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Stealing a Dog.


Stealing a Dog. HEAVY FINE IMPOSED. A DISHONEST FARMSERVANT. On Thursday at the Porth Police Court-be. fore Dr Ivor Lewis and Mr T. Griffiths, M.E.— David Pugh, a farm servant, was summoned fOf' stealing sometime in April a dog. valued at E3, the property of Mr D. W. Davies, J.P., Tonypandy. Mr James Phillips, solicitor, Pontypridd, pro. seeuted. The evidence showed that the defendant was a farm servant in the employ of Mr D. W. Da- vies at RhiW-farm ,Tonyrefail, and had been employed in cutting hay for the last six months. Some time in April the dog was lost, and for the following two weeks the defendant was con- tinually asking John Jones, another servant, if the dog had been found. On one occasion he said that the dog had gone to Breconshire, and that by the time it came back it would be a fine dog. Information was given to the police immediately after the dog had been lost. Evidence was also given by P.C. Parker, who clepoood to having received information (,-on-. cerning the loss of the dog. Benjamin Jones, Gr aigddu Farm, said that the defendant asked him if he wanted a good sheep dog, as he could sell him one. Ultimately he purchased the dog from the defendan- for 5s Consequently the dog was found on Graig- ddu Farm by some persons who were shearing sheep at Graigddu. 0 David Thomas, another farmer, said for the defence that he heard John Jones telling Pugh that he should have the dog and do what he liked with it. Mr T. Griffiths said that there was some in- consistency in the evidence, and that Jones had not given the dog to Pugh, but had lent it to Mr Miles Roberts, another farmer. The Bench imposed a fine of £2.. STATEMENT BY THE MAGISTRATES' CLERK. With reference to the reports wluch have ap- peared in the daily papers, to the effect that the prosecutor (Mr D. W. Davies, J.P.), occu- pied a seat on the bench during the hearing of the case, and that he even contradicted a witness for the defence, Mr Henry Porcher, Clerk to the Justices, writes: To the Editor of the "Free Press." Sir,—My attention has been called to this case as reported on the 16th imt., and I wish through your columns to state what took place. A witness for the defence said, "The dog was killed at Porth and Mr Davies knew it." The justices (Dr Lewis and Mr T. Griffith) referred to me, and I suggested Mr Davies could clear that up, and I asked him if that was so, when Mr Davies replied, "Some children had said it was killed, but on inquiry he found there was no truth in the rumour." This is the only part Mr Davies took in the case, and when it was called on he said ho should take no part, he being the prosecutor, and he moved his seat to a corner of the bench.—I am, &c., PENRY PORCHER, Clerk to the Justices. Magistrates' Clerk's Office, Pontypridd.