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The World of Pastime. + By "The Sporting Scribe." I see by the bills that the Ferndale Athletic Sports are to be held on Bank Holiday, not- withstanding there arc many counter attractions Ferndale has always been noted for giving a most enjoyable programme, and it is to be hoped that the public will as usual patronise this favourite place of amusement. There are already to hand a large number of entries, and, given a fine day, good sports will be witnessed. TENNIS. Llwynypia v. Ynysangharad, Pontypridd.— This match was played at Llwynypia on Thurs- day in very warm weather. Llwynypia, who were not fully represented, having to call on a few substitutes, were only beaten, after a close an exciting match, by 5 events to 4, 116 games to 110, 13 seta to 10 aets. An enjoyable tea was provided on the grounds. Scores: E. T. Hughes (1,) beat H. Barker (Y), 6-2, 6-3; D. W. Jones (L) bea.t G. Belcher (Y), 2-6, 6-0. 6-4; S. Jones (L) lost to W. Walters (Y), 7-9, 3-6; George (L) lost tD T. Walters (Y), 6-2, 4-6, 3-6; Mog Roes (L) lost to S. Willams (Y) 2.6^ 2-6; R. 6. Walters (L) lost to R. Jones 6 4' 3 6' 9-11. Doubles: E. T. Hughes and S. Jones (L) beat T. and W. Walters (Y), 6-1, 3.6, 9-7; D. Jones and George (L) lost to H. Barker and G. Belcher (Y) 5.7, 0-6; Mog Rees and R. C. Walters (L) beat R. Jones and S. Williams (Y) 7-5, 3-6, 6-1. ATHLETICS. On the Llwynypia Recreation Ground on Saturday, a 120 yards' race was brought off between Idris Hopkins, Ystrad, and Jim Coombes, Trealaw. Hopkins won a fairly good sprint by about three yards. Coombes ap- peared to be a longer distance runner. CRICKET. Llwvnypia v. Ynysybwl.—This was the match billed to come off on the ground of the former club on Saturday, but Ynysybwl failed to put in an appearance, thus awarding the two league points to Llwynypia without any effort to save them. This is the second team that has dis- appointed the home team this season, and it would be well if a rule were framed to prevent this state of things. Garth 2nd v. St. James' 2nd.—This mateh was played at Tynant, the ground of trhe former club, on Saturday, and resulted in an excellent victory for the home team by 6 wickets, with 28 runs to spare. St. James' batted first, and ran up a score of 79, towards which Scdtfc, Douglas, and Waddington contributed 14, 12, and 10 respectively. Garth opened their inn- ings with Messrs H. Lewis and H. L. Schroeter, who made the excellent start of 37 for the first wicket, Mr Lewis, who scored muoh the faster, scoring 28 of that number by fine free cricket. Lester Lewis and Schroeter then increased tke total by 15 before the latter was bowled for a very well played 16. The home captain, F. J. Schroeter, then joined Lewis, and the rate of scoring was highest during this partership, 16 beinsr added in half as many minutes, the third wicket falling at 68. The visitors' total was very soon passed, and when time arrived, the homo team's score stood at 107 for 4 wickets. Lester Lewis being not out with 42 to his credit. Scores: ST. JAMES' 2ND. S. Auckland c Brown b Samuel 8 F. Waddington b Brown 10 B. Davies b Brown 0 E. Wynne b Brown 7 Douglas b H. Schroeter 12 T. Scot-t b Jones 14 T. Powell b Jones 0 E. Hemming b L. Lewis 9 A. Lloyd b Jones 8 G. Richards c Povey b L. Lewis 2 C. Hemming, not out 2 Extras ? Total 79 GARTH 2ND. H. Lewis c and 1. Auckland 28 H. L. Schroeter b C. Hemming 16 L. Lewis, not out 42 F. J. Schroeter b C. Hemming 9 W. Brown b Wynne 5 R. Poole, not out 3 Extras 4 Total (for four wickets) 107 Maindy v. Ferndale iNondescripts.-A cricket match between Maindy Cricket Club (Pentre) and Ferndale Nondescripts Cricket Club was played at Ferndale on Saturday in ideal cricket weather, and resulted in a. win for the home- sters. T. Evans and T. Davies for the visitors rendered good service to their respective sides. Appended are the scores FERNDALE. W. Jones b T. Davies 4 A. R. Morgan b T. Davies 2 J. P. Williams b T. Evans 2 J. R. Lewis b T. Davies 9 E H. Williams b T, Evans 3 G. H. Smart, not out 17 J. W. Thomas (captain) b T. Evans 2 A. Davies, not out 16 Extras Total for 6 wickets 62 Innings declared closed. P. D. Lewis, George Parry, and Isaac Jones to bat. MAINDY. W. Price, run out 0 J. Hoskins c E, H. Williams b Morgan 0 L. Richards o J. W. Thomas b Morgan 1 J. Morris, run out 0 W. J. Davies b J. W. Thomas 0 T. Evans b W. Jones 2 T. Davies c Williams b Thomas 4 T. Richards b W. Jones 2 A. Thomas b J. W. Thomas 0 T. Jones b. W. Jones 0 E. D. Lewis, not out 0 Extraa Total 16 Glamorgan Cricket League, Pontypridd, July 20th, 1897. Sir,—On July 10th, a League match was played on the Ynysangharad Park, Pontypridd, between Porth and Pontypridd, and during the afternoon a discussion took place between Mr W. J. Davies, Porth captain, and myself, the Pontypridd captain. Before the match it was arranged that the boundaries should be 4 "to" 6 "over." The game had not been going on an hour when Mr Davies bowled a ball which went to the boundary. I at once claimed 4 rnus, but Mr Davies objected, and said that more than 3 runs to the boundary for byes could not bo obtained. However, 4 runs were granted. After the innings the two captains had a very heated discussion on the subject. During the week I wrote to Mr Henry Perkins, secretary, M.O.O., and I now enclose you copies of the correspond- ence which passed. (Copy). Glamorgan lw Dear Sir,—In a. League match played last Saturday on the Pontypridd ground against Porth, the boundaries were arranged as 4 "to" 6 "over." The Porth captain bowled a ball which went to the boundary, and I claimed, as captain of Pontypridd, 4 runs. Am I right or wrong ? The Porth captain contends lint you cannot get more than 3 runs to the boundary for byes. Would you kindly reply by return and oblige, Yours faithfully, Edmund J. Leyshon, Hon. See., Henry Perking, Esq., Secretary, M.C.C. (Copy) Dear Sir,-Bves are reckoned the same as "hits" as regard boundary, unless there is a special agreement making a different arrange- ment. Unless this was the case you are en- titled to 4 runs. Yours faithfully, Henry Perkins. Secretary M.C.C. I hope this will be a warning in future to all captains of League Clubs to make special ar- rangements for b°rmdarir^ Y^ur% etc., EDMUND J. LEYSHON, Hon. Sec. Tonyrefail v. Blaekmill.— A cricket match between Tonyrefail and Blaekmill was played at Tonyrefail on Saturday, and resulted in a win for the home team by 1 run. Scores: TONYREFAIL. j Seth Mathews b Skyme 1 W. Griffitlis b W. D. Thomas 5 > H. Price, run out 3 Fred Russell b W. D. Thomas 0 Idwal Davies c W. Storer, b Skyr) 5 H. Milton c Perkins b Skyrme, '3 E. Rosser c and b Hopkins 3 J. Davies b Hopkins 0 J. Gardener b Hopkins 0 W. Davies, run out 6 Frank Russell, not o\J.t 2 Extras 3 I Total BLACKMILL. A. 6kyrme c Griffiths b Price 3 E. A. Storer 0 E. Rosser b Prioo I W. Hopkins b J. Davies 0 W. Reed, run out g G. Storer c J. Davies b Prioe 0 W. D. Thomas c 1. Davies b Price 10 J. Perkins b J. Davies 0 W. Storer b J, Davies 9 J. C. Storer b J. Davies 0 Rees Williams, not out 2 G. Thomas b J. Davies 4 Extras 6 Total 28 MR W. H. P. JENKINS' XI v. ST. DAVID'S. This match was play at Briton Ferry on Saturday, and resulted in a win for the visitors by 26. Messrs Davies and Morgan played splendid cricket, the former scoring 31, and the latter 30. Morgan also took 6 wickets for 15 runs. Score: ST. DAVID'S. R. Luckitt bDavies 0 Rev G. Prioe b Davies 5 O. Morgan c Kempthorne, b Nichols 30 D. W. James c Williams b Davies 11 W. Harding b Thomas 15 W.. Parfitt, run out 8 B. Gale b Nichols 0 B. Rees b Llewelyn 0 Dr Jones b Nichols 1 A. Jones, run out, 4 W. A. Richards, not out 0 Extras 12 Total 86 W. H. P. JENEINS' XL W. F. Thomas o Lackett b Morgaa 10 J. Down b Harding 4 A Clarke c and b Harding 0 F. Kemphorne b Morgan 0 .J: R. Davies c Jones b Richards 31 F. Nichols Ibw Morgan 0 D. Davies b Morgan 7 F. Dickens b Morgan 0 W. Llewelpi, Hot out ♦ J. Williams e sub. b Richards 1 J. Davies b Morgan 0 ExtraM 3 Total 60 Treorky v. Plymouth, Merthyr.—The returns League match between the above teams was played on the Athletic Grounds, Treorky, OiL Saturday, in ideal weather. There was a splen- did company present, owing to the importance of the game, together with the recollection of the first match at Merthyr, when, after an ex- cuing game, Merthyr won by two runs. Both teams were well represented, there being one absentee on each side. The wicket was in a very good condition, despite the oppressive heat. Dr Tribe, winning the toss, elected to put in the visitors first, and at three o'clock Ernest Lewis and J. Bland proceeded to the wicket to open the Merthyr innings to the bowling of M. FaL con and Chalke. The first few overs were rather uneventful, both batgmen being careful. However, runs cam* at a fair rate, Lewis let- ting out. Bland waa immediately bowled, and four runs later Lewis was brilliantly stumped by D. C. Davies, two wickets being down for 20. The next two men were quickly got rid of, Davies executing another smart bit of stumping. Harries continued to bat well, despite several changes in the bowling, and received assistance from D. Jones and Herbert, but ultimately got bowled by a fine ball from T. Thomas. A fine catch by Morgan dismissed Jones, and Herbert was caught and bowled by Faloon-I wickets- down for 58. After very little further trouble, the side 'were dismissed for the respectable total of 79. Treorky lost no time in getting ready, all time, moved on, and with 80 to win. were set a formidable task. M. Falcon and Tom Morgan started operations to the bowling of D. Jones and S. Jones. A most disastrous start was made, for Morgan was clean bowled by the second ball of the former's first over. The 'home captain, Dr A. G. Tribe, followed, and with Falcon added 14 to the score before the latter was dismissed. T. R. Thomas joined his captain, but after scoring one, got most UIL fcrtunately run out—a great mistake. Ashford did nothing, and B. D. Williams went away without scoring, and it looked great odds on the side being dismisied for about 30 for the aspect was anything but encouraging, 6 wickets down for 24 runs. However, W. D. Jones a8<1 D. C. Davies became associated, and soon altered the situation. Hitting out most resolutely, and now and then playing exceed. ingh- carefully, they soon mastered the bowling. Change after change was tried, but to no pur- pose. The invaluable stand delighted the crowd, who oheered enthusiastically hit after hit. Ultimately, Jones was caught by Bland, after compiling a well played innings of 29, in which there were two 4's aad three 3's. His innings was all the more praiseworthy at a juncture when runs were sadly need. After adding three, Davies was also caught by Bland, alter contributing his share of 13 runs, by exceedingly good cr,(-k-et,tlie -partnership having realised 39, runs. Both received a fine reception. Seven wickets for 66. Clarke joined Davies, who was cau?lit. Eight for 74. With only six runs wanted, Chalke and Hood were together; the former having scored 4 when in with Davies, which was supplemented by two from Hood. Then one from the latter, brought fehe difference to 5, and a hit to leg by Chaike brought an- other two, when to the general consternation of the crowd, time was called by the umpire; cruet fate robbing Treorky of a victory which un- doubtedly was theirs, as another over would probably have sufficed. As it was, Treorky scored 77 for 8 wickets, thereby requiring only three runs with two wickets to fall, leaving the match a draw, with one point each to the teams in the League table. Remarks.—The matoh was a perfect. treat in every respect, and the spectators were simply delighted. It was terribly hard lines for Tre- orky (who have been showing up so well latel- I in losing the opportunity, which, if afforded them, would have won them the match. But it was really superb .game of cridket, and everything was conducted in the best of spirit- Just a few words as to the players. To tie two Treorky batsmen, W. D. Jones and D. C. Davies, belong the chief praise, for their mag- nificent batting. Truly, Jones deserves his place in the League team next time, for he has a grand aggregate to date. Davies, besides bat- ting well, kept wicket brilliantly, stumping two men in first class style. Chalke bowled well, and batted in the very style wanted at the end. The Treorky iTowling through and through was- below its usual form, and the fielding was not very smartly executed. The Plymouth men gave a good exhibition, their batting being very consistent. E. Lewis and Harris were the lead- ers but the latter was lucky. Their fielding was ITOCKI, but their bowlers, with the exoept-ior* of D. Jones, were not up to much. Appended, are the scores and bowling analyses:- PLYMOUTH. E. Lewis (capt) st. Davies b Faloon 12 J. Bland b Chalke + Sam Jones b Chalke 1 W. Biddle st. Davies b Hoodâ 5 W. E. Harris b T. R. Thomas 24 H. Clavton c and b Morgan 2 D. H. Williams, run out 1 D. Jones c Morgan b Thomas I D Herbert c and b Falcon 8 W. Dyke, not out 4 A. Webb c Austin b Falcon 5 Byes, 7; leg byes, 2 9 Total 19 TREORKY. M. Falcon b D. Jones 8 Tom Morgan b D. Jonea Q Dr A. G. Tribe (captain) b Bland 10 T. S. Thomas, run out 1 O, Ashford b D. Jones 0 W. D. Jones c Bland b Efc. Jones 29 B. D, Williams b D, Jones 0 D. C. Davies c Bhnd k D. Joaes 13 G. Charke, not out 6 H. Hood, not qut 3 Byes, 6; leg byes, t 7 Total for wickets 11 J. T, ilustin, to bat). BOWLING ANAL YSBS. Plymouth Innings. O. M. R. W. M. F alcon 9 2 I 21-3 G. Irilialko 8 1 9 2 Hood "x. Morgan | J J- — T. R. Thomas ••• o ••• 0 11 — Z A. G. Tribe 2 ••• 0 10 0 Treorky Innings. D. Jones 16 I. 28 6 8. Jones 9. 3. 12 0 J.Biand. 5. 0. 16 1 W. Beddle 1 0 5 -0 W. E. Harries 1. 0. 6 -0 [CONTINUED ON PAGE 8 ]


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