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A Refreshing Assault.

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RHONDDA URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. The Change of Name Sanctioned. ELECTRIC LIGHT AT MAERDY. Mr T. Griffiths, M.E., presided at the bi- monthly meeting of the Rhondda Council held on Friday. There were also present Council- lors Rhys Griffiths (vice-chairman), W. Jenkins. J.P., J. D. Williams, J.P., W. Morgan. I.P., D, Evans, D, Williams, W. Jones, Dr W. E. Thomas, W. D. Wight, M. Llewelyn, J. Thomas and L. P. Griffiths; with the clerk (Alderman W. H. Morgan), the medical officer (Dr Her. bert Jones), and the surveyor (Mr W. J. Jones). FERNDALE FAIRS. A leiuer was received from the showmen against whom complaints were made at the last meeting for causing obstruction on the highway during the fair, stating that they had done so unaware of the fact that. they were committing an offence. Dr Thomas gave notice of motion to rescind the resolution of the Council, and in the mean- time the Clerk write to the police on the matter. JEHUS IN TROUBLE. Joseph Weeks and George Thomas, brakes drivers, Pontypridd, were reported to have plied I for hire after 11.30 p.m., which was a breach of the bye-laws. William Maddocks. an Ystrad brake-driver, was reported to W> pliro. hire without being on the cabstand Edwin Wynne, a Pontygwaith brake-driver, was re- ported to have overloaded his brake. At Ty- lorstown, Thomas Jones, brake-driver, Treorky" was reported to have committed a offence. It was decided to prosecute in all cases. CHANGE IN NAME OF .COUNCIL. A communication was read from the County Council, sanctioning the change of the name of the Council from Ystradyfodwg to the Rhon- dda District Council. POWERS OF THE VESRY. A communication from the Local Government Board was received with reference to the trans- fer of some of the powers of the vestry. It was decided that the Clerk be instructed to write to the Local Government Board accept ing the powers granted by the Board. MAERDY ELECTRIC LIGHT COMPANY. A letter from the secretary of the Maerdy Electric Light Company was read stating that they would be able to light the road by Octo- ber next. It was decided that the clerk write asking them to state definitely when they will be pre- pared to light the roads, assuming the Council oome to terms. ADDRESS TO THE QUEEN. Sir Mathew White Ridley wrote stating that the Council's address to the Queen had ween presented to Her Majesty, who was pleased to receive it. ASSISTANT OVERSEER'S SALARY. Mr D. Jones, assistant overseer, in acknow- ledging the receipts of the resolution with re- gard to the increase of his salary, stated: "let, I beg to state and maintain that the object has only been partly attained in my case, and that the salary is still too low when you take into consideration the fact that I have to pay three clerks out of the same. However, I am willing to give another twelve months' trial, and win then make known to your Council the result." PORTH TOWN HALL. The surveyor (Mr W. J. Jones) reported that the committee appointed to inspect the Hall at Porth had visited the Hall. The company had improved the exits, but the committee recom- mended that an additional staircase be construc- ted leading from the lower gallery to Hannah street. If the company would submit plans for this suggested exit, he (the surveyor) suggested that the plans be adopted. MISSION ROOM, DINAS. Complaints having been made at a previous" meeting of the Council, that a Mission room at Dinas had been erected without plans having first been submitted, the Rev J. Pritchard Hughes wrote stating that the Mission room was purchased from special makers of iron buildings, no architect being employed. He (the writer) was quite unaware of the necessity of submitting plans of this building. He had no intention whatever of committing a breach of the Council's bye-laws. Dr Thomas proposed that the Rev Pritchanl Hughes be prosecuted for building a Mission room without having first submitted plans. He (the doctor) thought all should be treated alike.. The Council had decided to prosecute braim drivers who were unaware that they were com- mitting breaches, of the bye-laws, and yet it was proposed to leave this gentleman scot freo. Mr W. Jenkins seconded the motion. Five voted for the motion, and there beinj* no amendment the motion was agreed to. CLERK OF WORKS. For the post of Clerk of the Works for tb44 Porth Bridges, there were fourteen applications Mr Evan Parry, Llwynypia, was appointed toi). the post at a salary of £2 2s per week.

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