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- Bute Railway Bill.

Njustard and Cress. —. —"

Good News fof Treherbert.




Alleged Fraudulent Practice…


The Generosity of Mr Godfrey…





Singular Affair at Treforest.…


----.------Cycling flotes.…


Cycling flotes. ♦ By Pedalphast. Lamplighting times: July 16th, 9.7 p.m. July 17th, 9.6 p.m. July 18th, 9.5 p.m. July 19th, 9.4 p.m. July 20th, 9.3 p.m. July 21st, 9.1 p.m. July 22nd, 9.0 p.m. Treforest Cycling Club runs: July 16th, Par- ade at 8.15 p.m; July 17th, no run; July 19th, Impromptu run, 8 p.m; July 22nd, Ogmore, 3 p.m. The two previous midnight runs having proved such a great success, and being so well enjoyed by the members, it has been decided to organise another on similar lines to Chepstow on Satur- day, July 24th. -0-- A start will be made shortly after midnight, reaching Chepstow about 4 a.m., where break- fast will be taken. From here those members who are not much fatigued will extend the run along the Wye Valley to Tintern, returning to Chepstow in time for dinner. The return will be made from Chepstow about 2.30 p.m. Members who desire to participate in the run w illdo well to inform the secretary of their intention as soon as possible, so that satisfac- tory arrangements can be made with regard to fcod, etc. -0-- Notwithstanding rumours to the contrary the three miles and 25 miles handicaps of the club will be run off at the Taff Vale Park at 5 o'clock on Saturday. The entries inelude Hopkin Da- vies, James Evans, T. Lewis, J. R. Evans, T. Osman, W. J. Evans, David Davies (Llan- twit), R. Francis, J. Preeoe, and David Morgan. --0- All the men intend to make a big effort to pull off the premier event, that is, the 25 miles' race, and given a fine day some capital sport is sure to result. Whether the elements are favourable or not, the races will come off all the same. -+- Lovers of the pastime throughout the district are looking forward to witnessing some interest- ing riding, and should certainly turn up to support the club that has done so much for the sport and pastime in the neighbourhood, and at the same time by their presence encourage the development of the splendid local talent we have. --0-- Turn we now to another subject. During the past week a number of persons, speaking of the recent action of the Rudge-Whitwortli Com- pany,have been saying, "I told you cycles would be very much cheaper by-and-bye." But is this the case? Judging i the many letters in this week's cycle press, the Rudge Whitworth people are adopting an isolated position, for all the manufacturers of any note say they will not reduce their prices, as they consider their wares to be fully worth the price asked --0-- The Raleigh Company even go so far as to say that the Rudge-Whitworth Company by their action evidently admit "that they have been charging higher prices for their goods than their quality warranted them in doing." --0- Whether this is so or not I cannot say, but that the firm were not making a large profit on their cycles is proved by the fact that the pre- sent price of their JE1 shares stands at 13s 6d, so that it is hard to see the reason for this move on the part of the Rudge people. Unless it, is that they arc largely overstocked. -0-- At any rate there are small prospects of other manufacturers following suit, and cyclists will in future probably have to pai- with this one exception, the same old prices for their machines


The World of Pastime. —♦—