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PONTYPRIDD BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The Abolition of Overseers. TAXATION OF LAND VALUES. The weekly meeting of the Guardians was hekt on Wednesday, Mr Godfrey L. Clark, J.P., presiding. A letter was read from Mr Forwood, Axmin- ster, asking the Guardians to sign a memorial asking the Local Government Board to make it compulsory that in the event of any dispute be- tween two unions as to the chargability of a pauper, the matter should be referred to the Local Government Board for arbitration. On the proposition of Mr W. Little the letter was allowed to lie on the table. The Neath Board of Guardians wrote asking the Board to pass a resolution similar to the one they enclosed, which was to the effect that the overseers as at present constituted should be abolished, and that a paid officer in each union should be appointed to superintend the collectors. Mr Williams (Llantwit): Am I to understand that this person is to be a kind of "g-affer" over the others? The Clerk: I think the intention is that he should be a kind of valuer. On the proposition of Mr Lewis Williams, seconded by the Rev R. Thomas, the suggestion was rejected. The Bedwellty Union wrote asking the Guardians to pass a resolution in favour of the taxation of ground rents, royalties, etc. Mr James Richards: I move that we take no- tice of that, whatever. I think it is full time that the country should take notice of it. (Hear hear). Rev R. Thomas: I second the proposition that we sign the petition. Mr W. Little: I move that the petition be not signed. The landlord's property is already rated, and if you rate it. again you rate it twice. Mr S. Evans, J.P., seconded, and added that he did not think they would like to be assessed themselves if they had property. Mr Lewis Williams said he did not think the landlords paid rates twice over. They had no risk; that was all thrown upon those poor people who worked the coal. The landowners ought to pay directly, and they would then take more interest in the matter. Dr Ivor Davies said he thought a Royal Com- mission had been sitting upon that question, and the matter had been gone into thoroughly by Parliament.. He, therefore, did not think they would be doing any g0od by passing that resolu- tion. On the resolution being put 15 voted for it and 9 against. A letter was read from the Secretary of State acknowledging the receipt of the address of congratulation to the Queen, and promising to place it before Her Majesty.

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