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- Bute Railway Bill.

Njustard and Cress. —. —"

Good News fof Treherbert.




Alleged Fraudulent Practice…


The Generosity of Mr Godfrey…


The Generosity of Mr Godfrey L. Clark. J P- THE ANONYMOUS LETTER IN THE DAILY PRESS. At Wednesday's meeting of the Pontypridd Board of Guardians, Mr Godfrey Clark, the chairman, after the usual business of the Board was finished, said he wished to call the Guard- ians' attention to 'one matter. They would remember that last month they gave permission to the old people of the" orkhouse and the children of the Cottage Homes to visit him at Talygarn. A little while afterwards he was attacked in a local paper by a writer who only signed the letter with his initials, and who stated that beer had been given to the children at Talygarn. As a general ruLe those anony- mous letters were much better not taken notice of, as the writers were general1- blinded by prejudice, but he thought it was due to the Guardians, who had given leave to the children, b be given an explanation of the facts. The children had their tea before any adults had re- freshments, and no intoxicants were given them. After they had gone he recognised the right of nobody to interfere. (Hear, hear). He thought it only fair that he should give an explanation of what took place afterwards also. The people there were nearly all their own people, and each adult was given a pint of beer, if they required it He was glad to say the majority drank tea, and coffee, and beverages of that nature, but no one received more than a pint of beer. There was no drunkenness and no disorderly behaviour liE was an unpleasant thing to crop up, but people would write foolish letters to the papers. (Loud applause). There waa a lady present who would ask for permission for the children to visit her on Saturday, and he hoped she would take warning. (Laughter). Mr E. H. Davies said that after hearing the remarks of their 'worthy chairman, he would move a resolution approving and appreciating his kindness to the children and the old people of the Workhouse. Mr Daniel Bryant seconded. Dr Ivor Lewis aid he did not think an ex- planation was necessary from Mr Clark to the Guardians. All his friendg, and those 'who knew him, knew that such a thing could not happen, and he thought an explanation un- necessary. Mr Sam Evans, J.P.: Pass a vote of oensure on the person, who wrote it. The resolution of Mr Davies was unanimously carried amidst great applause.





Singular Affair at Treforest.…


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The World of Pastime. —♦—