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. Ystradyfodwg School Board…

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Ystradyfodwg School Board Appointments. Sir,—The above Board has just appointed an assistant master for the .forth fupil Teacnr ers' Centre, and, as one who takes a iiiiiterest; in educational matters, I should very much like to know what are its governing principles is making such appointments. I read the election addresses of our present members and, to tike best of my recollection, each one promised to see that all appointments should be made ac- cording to merit. I am sorry to say that thesa pi-omises have been frequently broken since the last election, and that sectarianism has been the ruling principle of the majority of them. The appointment referred to is a case in point. Teit t applications were sent in, and of th fivo were chosen to appear before the Board, wboee qualifications, etc., arc as follows: SCIENCES. 8? I ■c lis 2 | a s d .5 ■ £ ? £ rl 1 £ m. s "g ?! -S 5 3 j23 H CY^iN^a-ti c CP Botting, Thos.Bangor 1 1 1 r. tj. VuU2nd G rade Cert. & "D" Matric. Ost.) DavieJ, W. E. Aberyst. 2 1 2 — 5 1 Inter. Arts (Lord.), D (2nd). George, E. W.Boro' R'd. 1 1 1 2 2 liiter, Arts (Lend.), French Sc'ship (£;0). 6 Drawi'g Certs. James, David. — — — 2 — 3 J London Matric., Special "D. Jenkins, Evan .Bangor 2 1 Z It 4 Londoa Matric. and 3 Drawi'g Certs. It requires no great thought to (letermine which of the above, is beat qualified. In aD honesty and sincerity I ask, what do the mem- bers of our Board mean by passing over men oi higher collegiate qualifications than the one appointed? It is a great pity that they eannofc look upon these appointments but in the light of sectarianism. I would advise the readers of your excellent and widely-circulated paper to observe carefully how the members voted on this occasion, -and to keep thetr doings in re- membrance when the next election comes. I am, etc., J. C. OWEN. Bodringallt. Ystrad Rhondda. July 14th, 1897. ♦—

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