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.+ Philanthropic Order of…


+ Philanthropic Order of True Ivorites —St. David's Unity. "Ivorite" writes: Inasmuch as thousands of our members read the "free Press," it would not be out of place to give an account of our. selves now and then in its columns. I believe, sir, that we are numerically stronger in this district than any other Order. There are over 3,500 Ivorites in the Upper Rhondda alone, and if we add to this tho number of members in Pcntypridd District, it will reach the grand total of close on 6,000. But this does not represent half the number who come under the influence of the "Free Press." Therefore, you can imagine the pride I feel when contemplating writing to so many thousands of my brethren at once. And this week I have something worth telling July 12th and 13th were red.h>t.ter days in the history of our Order; for on those days we celebrated our Diamond Jubilee. We began with the Queen's rigll, and Her Gracious Majesty did not forget to send us her congratulations by wire. The conference this year was held at Amman- ford, in Carmarthenshire; and to the credit of the people at Ammanford and district may it be said, they gave us a right royal reception. Everybody and their cousins came to give us wieJoomet The number of delegates present was 't,), representing 255 lodges and 20,444 mem- bers, worth E103,000. This is a large number when we consider our Order is purely Welsh. All our business and eccounts are transacted in Welsh; but although it is large, I am glad to say that we are still increasing, and I hope we shall not rest until we have more than doubled our number. The Conference commenced on Monday afternoon; and a public reception meet- ing was held in the evening, when the renowned Watcyn Wyn presided. The large hall owned by the Ivorites, and the largest in the place, could not contain one half the people who came. Oil Tuesday morning the president's address was something worth remembering; so full was it of suggestions and warnings. He said every- thing worth saying, and left nothing unsaid worth saying. He seemed to have said all that was necessary in a speech which lasted 45 minutes, and I am glad the conference decided to print, in addition to the usual report, a sufficient number of the address in pamphlet form, so that each member may have one. The work of the conference was gone through in a most businesslike manner; and great credit is due to the president (Mr Edward Evans, Aber- dulais), to the secretary (Mr J. B. Jones, LIan- oIly), and also to the good sense of the delegates that not a single unpleasant incident happened from beginning to end. I trust it will be the aim of every Ivorite to bring at least one new member each in the course of the coming year.

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