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PONTYPRIDD SCHOOL BOARD. The monthly meeting of the Pontypridd School Board was held on Tuesday, Mr James iriiia Richards (chairman) presiding. 'There were also present Rev Joshua Thomas (vice-chairman), Rev J. R. Jones, Rev T. P. Thomas, and Mr J. W. John; with the clerk, Mr D. Milton Jones FINANCIAL It a^neared from the Clerk's report that there was a balance of £1,563 4s 7d to the Board's credit in the general account, but this sum would be reduced by that day's payments, (P,17236 9s 3d) to £ 324 15s 4d. THE MEASLES EPIDEMIC. The attendance officers reported that Cilfyn- ydd Schools had been closed owing to the pre- valence of measles. Mr John Morgan reported 55 cases at Pwllgwaun and 42 at Mill street Schools. A CONVERTED TRUANT. The Chairman referred to a Treforest boy who had served his time at the Truant Schools. The lad had attended regularly since, and was an example of the great rood derived from sending precocious boys to the Truant School. MAGioTERIAL LENIENCY. At the conclusion of the attendance Officers' report, Mr John Morgan complained that non- attendance cases brought before the Pontypridd Bench were far more leniently treated than was the case at other Courts in the district. It sometimes occurred that the. very worst cases were adjourned for a fortnight or a month, and ultimately, if the children attended regularly during the interim, the cases were dismissed and the Beard was obliged to pay the costs, which, he believed, was 9s in each case. The Clerk observed that the dismissed cases cost 5s 6d each, but where there was an order the cost was 9s. Mr Morgan continued that if the children at. tended well for a month they were allowed to free, and to a. large extent the object for which summonses were taken was rendered void Several persons had remarked to him, "You can summon me if you like; I will only have to pay 2s 6d. The Chairman remarket that the Board was entirely in the hands of the magistrates. The Clerk said the same subject was dis- cussed at the conference of School Boards, and it was suggested that there should be more School Board members on the magisterial bench. (Laughter). INSPECTOR'S REPORTS. The Clerk read the annual report of H.M. Inspector on Hafod Schools: "The staff was decidedly weak at the first, and has been rather unsettled throughout. The discipline (including punctuality) is not very strong, but considerable allowances is due from the overcrowded state of the rooms, which is new being remedied. The condition of the school as regards attain, meiits is very satisfactory, there being many good points in the work." The Chairman said he considered the report very satisfactory. The Clerk reported that at Coedpenmiaen Schools the three departments had earned the highest grant. H.M. Inspector reported on these schools: "Boys' School.—This department has, on the whole, done good work during the past year. At the same time, the writing both in exercises and copy books must shew an improvement, particularly in supervision, if the rate of grant of last year's is to be maintained. Object lessons will require the careful attention of the Headmaster during the coming year, and it is "0 only after much hesitation that the award "Good" is recommended for this school." "Girls' School.—The school is in a thoroughly satisfac- tory state, and the class subjects are on the whole well taught. The school. as mentioned in last year's report, is overcrowded." ''Infants School.—'This is a good school, and the work is evidently carried out on a rational and scientific basis. The headmistress is to be praised for the general tcne of conduct of the children. The Clerk, referring to the remarks on the boys' school, said the school was last time examined by the new inspector. He (the speak- er) had examined the reports of previous years and had found everything most satisfactory. He felt it his duty to say that no blame could be attached to Mr Jones, who was a most pain- staking master, and was always keenly attentive to his duties. THE INCREASE OF MEMBERS. The Education Department, wrote agreeing to increase the number of members of the Board to eleven provided the Board passed a resolu- tion to that effect. Mr J. W. John moved a resolution asking for eleven members, and this was unanimously adopted. FAIR REPRESENTATION. The Chairman said he would be glad if the School Board election were carrXecLloaMk- in .Ah* aamiT was" rttS" jjiscnct Council election. He thought the parish should be divided into wards, instead of all the members being elected en bloc. They could not expect to secure a fair' representation all round until this change was effected. TENDERS. Several tenders were received for the painting and colouring of Norton Bridge and Coedpen. maen Schools. The Board accepted the tendei of Mr Edward Jones, Coedpenmaen,, which was —Norton Bridge, P,29 17s; Coedpenmaen, JE32 10s. EXTENSION OF CILFYNYDD SCHOOLS. The Education Department approved of the plans prepared by Mr A. O. Evans for the extension of Cilfynydd Schools, which will provide extra accommodation for 160 boys, 60 girls, and 205 infants. It was decided to adver- tise for tenders. "WILLING TO TEACH BOYS." A letter was received from a Mis* Howells applying for a teachership under the Board. She was willing to teach boys. The Clerk, in regretfully reporting that there was no vacancy, remarked that it was very rarely young ladies were agreeable to teaching boys. Rev T. P. Thomas: Oh, it's only natural. (Laughter). EDUCATING VAGRANT CHILDREN. A circular was read from the Cannock (Sta- ffordshire) School Board asking Pontypridd to adopt a resolution to the following effect: "That we respectfully pray the Local Government Board will as quickly as convenient introduce into Parliament a Bill which shall enforce the compulsory attendance fit some elementary school of all able-bodied children, whose parents or custodians lead a nomadic idle, indigent life, and show no honest visible means of sub. sistence." This was unanimously adopted. THANKS TO THE GENEROUS M.P. On the motion of the Rev Joshua Thomas, seconded by the Rev T. P. Thomas, a vote of thanks was unanimously accorded Mr Alfred Thomas, M.P., for his generous treat to the school children on Diamond Day. Reference was also made to the splendid services rendered by Mr J. W. John towards making thee affair such a huge success. LAN WOOD SCHOOLS. The seal of the Board was affixeed to the contract for the erection of the Lan Wood Schools. THE CLERK DESERVEDLY COMPLI- MENTED. The Clerk presented his sencond annual re- port. The Chairman commented upon the valuable information contained in the report, and pro posed that a vote of thanks be accorded the Clerk for so ably compiling it. This was seconded by the Rev Joshua Thomas who added his appreciation of the Clerk's la- bours in getting up a report at once so compre- hensive and so readable.


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