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Two Pictures and a Letter.


Two Pictures and a Letter. The following letter, and the two pictures which accompany it, speak for themselves. All that is necessary to be added is that Mr. Mc- Mullen's letter was perfectly spontaneous, and written without any idea of publication. The two portraits were sent merely as corroboration: "Eller Vale, Harrington, 21st May, 1897. On the 20th March, 1895, I was taken seriously ill the doctors treated me for pneu- monia, pleurisy, and also weakness of the heart. I was under the treatment of different doctors, but never seemed to get any better, but gradually sank. I tried every sort of patent medicines, but of no avail, and after four months of suffering, and being waited on night and day, I was removed to the infirmary as the only ct.ance 1 naa. I was eight weeks in the infirmary; and sent home as incurable, my case (they said) only being a question of time, as I was gra- dually getting weakpr & weaker. It was now con- sidered certain that I could not last much longer. My friends had tried everything they could possibly think of to re- lieve me, and when my wife was asked to try Or Williams' Pink Piils for Pale People, she only shoot her head and said it was no use try- ing any more. She was, however, prevailed upon to try one box, and I can say it was this that saved my life. Before I got through the first box I felt a changed man, and my friends saw clearly that they had got the right thing at last. I used altogether eight boxes, and from taking the first box I gradually gained strength and appetite. I soon got well, and got to stir about, to the wonder of everybody, but kept on taking the pills till I started to work, which I did five weeks ago, as strong and healthy as ever I was. The only thing I regret is that I did not get the pills sooner: I can confidently recom- mend them as having saved my life, and will ■always speak in praise of Dr Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. I send you photographs, showing my condition before and after recovery. —Yours faithfully, SAMUEL MCMCIXEN." Dr Williams' Pink Pills are famous among all "lasses of people, from the lowest to the highest in the land, for the cure of rheumatism, scrofula, anionic erysipelas, and to restore pale and sallow complexio.18 to the glow of health. They are also a splendid nerve and spinal tonic, and thus have cured many cases of paralysis, loco- motor ataxy, neuralgia., St. Vitus' dance, and nervous headache. They are now obtainable of all chemists, and from Dr Williams' Medicine company, 46, Holborn Viaduct, London, at 9d a box, or six for 13s 9d, but are genuir-f only with full name, Dr Williams' Pink Pills for People. The genuine Pills, which cured Mr McMuiien, as he eo interestingly describes, ire never sold looie or from 1as., j ITS or draw r«, but ••-■H.'v -I-• sp; ii• i; <

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