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With the Rhondda District Council Employees at Lynmouth HAPPY DAY ON THE DEVONSHIRE COMST. The annual outing of the Rhondda District Council's employees took place on Saturday. The place chosen for the day's enjoyment was Lynmouth, North Devon, a little village situated midst the most beautiful soenery in the South of England. This annual outing is an event which is anxiously awaited by the clerks and other officials, as it is an occasion on which they are entirely freed from -eir onerous duties, and it is also an occasioh which strengthen the ties of respect and admiration of the employees for their employers, and the latter have always encouraged and assisted their clerks in making this outing a day of perfect enjoyment. The journey was commenced by the 7.45 tram to Cardiff. The weather at the start did not ap- pear at all favourable, dark clouds overhanging the sky, which threatened rain. The majority of the company had assembled together by the time the train arrived at Ysirad station, and who was to be seen, in a terrible "fuss," at the station, but Mr E. Llewelyn, the collector, who was responsible for the arrangements of booking the company a-ff. Mr Llewelyn, as all know, is an important personage, and it was a matter of ne surprise to find the train waiting several minutes for his convenience. Another welcomed holiday seeker was the veteran reporter, Mr W. Richards, of the "South Wales Daily News," who wore the appearance of a certain Biblical character who was fond of a "little sleep, a little slumber, a little olosing of the eyes to sleep." At the same time, it must be remem- bered that the hour was very early for one who so frequently burns the journalistic midnight oil. Who should be waiting at the next station but the genial assistant-overseer, Mr David Jones. It is not known whether Mr Jones is oa b".d, terms with the olerk of the weather, but on Mr Jon's incoming, rain began to fall, and be company immediately began to bless it, and Mr Jcncs. At Porth station the remainder of the holiday makers joined the company, which now numbered twenty-five. The journey through the Taff Valley was very quickly accomplished, the time being occupied in telling some "story- ettes" and "Ffraethebion Cymreig," the Col- lector being in his "hwyl," and his humorous tales causing roars of laughter. At the Docks, there was waiting one of Messrs P. and A. Campbell's first class steamers, the "Cambria," considerable difficulty being experienced in gain- ing admission owing to the great number of holiday seekers. There were about eight hund- red passengers on board, but, singularly, there was not a single case of sea sickness. Musical items, both vocal and instrumental, were contri- buted during the trip. After two hours' sailing Lynmouth was sighted, which was a source of pleasure to many. There being no pierhead at Lynmouth, the party were taken off in boats, and were then rowed to the shore. When one of the boats was within about thirty yards of the beach, a huge wave came along, and the boat swamped considerably, and the "South Wales" reporter Inspector Towy Thomas, and seme others, went through the baptismal rites. .After abo,it ten iniRue-W boating, we were landed and a rough walk over the beach, brought us to Lynmouth. The head quarters for the day was the Lyn Valley Hotel (landlord, Mr C. N. Bevan), a first class hotel situated amidst the most romantic and picturesque scenery of Lyn- mouth. At one o'clock dinner was partaken of. The tables, which had been beautifully laid, were attended by smart Devonshire waitresses, and a very enjoyable time was spent. The din- j ner consisted of salmon, poultry, etc. the jus- tice done to it by every member being a good criterion as to its quality. After dinner was over, Mr D. Jones assistant overseer, submitted the toasts, "The Queen and all the Royal family," and "The Rhondda Urban District Council" which were drank with musical honours M, Jones then proposed "The Rhondda Urban District Council's Officials," which was respon- ded to by Inspector Towy Thomas and Mr E. Llewellyn. "The Press" was proposed by Mr 1). Jones, and replied to by Mr W. Richards, "Scuth Wales Daily Naws," and Mr T. D. Law- rence, "Free Press." Mr Jones then proposed the toast of the host and hostess, and said that the dinner which they had just partaken of re- flected the greatest credit on Mr and Mrs Bevan. This was responded to briefly and neatly by Mr Bevan. After dinner, the party viewed the splendid scenery of Lynmouth and Lynton. The chief plaoes of interest. were the Lyn Glen, very romantic but very fine scen- ery, the Valley of Rocks, Sir George Newnea's residence,; the Castle Rock, and a journey up the Cliff Railway. Tea was provided at five o'clock at our headquarters, after which the time bad arrived for our departure. Again having been carried out by the boats, the steam, ship Cambia took us up, and wended its way to Cardiff. The journey home was a treat. Several places were sighted on the journey home. which were not visible in the morning. Among those were Burnham, Aberthaw, Barry, etc. As we were proceeding quietly towards Penarth, nearly all on board ship were thrown into a state of alarm and excitement by several reports of cannons. Ultimately it was explained that the 2nd G.A.V. were camping, and were practising with the cannons, shooting out'to the sea. Hav- ing called at Penarth,. Cardiff was reached at 8.1u p.m., the trip having been a most pleasant one. The day altogether was spent in an ex- ceedingly enjoyable manner by all, and acknow- ledged to be the most successful and pleasant outing which the officials and employees of the Council have ever had. The trip on th e"Cam- bria" was a treat, and the arrangements on board were complete in every respect, and re- flected credit on Messrs P. and A. Campbell. The preparations and arrangements at the Lyn Valley Hotel were also admirably carried out, and of which Mr Bevan need be proud. The "spread" was unsurpassable, the attendance being all that was required,and the tariff reason- able. It would be unfair to terminate without referring to the admirable services rendered by Messrs E. Llewellyn, Pentre. and M. Thomas, Porth, as chairman and secretary to the com- mittee; the latter was untiring in his efforts in bringing the outing to a successful issue, and the former with his magnetic influence, contri- buted towards a successful holiday. Mr D. Jcnes, assistant overseer, also played an import- ant part.



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