exhausted Ilia jlUllul Vitality, of Youth, Lost Manhood. Spermatorrhoea. Varicocele, Premature EtlTA TO HEALTH & STfiEN GTH Fag, Dimness of Sight, Despondency, Loss of Energy, Loss of Memory, Blotches on the Skin, No:ses in the Ears, Melancholy, Kidney and Liver Complaint, and all Diseases of the Urinary Organs to health and strength, and is an unfailing remedy for these dis- tressing diseases.— Address: W. H. Buowx, Esq., 14 Chesham Road, Brighton, Sussex, Eng!. nd. Name this paper, íml LIiI MR. DESMANE, DISEASE SPECIALIST. 23, STATION TERRACE, PONTYPRIDD (OPPOSITE UPPER ENTRANCE TO TAFF STATION. FIRST SHOP ABOVE RAILWAY BRIDGE.) Branch Dispensary-ASSEMBLY ROOMS, opposite Cross Keys, TONYPANDY. Mondays, 2.30 until 7.30 p.m. Tuesdays: CARDIFF, 39, FREDERICK STREET: 2.30 until 8,30. I say I can, I will a^uaranteo^^sn^ °F whatever, and if I cannot cure I will say so at once but if ful cures after years of suffering. My Motto is 16,000 persons have received my treatment with the greatest success. YVonder- ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. During the last twelve months 1,946 were successfully treated for DEAFNESS AND WEAK EYES. c»D„™?a,fdD„ "»»«*. POXTVPBIDD (Wadta/sand, IE jcu immediately. YUl K CAbE- A11 communications honourably kept Private, and attended to NOTE THE ADDRESS iM. :DESMANE, 23, Station Terrace, PONTYPPJDD. 316 o L R D o H D I E G R H I L C A K N D D W R O-L H U I S "RODERtCK DHU" OLD HIGHLAND WHISKY. THE LEADING SCOTCH BRAND. Recommended by Analysts and Physicians The Best Value in the Market. Wright & Greig, Ltd., GLASGOW. This fine Old Scotch Whisky can be had from all the leading dealers in and around Pontypridd. 3025 JOHN CROCKETT & CO., 2 & 3. TAFF STREET, Clock and Watch Makers, Gold Wedding Rings and Keepers. Cabinet Makers, Upholsterers and Polishers. Sofas and Conches repaired equal to new. Furnishing Ironmongers. Fenders, Fire Irons, Saucepans, Tea Kettles, Knives and Forks, &c., Iron Bedsteads, Millpuff and Feather Beds, Wool, Hair and Millpuff Mattresses made to fit any size Bedsteads. UNDERTAKING.—Hearses, Shellibiers and Carriages supplied. vVreaths and shrouds in great variety. Coffins sent home to any part of the country. Adult Coffins from 35s to 97 7s. Children's ditto, from 7s. 6d to £ 1 10s. 1866 ~S LADIES LADIES REQUIRING ASSISTANCE and RELIEF in all FEMALE AILMENTS. IRREGULARITIES, SUPPRESSIONS, and OBSTRUCTIONS can obtain the most valuable information whereby difficulties are overcome, no matter how Obstinate or Long-standing. THIS EXTRAORDINARY MEDICINE has met with immense success in THOUSANDS OF CASES after all others have failed. Read these extracts from Testimonials:- MBXBORO'. Dear Madam,—Kindly send me a bottle of your medicine and pills. I have tried them before on medicine and pills. I have tried them before on one occasion they put me right with Four Doses after Sixteen Weeks, and another time One Dose did me v T Dear Madam,—My case was a very obstinate one of Eighteen Weeks, but. with perseverance and your good advice I am happy to say I got relief.—Mrs M. J. YORK. Dear Mrs Dasmail,—I received the merlicine and pills safely. The last I had proved effectual after Five Months' Suppression and Anxiety.—Mrs A. B. The above, and Thousands of Similar Testimonials, Abandon not hope; here you will find a Genuine SPECIALITY & CURE. Failure impossible. Send stamped addressed envelope for particulars to A. DASMAIL, Box 432 Langdale House, Walthamstow, London. 3232 EADE'S PIJiLS. CURE GOUT. The first two pills took the pain away. Jas. Pettengall, 2, College-Park villas, Kensal- green, W. JjJADE'S GOUT AND RHEUMATIC pILLS CURE RHEUMATISM. I would not be without them if they cost 21 a bottle."—A. Mountain, 16, Burton Cres- cent, Dewsbury, Leeds. EADE'S Q.OUT piLLS CURE RHEUMATIC GOUT. The second bottle made me all right, nor has the pain since returned."—A. Cbadwick, West street, Firgrove, Rochdale. jgADES GOUT AND pHEUMATIC PILLS, The safest and most effectual cure for LUMBAGO, Pains in the Head, Face, and Limbs, requiring neither confinement nor alteration of diet, and in no case can their effects be injurious. Sold by all Chemists, in bottles, Is lid & 2s 9d. GEORGE EADE, 72, Goswell road, London. EADE'S PILLS. 2339 C;;H!:1DREi'<15 Kag-oz^s G&H&SiSSS Destroys Niis.&c.,artd makes Children's HeJpgrowfeeautiful Curly, soft and Strong.—A lady ifcifiswSall wite.V'Iiivor.seu I!AGON'S Cleanser Y*r for the lost lOyeais fc-r my girlsafd they now have beaut' fnl Golden Hair in ?reat NregjgE' abundance." Sold ou most Chemisit, ond any Chemist vill obtain it if ashed, btU iKsift on }f,.la1N's; nh1.llg e7.&s WIll da the work. g/|. Hott'cs, post freegtj,, 2 for j/4. Bole Maker, IT AGON, C'rni*t, CAftl>lFF? i— SI16 THE GREAT MONEY SAVING PROBLEM 1 WASTE N OT, WANT N OT. DON'T BUY ELSEWHERE before seeiDg the Sweeping Bargains of all kinds. NEW & ECOND-HAND CLOTHING, Also WATCHES, CHAINS, WEDDING and KEEPER RINGS, all Hall Marked and Govern- ment Stamped. NOTE THE ADDRESS :— OTTO F ALLER, j PAWNBROKER, CLOTHIER, JEWELLER, 34, TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD 3129 EVERY MAN QUFFERING from NERVOUS and PHYSICAL io dkBILITY should send for a valuable pamphlet explaining how all nervous and organic derangements may be successfully treated with, ut stomach medica- tion. The method'is easy and pleasant and will effect a perfect and permanent cure, iient sealed, Tott Free. ^E.^NORTON, 242. High Holbnrn, London, V7.C. j" Established 30 Years. 2973 A BOON. BOOK, containing 102 USEFUL RE- CIPKS and INVALUABLE INFORMATION, sent on receipt of stamped envelope state age and sex.-Address HIGSON, Box 79, North street. Not- tingham. 2894 | GEORGE'S PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS I A I ARVELLOUS EMEDY. I IT IS MORE, THAN GOLD TO ME. IT SAVED MY LIFE.- If you suffer Pain in the Back or Loins or between the shouldert GEORGE'S PILE this remedy will effectually remove it. AND if you are troubled with Irritation of the Bladder, Suppression and GRAVEL PILLS Retention of the Water, Stone, or Gravel, the only SAFE AND EFFBC TDAL KESIEDY ever offered to the World is GEORGE'S HLE ANL GRAVEL PILLS. If the Water is High Coloured Tii'Ck, and depositing much Sedi- ——■■ ment, lose no time, procure a Box ot CtEORGE'S PILLS, and you wii. soon be RIGHT again. If your Kidneys and iiVerare sluggish and Olt oi Older, Chip GEORGE'S .Remedy will gently stimulate these important organs, opes up their PILE AND clogged passages, and promote the secretion of healthy bit- and othci an.4 VKT. Vital fluids. prT to If you are a martyr to ln £ ^stion, Biliousness, and Constipation. you have a STTKB BESIEDY in (i ^CRGE'S PILLS. If you sufferTrom any Buwel disorder/such as~Piles, Constipaticnt Flatulence, Colic, you have here a REMEDY you can always rely upon. If you sufferTrom any Buwel disorder/such as~Piles, Constipaticnt F Flatulence, Colic, you have here a REMEDY you can always rely upon. If you suffer from Palpitation, and are afraid that your Heart is I effected, you will find these rills an EFFECTUAL REMEDY. If you suffer from Headache and Giddiness, GEORGE'S llLLtwIIi GEORGE'S remove these pains sooner than any other known medicine. FILE AND „ If J°u haye Pain after Eating, and feel Drowsy and Listless, one G~R A VFJ- PTTJTIS dose of GEORGE'S PILLS will act like a charm. If jour Food turns Sour and rises into the mouth, a few doees of this REMEDY will make your troubles a thing of the past, If you feel Nervous, Excitablerand Low Spirited, a perfect ANTIDOTE will be found in GEORGE'S PILLS. If you have a Disagreeable Taste in the mouthy single dose of GEORGE S PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS at bedtime will clear the GEO HQ WR PTL 7? tongue before tho dawn of another day. AND GRAVEL sleep fails to give you Rest, try GEORGE'S PILlA They j will make your bed easy, sleep refreshing, and revive your strength. If you feel unfit for Exertion, Weak and Limp, this RKMKDV wii? restore your Energy and Strength, and will make labour and exercise the enjoymfnt of your life. If you are troubled with Nausea and Vomiting at the t, ought 8 eating, a Box of GEORGE'S PILLS will make your Mea and Drint GEORGES both Savoury and Pleasant. If your Blood is impure, it will keep open all the important outlete PILE of the body, and thus give free e*it to all Gross Humours, and ae ,T7-> Blood Impurities will be seen bursting through the Skin in Pimplest AAD Blotches, Sores, or Bails. G RA. VEL In thousands of cases it has removed from the Blood, root and TtTT T c branch, Rheumatic, Scorbutic, Scrofulous taints that have defied ah "■lid*™ other Remedies. If you have a tendency to Dropsical Swellings, this Remedy, by itt action upon the Kidneys and Skin, will soon bring relief. It v, „ nave Difficulty of Breathing, this Remedy will prove a friend to you in the hour of need8 9E ORGEPS It will -TTange your constant ailing to Freedom from PaiiT It will change ne sallow complexion to the Bloom of Health. PILE itTwiiJ change your sicklinees to Vigour your langour to Activity AND and your general debility to firmness of Binew and muscle. tRA TIE, T, it is Aperient,and therefore removes Constipation. It is Antibiliousr PILLS and will, therefore, correct all the Irregularities of the Liver. It if Diuretic, and will, therefore, keep open the water passages. It if Tonic, and will, therefore, give tone and vigour to the Digestivo- Organs. It is Blood-Purifying and Nerve-Strengthening; it is there fore ALL YOU WANT Three Forms of this Vegetable Remedy :— GEOBGES FUE No. I.-GEORGE'S PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS. AND GMAVEL PILLS. I No. S.-GEORGE'S PILLS FOR THE PILES. lllESE WORLiD-RENOWNED PILLS ARE SOLD EVERYWHERE, IN BOXES, Is lid ANI •is 9d EACH. P- ojtrklor: J. E. GEORGE, M.R.P.S., HIRJJ1 AIN, GLAM- 22 200 GOLD MEDALS AND DIPLOMAS. CDV'O pure rllT O CONCENTRATED OOQOA I I Try also FRY'S MAXTED COCOA, a combination of FRY'S PURE COCOA. and ALLEN & HANBURY'S EXTRACT OF MALT. 11 THE MOTHER S FRIEND DAVID GEORGE'S For Children that are Fretful for want of 'INFANTS' PRESERVATIVE. Sleep, caused by some Internal Irritation, such as Flatulence, Wind, Convulsions, Fits, &c. MOTHERS spend many a sleepness night with their Babies owing to the child being continually crying with pains in the Stomach, &c., whereas a dose of this INVALUABLE MEDICINE will counteract any irritation that the little sufferer may have, and thereby promote a healthy sleep. | Mothers should be careful to keep a bottle in the house ready for any emergency. | NO HOME SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. If you have not tried it, get a bottle at once, and insist on having the right article, discard all worthless imitations. 645- PERFECTLY SAFE. PRICE Is. lid. PER BOTTLE. If you cannot obtain it at your Chemist's write direct (enclosing Is. 3d in Stamps) to the SOLE PROPRIETOR DAVID QEORGE, M.R.P.S., 29, LLEWELLYN STREET, PENTRE, RHONDDA VALLEY. :312 TRY -J. S. EVANS'- NOTED CHALLENGE HATS At 2/9 and 3/9. THE ONLY AGENT IN THE DISTRICT. -0- Note the Address- TIMES' B U I L D IN G S, PENUEL SQUARE, PONTYPRIDD. (Next door to Morris Bros., Bicycle Warehouse). 3157n R UPTURE! RUPTURE!! i PATENT THDSS. IT^OR Security, Ease and Comfort is unsur- passed. Price and further particulars on application to WILLIAM GABRIEL, 3009J Wood Road, PONTYPRIDD. ESTABLISHED IN 1836. FOR THE PROTECTION OF TRADE. S TLT B B S" MERCANTILE OFFICEf (STUBB5' Ltd.), 42, GRESHAM ST., LONDON, E.C Subscribers, by obtaining timely information, through THE STATUS ENQUIRY DEPARTMENI. MAY AVOID MAKING BAD DEBTS. EVERY TRADER SHOULD READ STUBBS' WEEKLY GAZETTE, With which is issued a Supplement, containing LISTS OF CREDITORS UNDER ALL THE IMPORTANT FAILURES. THE COMMERCIAL REGISTERF CONTAIN MORK THAN <3T NINE MILLION ENTRIES. DEBT^ECOVERED PROMPTLY AND REMITTED TO SUBSCRIBERS On TUESDAY and FRIDAY in each Week BRANCHES at 1 & 2, SWANSEA ARCADE, SWAN- SEA, Aberdeen, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bradford Brighton, Bristol, Belfast, Cardiff, Cork. Croydon Dublin, Dundee, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Hu!i Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London (West End'- Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich. Nottingham, Ply. mouth, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Southampton, Sun- derland. SUB OFFICES. — Cambridge, Derby, Durafrie- Gloucester, Greenock, Grimsby, Halifax, Hanlev Huddersfield, Inverness, Ipswich, Limerick, London- derry, Middlesboro', Newport (Mon.), Northamptor Oxford, Perth, Preston, Reading, Stockton-on-Tee- Torquay, Walsall, Waterford, Wolverhamptol Worcester, York. requirements1. 1S' 3s' £ 5 -.according „ PROSPECTUS farwarded on application to any of th above Offices 3071 THE SOUTH WALES TOBACCO PIPE & STONEWARE, AND REDWARE MANUFACTORY. G. PRIEST PROPRIETOR. ALL KINDS OF SPIRIT JARS, STONE GINGER-BEER BOTTLES, SPITTOCNS, &c.» Supplied at the Shortest Notice. ALL PATTERNS OF TOBACCO PUTS AND FLOWER POTS KEPT IN STOCK. Write for Price Lists and Illustrate* SheetS, NOTE THE ADDRESS- 15 & 27, WYNDHAM CRESCENT CANTON, CARDIFF. 25; 6