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y iftimmoutltgiurf. CLIFTON BALL.—-The Assembly Rooms at Long'c, Hotel, on Thursday next, it i3 expected, will exhibit a brilliant company. His Grace the Duke of Beau- fort, with the officers of the Gloucestershire 1: eomanry are expected to be present. The Regiment of Gloucestershire Yeomanry Ca- valry, under the command of their noble Colonel ais Grace the Duke of Beaufort, are expected to arrive in this city to-day, for permanent duty. The he au quarters will, as usual, be at the White Lion.-relix Farley. ELECTION OF GUARDIANS.—At the annual election crimrdians. which took nlnrt> in March last, in this b' co. town, one of the overseers of the parish neglected to give in a list of names, which was sent to him, in pro- per time, a protest was made against the election, which was afterwards declared to be illegal. The Poor Law Commissioners have now issued an order to the overseers to make a fresh election, which will take place on the 15th inst. A list of the names must be sent to the overseers seven days prior to the day of election. -Beaco)i MONMOUTHSHIRE CANAL COMPANY.-On Thursday week, a special general meeting of the proprietors of this navigation, was held at the Company's house, pursuant to advertisement, to take into consideration Mr Summers Harford's plan for substituting rails for the tram plates at present used on the roads of the Company. Mr Harford fully explained to the meet- ing his plan, which appeared to aiford general satis- faction. After much discussion on the merits of the plan, a resolution was carried for obtaining the report of the eminent engineer on the subject, which is to be submitted to another general meeting of proprietors, to be held in July, and which will finally decide whe- ther the plan will be carried into effect or not. Monmouth monthly market was held on Wednes- day week, and was but thinly supported. No fat beasts were offered. Sheers were scanty and obtained a ready demand. Ewes and Iambs fetched 7d per lb; pio-s were rather in advance. ANTHRACITE COAL.—We copy from the Mining Journal of last wcek the following important state- ment on the relative merits of anthracite and oven COke" "4th June, 1840. Ic SIR,-W(, forward you the particulars you require respecting the Anthracite steamer. She plies regu- larly between llungcrford Market and Woolwich, and makes three trips a day each way, at the following hours, v iz. FllOM IIUNGEKFORD. LILOM WOOLWICII. -in. 4 At 101 a-m. At 12J p.m. 24 1P.M. 4 .1 p.in. 611). in. Si i,,m. "The distance is about twelve miles, so that she performs about seventy-two miles per day on an average. She is about one and a half hour on the passage, but as she stops at Loudon Bridge, Shadwoll, Greenwich, and Blackwall, to take in passengers, by which she loses at least quarter of an hour, she moves at about the ritte of ten miles per honr. She keeps up steam from thirteen to fifteen hours, and burns, during- that time, somewhat less than one ton and a quarter of anthracite. We have another new boat, the Queen Victoria, the engines of which are thirty horse power this boat consumes, on an average, about one ton aii(i & half of oven coke, nt 4ns per ton. so that this boat costs us GO" per day for fuel whereas the Anthracite only burns one and a quarter ton of anthracite, at 30s, being 37s 6d, but the engines of the Anthracite are only 25 horse power, so that if she also was of 30 horse power, she would cost 43s per day. In consequence, we find that the expense of fuel for the coke burning boat is nearly 50 per cent, greater than that for the Anthra- cite. We remain, Sir, Your very obedient servants, (Signed) "\VILLIAI CUSSISGIIAJlI. WILLIAM GILES." CRICKET.—The return match between the" Mon mouth Gentlemen of Law," and those whom victory again has crowned, came off on Tuesday week. Great exertions were ma le by those of legal sway," but, alas resulting for them most dire, with similar success to the former failure-the following being the result 11 First Inninns. Second Innings. W. Jones o c1>y J. George 2 b by Bellamy R7.Wn, 1 c Bellamy 26 b W.Wanklyu T.G. Matthews () c W. Wanklyn 42 ditto G- \V aniciyn 11 c King 1 c J. G. George o a, 6 7 not out 2 b Bellamy It nomas yb Bellamy 0 not out 8 b W. Wanklyn 0 b Bellamy J. POWICB OB ditto 24 c. Oakley F. VVall 0 c Greatrex 0 b Bellamy Avery o 4 b W.Wanklyn Byes 3 (i S2 107 First Inninqs' Second Twungs W. Wanklyn <20 h W. Jones 33 b VV. Jones VV. Bellamy i run out 1 b R. Wall J. G. George 1 b II. Wall 7 not out J.Nicholas 8 runout 0 b VV. Jones '1'. Oakley 3 fl J. George 5 b ditto S George .[[ 3 b W.Jones 11 runout r. Greatrex 0 c ditto 0 c W. Jones J. Kin-, 0 b ditto 3 b It. Wall VV. Horton 4 not out I b W. Jones J. E. Powles .() 1 b R. Wall Byes 6 3 dfi 65 By way of remark we feel bound to do honour to tne batting of Messrs. Matthews, Wanklyn, Wall, and Powles, as being of a most desperate pace," and keeping the fielders" constantly on the qui rive, and continually moving in fact, the entire game afforded much excitement and sport, not only to those interested in propria persona, but also to a goodly sprinkling of the beauty and fashion of the town, who graced by their presence the field of anxious doubt, but well earned glory. SHOCKING DEATH.—On Tuesday week a labouring man, in the employ of Air Goslin, malster, &c., ol Monmouth, who was subject to occasional spasmodic attacks, whilst in the act of driving some pigs to his master's farm, was seized with a fatal paroxysm, from the effects ot which he suddenly fell in the road and almost instantly expired. He had a few minutes pre- viously told a lad who accompanied him, that he had had a painful spasm whilst taking the pigs out of a meadow. The deceased was about 50 years of age, and had an aged mother entirely dependant upon him for her support. On Sunday week, a eliild, sou of a man named VVatkins, living, in Clifford s Court, Monmouth, be- tween the age ot three and four, whilst playing alone in a pathway- leading from some gardens behind the above to the river Monnow, fell into the water and was drowned, l he child s parents were from home at the time, and the deceased was left to the charge of an elder brother, who must have neglected his duty, as upon a medical examination of the body, Dr. Hol- brook pronounced it to have been in the water an hour before it was discovered. The melancholy tidings which awaited the parents' return, produced a most painful scene. A coroner's inquest was held on the body on Tuesday following, and a verdict of acci- body oil I- dental death was returned. Mr Wyatt has issued notices cautioning persons against netting or laying night lines in the river Mon- now and we understand that all offenders will be prosecuted; is the case we may again expect soon to have the Monnow celebrated lor its trout fishing, which would be of great benefit to the llUUl O' I m, 7. town of Monmouth. Merlin. MELANCHOLY CASE OF HYDROPHOBIA.—A boy, of the name of Webb, about seven years of age, the son of industrious parents, resimng at Wye bridge, Mon- mouth, was bitten in the, hice by a mad dog, so long back as the beginning ol February last. The wound was dressed at the time by Mi W. Prosser, surgeon, and nothing more thought of it; but on Wednesday! the '27th of May, he was seized with a violent pain in the face, which continued to mcreaae, and he became quite deranged. So vIOlent, were the fits that he re- quired two persons to hold him. He continued in this state until Sunday jweek, when death released him from his sufferings. Citurri "• !V. last, in (be parish of Christ Church, Newport, near the church. A person named Griffiths, of Caerleon, a tailor, was in tLe- c-fiiir. The meeting consisted of Simeon, of Bristol, and others ad-'ressed them, pouring out a bountiful abuse of the present Govommeut and theWhigs: resolutions were proposed and of course, carried Morgan, a Chartist of noto- riety, of Hi istol, was proposed to be brought forward as a candidate to represent the county on the first opportunity, n"d a petition was agreed to for the free ["n:) of Frost nd his CONCERT AT NEWPORT.—Mrs PiUiiiger's concert to-»k place nt tbe King's Head luu,Newport, on Wed- pc;c;hy evening bst; it was well and respectably attended, passed off very satisfactorily. NKVVPO.IT CIIUSCU SCHOOLS. — On Whitmondav, the chlldivti of the Sunday school in connection with the enure.1 in Newport, were, according to custom, examined in St.' Paul's Church, by the Rev. It. Thomas, who shortly addressed them and the visitors present on the beneficial effects resultiug from Sabbath school tuition. Thecililrlrell of both the National and Sunaay schools were afterwards regaled with cakes and wine, to the number of 800, in the rooms of the National Schools lately erected in this town. The wa::s wero tastefully decorated with flowers and evergreens, and the portrait of Sir Charles Morgan, the munificent Patron of the schools, presented an appropriate and interesting object to the view of all Tssembicd. The company present were evidently highly gratified with tho orderly behaviour and cheer- ful appearance of so numerous a body of the children of the poorer classes, now being reared in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and separated with the fullest conviction of the necessity of using- every exertion for tbe efficient support of so promising and useful an institution. The Customs' Dntv Bill was read a third time, on Friday night, in the "House of Commons, and passed. The Chancellor of the Exchequer then brought for- ward a resolution, fixing the principle upon which the additional duty is to be imposed upon timber. lie has altogether abandoned the addition of 5 per cent., 1. ¡- I' c, 1 anu in lieu 01 it substitutes an auvance 01 is. Oll. per load, indiscriminately on British, Colonial, and Foreign timber. The "additional duty will only be levied on measured timber, the smaller articles remaining as before. The new taxes may be considered to be dis- posed of finally. In consequence of a difference between the coal masters and their men. The colliers have turned out in some of the collieries in tr.e county, for an increase of wages, and until the differences are settled, the quantity of coal from that usually shipped from this port will be considerably lessened. On Saturday afternoon a coroner's inquest was held at St. Barth olomew's Hospital, on view of the j body of Mr William Williams, a veterinary surgeon, residing at Malpas, near Newport, Monmouthshire, aged 35. It appeared from the evidence that on Tuesday previous deceased came by coach to town from Bristol, and that about two o'clock in the morn- ing he fell from the seat at the back of the coach (the Regulator), where there was no one at the time but himself. He was brought to town, and was after- wards taken to the above hospital, where everything proper was done for him, but without effect, and he died in five hours after. Delirium tremens was brought on by the Occident. Verdict-Accidental death. On Monday last, the town of Treilerrar was on the qui five at an early hour, in expectation of the pro- cession of the Odd Fellows, which had been announced to'take place, for the purpose of forming aWidows and Orphans' Fund. About eleven o'clock, the various lodges of the district, the members of which amounted to nearly 1,000, met at Syrywy, and then proceeded in order through the town to the mansion of S. Hom- frav, Esq., in front of which they arranged themselves four deep around the circular area, the band in the centre, playing national airs. Mr Homfray and his lady, appeared in the portico, and were most enthu- siastically cheered. When it was announced by one of the officers of the society that Mr Homfray, with his characteristic benevolence, had given a donation of C,5 to the Widows' fund, the applause was deafening. God save the Queen" was then played, and the procession moved towards the Baptist chapel. This spacious place of worship was nearly filled by the brethren present, but was absolutely crammed when the doors were thrown open to the public. The Rev. T. Evans, Baptist Minister, Rhymney, read the scriptures and prayed after which, the audience was successively addressed by the Rev. J. Watkins, Inde- pendent Minister, Rhymney, in Welsh the Rev. T. Davies, Baptist Minister, Merthyr, in English; and by the Rev. J. Roberts, of Tredegar, in both lan- guages. The members of the different lodges retired at the close of the service for one hour, in order to lake reficshment, "1 then proceeded in order, with the greatest decorum, to their respective homes. It is gratifying to know that £ 170 were collected on the occasion, towards 11fomoting the excellent purpose which the Order contemplated in instituting the pro- ceedings of the day.

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