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HEARTLESS MOTQER AT MOUPTAIP sq. JJeglects Her Four Children AND IS SENT TO GAOL. Before the Stipendiary (Mr W. North) and other magistrate, at the Abercynon Police Court on Wednesday, Eliza. Thomas, Mountain Ash, was summoned for neglecting her children,there- by causing unnecessary suffering, etc., to them. The children were four boys, George. Richard, William, and John, aged 12, 10, 6, and 4, years' respectively. Mr J. E. Spickett, solicitor, Pontypridd, who prosecuted on behalf of the N.S.P.C.C., stated that the defendant was the widow of a collier who was killed at the Albion Colliery explosion. She was in receipt of 30s a fortnight from the funds since the explosion. This she spent in drink, and neglect the children, who were in a filthy state. Defendant had been fined several times for drunkenness, and had spent several terms of imprisonment at Cardiff. She had also been fined two separate amounts of 10s that morning at that Court for drunkenness. She was an all round bad character. Inspector Ruff deposed to visiting the defen- dant's house at Catherine Street. He did not see the children here, but lie subsequently found the children at Pontshonorton. The defendant had been under his supervision this long time owing to her drunken habits. He found that she had spent the fund money she received the week previous (July 7th) on drinks, and in pay- ment of beer fines. He also found that she had pawned her rin-s to pay previous fines for being drunk and incapable. She lived with a man who did no work, and evidently lived on the fund money when possible. He (witness) afterwards received the fund money himself and took the children from them, and put them in charge of another responsib e person, whom he paid to take proper care of the children. P.C. Nicholls in his evidence said he had had occasion to visit defendant's houses within the last two months, and found it in a filthy state. The cliildren were also in a ragged and filthy state, being literally covered with vermin. He stated also that he found defendant was in the habit of changing her residence so as to throw the police off her track if possible. Mr North, in summing up lectured the de- fendant on her behaviour.. -e then began to whimper, and said she could not get her boys to behave. The Stipendiary, however, did not take any notice of this statement, and committed her to prison for six weeks, this to run consecutively with the four weeks to which had already been committed.


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