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THE COMMON AS A PARK More Opinions of Local Gentlen\e?|. With a view of ascertaining the feeling as to the desirability of converting the Common into a park and recreation -round, in accord- ance with the proposal of Councillor Watkin Williams, a "Free Press" reporter has again waited upon a number of local gentlemen upon the subject, and below will be found their opinions: MR R. A. LEWIS, LLOYD'S BANK. "I am strongly in favour of it, and it's a. great pity it was not done twenty years ago. If we go to Aberdare we find there a magnificent park, which, I understand, was formerly nothing but a bare waste, and not nearly as attractive as the Common. If the local authorities twenty years ago had been alive to the future of Ponty- pridd, they would certainly have expended a considerable sum in making the Common attrac- tive then. I consider that their procrastination should not be a guide to the present Board, but they sttould tackle the question at once as proposed by Councillor Watkin Williams and others, inasmuch as I understand Sir William Thomas Lewis has now pledged himself to inter- fere no further with the surface of the Com- mon." MR RICHARD ROGERS, CHAIRMAN OF THE BURIAL BOARD. "I am for it entirely, and think it a very de- sirable place for a park. Yes, I am strongly in favour of the proposal." MR JAMES COOMBES. "It is rather early to express an opinion be- fore we know all about it, but I would like to see the Common laid out. As to the purchase of tho Ynysangharad, I am afraid it would be beyond our reach. It is a ground that wants to be utilised for building purposes in order to centralise the town, and if the County Offces came here we will want that land for building purposes. At present any extensions must be done outside the town By laying the Common out it will be making tilie place worth going to; it is very pretty now, but there is room for great improvement. The place, however, should be fenced in, as it is dangerous at present. I think the idea of having a lake there is preposterous; it would be much better to throw a weir across the Taff and there would then be an admirable place for boating." MR J. E. B-vJOKS. "I disagree with spending any money on tho Common, but I am prepared to sanction the, purchase of a few acres at a marketable price on the Ynysangharad fields, because if we lay money out on the latter place, I believe the cost of laying out the lround in an attractive way would be infinitesimal. When laying out money the ratepayers ought to induce people to come to the town by laying out the ground in an attrctive way, such as by having cricket, etc. I think there should be a cycling track there also, as I consider the town can ill afford to spend any money on the place without get- ting some return, and undoubtedly if there were a cycling track there and athletic meet, ings held a largo number of people would be attracted to Pontypridd..1 would be willing to borrow the money for that purpose, otherwiso I< am not agreeable to spending money on any ground other than the Ynysangharad, and only on that provided a track is constructed, on which athletic meetings could be held. The thousands of people brought into town by those sports would compensate the ratepayers for any expenditure they might incur in laying out the ground." MR THOMAS THOMAS, TY'NYWERN. "Yes, I think it will be a great acquisition to the neighbourhood of Pontypridd if the Com- mon should be converted into a park and recrea- tion ground. The site is on an elevation which will add to its suitability as a health resort. All towns of smaller dimensions than Pontypridd are trying to secure plots of land for such pur- poses. The Coedpeenmaen Common is already allotted to the people as a recreation ground, and if a sum of money could be borrowed for carrying out the proposed scheme, I consider the 'money well spent if it would add in any way to the comfort and enjoyment sof the people." MR MOSES SEVERN, CHECKWEIGHER, MARITIME COLLIERY. I was pleased to notice in the "Free Press" that at the District Council meeting Mr Watkin Williams suggested that the Common be con- verted into a park and recreation ground for the benefit of the people, that Mr rettigrew's report is most favourable to the scheme, and that he believes the Common could, for a reasonable outlay of money, be formed into the prettiest park in WTales. I am strongly in favour of the Common being coiyerted into a park and recrea- tion ground for the use of the people. Although the Common in its present state bears a some- what barren appearance, it is visited by lnind- reds of people in a single week. In my opinion the Common is an ideal place for a recreation ground, the situation is healthy, the air is brac- ing, and could be converted into a charming resort. With regard to the best, mode of lay, ing out the ground, I think the matter might safely be left in the liands of —o District Coun- cil. There is one point I wish to impress on the members of tho District Council, which is -^at when the work is about, to be commenced care shall be exercised to ensure that all the worthy unemployed in Pontypridd district are afforded the pi-eferment of work on the job. I am con. vinced that there ought to be a park and re- creation ground in Pontypridd. The workers need something difjarent occasionally to all Work, Pub, and Bed. I happen to rub should- ers with large numbers of the workers, and I have no hesitation in stating that a well-laid out park and recreation ground would be highly ap- preciated. When we consider that the Common is the property of the people, and is in every way suitable, common sense pronounocs in favour of it being the proper site for a park and recrea- tion ground.



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