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GLAMORGANSHIRE AND MONMOUTHSHIKE INFIRMARY AND DISPENSARY, CARDIFF. Abstract Of House Surgeon's Report to the Weekly Board, from March 31st to April 7lh, 1840. inclusive. IN-DOOR PATIENr.S.-Reinaiiie(i by last Report I I; Admitted since, 1-12, Disclitirged-(' tired and Re- lieved, 1 Died, 1-2 Remaining, 10. OUT-DOOR PATIENTS.—Remained by last Report 111; Admitted since, 21-132. Discharged—Cured and Relieved, lb Died, I 19. Remaining, 1] 3. Medical Officers for the Week. Physieian, Dr. Moor«\ — Consulting Surgeon, Mr Reece,—Surgeon Mr Davis, -.Visitors, Mr Job James, and Mr Lowder. H. J. PAINE, House Surgeon. #### The Corn Laws.- A petition to parliament nu" merously signed in the neighbourhood of Cardiff, against any alteration in the Corn I.aws, was presented last week by Lord Adare. The Speaker gave his eighth parliamentary dinner on Saturday last, in Eaton Square, to Lord James Stuart, and other Members of the House of Commons On Saturday last, the Duke of Buckingham gave a grand dinner at his mansion in Pall Mall. London, to Lord Ingestre, and some other M.P.'s. The Queen, through the Dowager Lady Lyttleton, presented the infant daughter of the Hon. Robert II. and Lady Harriet Clive with a massive gold cup, accompanied by a spoon, knife, and fork of the same precious metal, on the occasion of the young lady's christening, and for whom, it will be recollected, Her Majesty was graciously p!eased -to stand sponsor. Hair Breadth Escape —On Thursday, the 2nd inst., the Lanblethian hounds, under the able direction of Hugh Entwistle, Esq., unkennelled a fox in the Duffryn covers and ran him right an end to the sea cliff, at Porthkerry. rile huntsman, in the eagerness of pursuit, followed at full speed to the very edge of the cliff, and instanth felt that the ground was giving way under his horse's fore legs: with the utmost exertion he bad barely time to spring backwards before the poor horse was carried down with the failing precipice, and was found dead upon the beach. John Gwyn Jeffreys, Esq., of Swansea, was, on Thursday, the 2d instant, elected a Fellow of the Royal Society London. .#ø. LORD STUART DE DECIES. A paragraph having lately appeared in the Morning Herald and other papers, stating that Lord Stuart de Decies bad embraced the Roman Catholic Religion, we have much pleasure in communicating to our readers the following letter, addressed by W. V. Stuart, Esq., M.P., for Waterford, to the Editor of the Morning Herald, contradicting in direct terms so unfounded a rumotir:- To the Editor of the Morning Herald. Sir,— By the kindness of a relative my attention has this day been drawn to a paragraph which, be informs me, appeared lately in the Morning Herald, in the following terms :— It is rumoured that Lord Stuart de Dceies and a learned judge in Ireland have embraced the Roman Catholic religion. A provincial journal states that the former has openly avowed his recantation from Protestantism." 1 feel it my duty, in the absence of my brother on the continent, to lose no time in asserting, in the strongest and most positive manner, that so far as that rumour refers to my brother, it has no truth in it whatever; and that there is not the slightest founda- tion for such a statement as that my brother has adopted, or has any inclination to adopt, the Roman Catholic religion. Having said this much, I have only, in conclusion, to request that, as you have assisted in giving circu- lation to this report, you will, in fairness; give im- mediate publicity to this my denial of its truth, and I have the honour to remain your obedient servant, WILLIAM VILLIERS STUART. Castlotown, Carrick-on-Suir, March 27. .## TO THE EDITOR OF THE GAZETTE AND GUATIDIAN. SIR,-A Correspondent of the Merthyr Guar- diani, under the signature of Veraxstate* in your paper of the 28th ultimo, that "no ac. count of the Coroner's proceedings in regard to the death of a man of the name of G-obbins, (not Gibbons,) had appeared in a public print;" "that the public are quite in the dark as to whether the man was murdered or not, and whether the Magivirateii and cotistat)IeB have done their duty;" and that there are strange rumours afloat with reference to the conduct of ihe Bridgend authorities." Now, air, it appears to me the censure of your friend Verax'* is rather indiscriminately levelled, and without much regard to the signature he assumes. The case is shortly thus on the night of Wednes- day the 1st of January last, the deceased Gubbins got into a squabble on the road between Pyle and New. ton Down with the accused Thomas William*, who, having got the worst of itiesetiiffe, rodeoff, threaten- ing "to be with Gubbins before he got home." Gubbinll then proceeded with his cart on his way home, till he reaching about a quarter of a mile on the Coychurch side of Bridgend, about 12 o'clock at flight, where he was again stopped and most cruelly beaten by three men; the attack was so sudden, and the night so dark, that at the moment neither he nor Ilia sou, (a boy who was with him about the age of 14,) could for certainty identify the parties; the Bridgend policeman, in a very short time came to the assistance of Gubbins attracted by iiiercries ol the boy, took him to a neighbouring house, and t-oon after sent him home in his own cart. Two days after, on Friday the 3rd of January, Thomas Williams applied to the clerk of the Bridgend magis- trates for a summons against Gubbins for the alleged assault at Newioo Down, and subsequently on the same day Gubbins alllo came for a warrant against Williams, whom, from information he had obtained, he then suspected of being the person who, with two others, had made the murderous and cowardly attack upon him. The ei-oss summonses having issued as a matter of course, and Gubbins, all ex- tremely strong and powerful man, having in a degree recovered from the primary effects of the b'ndgeoning, was able to come to Bridgend on the Siturday, where, through the intervention of their friends, the two then met, and the affair was settled without coming before the Magistrates, by Williams paying to Gubbins a sum of money as a compensa- tion for the injures inflicted on him, and also defray- tag all the expenses which had been incurred. In all tBese proceedings the two accomplices with Williams, however suspected, were not identified; and the matter not having been brought before the magistrates, they could have nothing to do with the compromise which had been agreed upon between the principals themselves and their mutual friends, and nothing more was heard of the affair for six or ,seven weeks. About the middle of February, how- ever, Gubbins, who had for five or six weeks after the attack and compl-omlae-,golle to his work as usual, though not with his wonted vigour, became so much worse that he was oblilled to give it up, and call iii medical advice it is however to be feared he delayed doing this too long, and on the. 4th of March he died of a brain fever, the effect, as pronounced by the surgeon who made a post mortem examination 01 the body, of the violent blow," which had been in- flicted on his head. On Thursday the 5th March, the day after Guhbin's death, the coroner who was attending the assizes at Swansea, having been ap- prized of the event in the usual way, fixed the follow- ing Monday for holding the inquest, and iu the mean time, directed a povt mortem examination to be made of the body the inquest was opened on the day fixed, and, doubtless for sufficient reason was subse- quently adjourned for a fortnight, during which time I can venture to assert that neither the ma- gistrates," "the constables^" or "the Bridgend authorities," were neglectful of their duty in endea- vouling to sift the mutter; and on the day of the adjourned inquest held at Coychurch, one of the magistrates, having learnt thut the accused had obtained the assistance of an able professional gentleman for his defence, and that the widow and family of the deceased were likely to be unrepre aented at the enquiry, attended the whole of the inquest for the sole purpose of watching and sup- porting the cause of the widow, the fatherless and p iblic justice. After a prolonged and patient t x- a ninaiion, the verdict of the jury was Mail- is AUghter under aggravated eircu,staticea" against Thomas Williams, Robert Thomas, and William David. On this verdict I shall not comment further than by saying, I conceive it to have been a merciful one as regards Williams; but I cannot refrain from expressing my unfeigned astonish- ntent at learning that none of the parties have yet been apprehended or committed; and with the foregoing helps and corrections, as to dates and l 'eave it to your friend "Verax," or "the J>u le, 'o fix the blame of neglect or connivance, if ■any there be, on ,he right shoulders. 1 am Sir, yours, &c., ROBERT KNIGHT. [This letter ought to have been, and would have been, inserted last week; but that it reached us rather late, and we did not feel justified in attemping < basly abridgement.—EDITQII.] GLAMORGANSHIRE QUARTER SESSIONS. The Easter Quarter Sessions were held at Cow- bridge, 011 Tüesclay the 7tb instant, before tho fol- I lowingnuincrous Bench of Magistrate*: — I JOHN NICHOLL, ESQ D.C.L., M.P., Chairman. J. E Bicheno, Esq T. D. PI ace, Esq I T. W. Booker, Esq Richard Pricharil. Clerk Thos. I'dmondes, Ksq J. Bruce Pryoe, Ksq Hugh Ent-.visle, Esq E. W. Richards, Clerk Jas. Evans, Clerk R. F. Rickards.Esq Hichard Franklen, F.sq John Samuel, l*>q Henry J Giant, l^sq :!ob<!rt Savours, Ksq John Horn fray. Esq Thomas Stacev, Clerk Henry J Grant, Esq :!ob<!rt Savours, Esq John Homfray, Esq Thomas Stacev, Clerk Robert F. Jenner, I C. li. M. Talbot, Esq, M.P. Hobert O. Junes, Esq Llewelyn Traherne. Esq. Daniel Jones, Fsrj J. W. Traherne, C1-, rk Robert Knisht, Clerk George Traherne. Clerk Henry T. Lt:e l'*q E. M. Williams K.sq Henry Lewis, Esq W. E. Williams, Esq George R. Morgan, Esq Bvan William?, Esq. Robert Nicholl, Cierk Robert Nicholl, Cierk IItycf Thomas Esq., of Hill House, near Swansea, qualified toactas a magistrate for the county of Gla- morgan. Tne following chief constables were appointed for ttie eiisuiiig yt-ar Caerphilly Higher .John Hooper Davies Lower .Evan Davies, Lanwonno Dynaspowis Higher ..Joliti Mor,kii, Ilcrthyr Doviiii Lower ..Richard Thomas, Lancirvan Cowbridge Higher.John Bassett, Pendoylau Lower .James Reynolds, Cowbridge Kibbor Higher George Spencer, Louishaw Lower Morgan Lisle, Cardiff Llangevelach H iglier.. J oliti flowel Is, St. Thomas Lower.. Isaac Jones, Llangevelach Miskin Higher Thomas David, Ystradyvodwg Lower William Hugh, Goitra Neath Higher Charles Howard, Cadoxton Lower William Morris, Neath Newcastle Higher .Evan David, Argoed Lower .William Thomas Oginore Higher lohn Thomas, Colwinstone Lower Jenkin Lloyd, Wick Swansea Higher William Sibhering, Swansea Lower T. Gordon, jun. Reynoldstoue The Court was then opened witll thp usual formalities and the following Gentlemen sworn of the Grand Jury Mr JOHN HAIINES, Liswornev, Foreman James Reynolds, Cowbridge John Davies, Cowbridge George Morgan, Cowbridge David Davies, Llanblethian William Donne, Llanbethinn Morris Griffiths, Abertbin Thomas Jones. Llanblethian William Thomas. Llanvihaugle Edmund Lloyd, Sigistone Benjamin Price, Llantwit David Trueman John James, Fishwear William Spencer, St. Mary Church William Hopkinj Lanharry Gilleard Spencer, St. Athan Davis Jenkin, Flemingstone Kamnnd David, St. Mary Hill Kdmuud Jenkin, Pantrytbin Jenkin Honkin. Lendow And were afterwards addressed by the Chairman nearly as follows:— „ .av Gentlemen of the Grand Jury,—I aro b^PP. that the cases which will come before you, *re oc number and simple in circumstance, and wi casion you much trouble. Since my arriva in town, I have received a letter from the Lord Lieu- tenant of the county, covering a letter addressed to him by her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the Home Department (Lord Nt)r,na[)bv), ;,rid I.thlllk it better to mention that circumstance now, seeing so many persons present, rather than doing so p y in the magistrates' room more particularly as It COII- cerns the public generally. The letter from Lord Normanby is dated the 14th of February, 18010. I will now read it to you. [This letter rela e suppression of seditious publications, an and profane language at public meetings, an i already well circulated in the public journa .J though this letter is addressed generally to the m g trates of tho county, yet it concerns every person every person ought to endeavour to put down seditious and profligate publications, and seditious and profatie language, upon all occasions. M yseH, snd, 1 am sure, all my brother magistrates on the beiuih, would be obliged to any person who would furnish information, whereby such publications and language would be suppressed. It is unnecessary for me to detain you longer, and you will now retire to consider the bills which will be laid before yon. The Magistrates then retired for the consideration of the county business. A Requisition to the 8herlff for convening a county meeting for adopting an address to the Queen, Prince Albert, and the Duchess of Kent, congratu- lating them on the late auspicious event, was signed by the whole of the magistrates assembled. Gaolers' accounts were passed and signed as were also the magistrates', and other journals. Mr Booker and Mr Windsor Richards were ap- ponted two additional visiting justices of the Cardiff prison; and, Mr Dillwyn and Mr Samuel Davies were appointed additional visiting justices for the Swansea prison. Upon the coroners' accounts being presented for being passed, a discussion took place as to alleged irregularity in the proceedmgs ot coroners, in two instances; one respecting the death of a man in the parish of Margam, and the other respecting an in. quest, lately held in the parish 01 Coychurch, which ended in the proceedings being referred to a com- mittee of the following gentlemen :-C. R. M. Talbot, Esq., J. E. Bicheno, Esq Grifhth Llewellyn, Esq., Rev.' R. Knight, and Richard Franklen, Esq who are to make their report at the next Quarter Sessions. The expences ol a constabulary lorce for Caerphilly and Miskin were allowed. ''ler,e was here a discus- sion on the subject of establishing a general consta- bulary force, which was commenced by Mr Franklen. It ended in nothing being adopted: Mr Nicholl having recommended that the question should be postponed until the late ol two bills on the subject, now before parliament, should be ascertained. The treasurer's accounts were passed. The consideration of the subject of providing a Lunatic Assylum, was ajourned. On the motion of J. Bruce Prjce, Esq., the towns of Caerphilly and Aberdare were added as polling places to the other five already appointed. The parishes of Aberdare, Llanwonno, Ystradyfodwg and Rigos, to poll at Aberdare. The parishes of Gelligaer, Llanvabon, Esjlwvsilati, Rudrcy, Van, and Rhyd gwern, to poll at Caerphilly. Mr Talbot objected to the proposition on the score of additional expence to the candidates; but was most triuirfphantly answered by Mr Booker, on this and other points. On a division, there appeared 28 magistrates for Mr Bruce Pryce's motion, and three against it; viz., MrTalbof, the Rev. J. M. Traherne, and Mr Franklen. The Chairman of course did not vote; and, Mr Bicheno, desired to be neutral. Upon the reassembling of the Court, the following appeals were disposed Of: Against an Order *for Renwi-al. -,rile parish of South Molton, Devonshire, appellants; and the parish of Neath, respondents. — Respondents did not appear. Serv it-o of notice, and grounds ol appeal, duty proved. Order of removal quashed, and, under some peculiar circumstances, full costs allowed. Against an Order for Reijoppi -St. John's. Cardiff, appellants; and Pendoylau, rcsl)oiidet)ts.-Nlr I,. P. Richards, attorney for appellants; Mr Lewis, Bridg- end, attorney for respondents.—Order dated 25th February, 1840, for the removal of Ann David and her two chiHrcn; grounds of appeal, 1st, that Richanf David did not take a house in the parish of St. John's for a year. 2v.d. That lie did not pay rent and taxes for a year. Second ground abandoned.—[This case excited some interest, and we regret we cannot spare room this week for the publication of the evidence in full, as supplied by our reporter.] The Court after considering 'or some time, slid, that although there was a good deal ol doubt about the cafe, the court was of opinion that the order ought to be coiilfrixied," Order of removal confirmed accordingly. Mr Richards then applied to the Court for a f,ase for the opinion of the Court of Queen's Bench; wlnc.i, after some discussion was refused; the Court being of opinion that no point of law was assigned as a ground for such casc. Tiie Grand Jury were now dismissed prisoners having been first brought to the ar ant arraigned. Appeal against a Poor Rate.—Tho har o un. Vatradwodwg.—Kate raven, against the parish ol Ystraay « bad in consequence of the Overseers not g £ declaration as to rating, and there » tednu- cal difficulty. The merits were «ot entered Rule quashed with costs. TKIALS OF pBISO.VKRS>« Daniel John, indicted for dealing straw the pro- perty of Mr George Watson, of Cardiff, pleaded not guilty. r. The Chairman summed up. and the jury after a short absence, returned a verdict of-Not Guilty. Daniel Hopkins, committed -21st March, by Wm. Thomas, Esq., for unlawf ully soliciting and inciting one Bamett Doran, a soldier in her Majesty s 45th regi- ment of foot, at Merthyr, to desert from the same was not prosecuted, having been on this occasion excused by her Majesty's Government. No true bill agaiust Jane Morgan, indicted for stealing a piece of cheese the property of James New- bery, of Merthyr. The Court adjoured at 7 o'clock, to 10 o'clock on Weduesday. WEDNESDAY, APfUL 8tll. George Davies (alias John Cole,) indicted forStO, ling a silk handkerchief and otli(,r irticies, the property of John Baker, pleaded not guilty Verdict—Guilty- Sentence—To be imprisoned in Cardiff Gaol three months with bard labour,last week in each month solitary. George Jackson, indicted for stealing silver spoons, the property of Mr John Harvey, master mariner, pleaded not guilty. The prisoner made a statement to the effect that he had found the spoons, and had afterwards en- deavoured to sell them. Verdict—Guilty. Sentence—To he confined for six months at the Swansea llouseof Witt) hard labour, the last week ift each month solitary con- finement. Edward Gibbon, aged 15, and Frederick Martin. 19, indicted for stealing silver out of the shop till of Mrs Wilks, of Swansea, ph aded not guilty. Both prisoners were found guilty. Gibbon sen- tenced to three months' confinement in Swansea House of Correction with hard labour, to he whipped privately twice, and the last week of his confinement solitary. Martin, three months and bard labour, last week in each month solitary. The prisoner Gibbon, (a Iii tIc hoy) appeared to be an old offender, and had been in Monmouth goal. Rees Hopkins, indicted for stealing hay, from the Glamorgan Cannl. Verdict—Guilty. Sentence—To be imprisoned in Cardiff Goal for two months, first and last week in solitary confinement, and to be once privately whipped. John White, indicted for stealing a silver watch and chain, the property of Henry Lyon, pleaded not Guilty. Henry Lyons, a Jew, examined by Mr Davies-I live in High Street, Merthyr; I went to Merthyr market between three and four o'clock in the afternoon, of the 14th of March last; I purchased same meat; when returning, and about six yards from the butcher of whom I had bought the meat, a man came opposite me and asked what's o'clock I said, what's the L odds to you when I answered him he caught hold of the chain of my watch and pulled. it, but the watch did'nt come out directly; but it did come out; after- wards the prisoner had hold of the watch and I of the chain we both pulled; the watch and chain separated; the prisoner had the watch he tried to go away with it I hallooed out For God's sake don't take my watch from me in the highway," prisoner was pur- sued the watch was returned me by the prisoner or somebody else; I was so much frightened that I could not say who returned it; there was a noise the pri- soner caught hold of my beard and gave me a couple chain 8 1 gave llle magistrate the watch and Mr Edward Williams produced the watch and chain and said they had been given him by Mr Tho- mas, the Magistrate. Lyon was called,and identified the watch and chain produced as those he had given to Mr. Thomas. Cross-examined by Mr. James.-It was between 3 and 4 o Clock in the evening when the prisoner stole the watch it was in the market place: plenty of people about; many people were near at the time my watch chain was exposed a little; persons are lD the habit of annoying me by asking What's o'Clock." Prisoner took hold of the chain, and said 4-he would have the watch;" "he must have it the prisoner ran away about six yards, and I followed; he gave back the watch without any trouble; I was much frightened, so much so that I scarcely knew what happened. Mr. Rees Davies, Butcher, examed by Mr. Davies. i/fu* af tc"er» and attended Merthyr Market on the 14th of last month heard the disturbance between Lyons and the prisoner; was then about 10 yards off; 1 saw the prisoner going away, and Mr. Lyons after i!™ they went four or five yards the market was thin I saw the prisoner deliver the watch back to the prosecutor; prosecutor called the prisoner a thief, and prisoner then pulled Lyons by the beard; this was after he had given the watch back prisoner said he had only been joking many people were cross and savage with the prisoner for pulling Lyon's beard, and robbing him." In his cross-examination by Mr. James, this witness said that he thought the prisoner was a little intoxicated at the time of the robbery. Mr. James addressed the jury for the prisoner, and intimated that the prisoner was an imbecile; and called three or four witnesses on this point, who provedthat the prisoner was not in his senses. Ver- dlct-N ot guilty, "on account of prisoner's im- becility." John ONeil, committed 14th March, by William Thomas, and G. It. Morgan, Ksqrs., for stealing wear- ing apparel, the propeity of James Davies, of Dowlais, pleaded not guilty. Verdict-Guilty. Sentence—To be imprisoned in Cardiff Gaol six weeks, with hard labour. The following prisoners pleaded guilty :— John Say, committed 2nd March, by H. Williams, Esq, for stealing shoes, the property of John Morgan, of Egl wysilan. Sentetice-Otie inoiitti in tile Swansea House of Correction, and hard labour. Mary Lewis, committed the 20th of March, by Win. Thomas, Esq for stealing a cotton gown, the property of Sophia Morgan, ot Merthyr Tydvil. Also charged with having stolen articles of wearing apparel, the property of William Harris. Sentence—Six weeks at Swansea House of Correction for each offence, with liaril labour. I Thomas Taylor, committed by Williams, Esq., Thomas Taylor, committed by H. Williams, Esq., charged with stealing bacon, the property of Thomas Morgan of Lantwit Vardre. Sentence—To be impri- soned at Cardiff gaol for six weeks, with hard labour. Alary Ann Beddows, single woman, indicted for stealing a watch and other articles, the property of Thomas Edwards, coach paipter, Swansea. Sentence —To be transported for seven years. This prisoner, although only 21 years of age, is an old offender; having been confined in Swansea House of Correction no less than nine times previousiv, to this occasion. Upon hearing her sentence, she saucily said, 111 would not have done it if I did not want to be transported." Higher Hamlet of Coychurch against Penmark.- Appeal against All order of removal entered. COUNTY M EE TING. We observe with pleasure that the Magistrates of this county assembled in Quarter Sessions, at Cow- bridge, this week, have inemorializod the High Sheriff to call a county meeting to congratulate her Majesty on her marriage. The meeting is fixed for cdnesday next, when we doubt not there will be a full assemblage of the nobility, gentry, and yeomanry of Glamorganshire. COPPER ORRS SOLD AT SWANSEA, April 8, 1840. Mines. 21 Cwts. Purchasers. ;e d Cronbano 86 Williams, Foster, & Co. 5 5 0 Ditto 81 Ditto g Ditto 51 D'«o 5 5 0 Ditto 60 1*1^0 g Ditto 39 j>|tto 3 ]3 0 Ditto 35 Ditto 5 Q () Ditto 31 Ditto 4 ? Q Tigrong 65 Ditto JJ Ditto 61 Ditto 4 ,7 Q Ditto 49 Paseoe Grenfell & Sons g 1 (j Ditto 48 Ditto 2 5 a Ditto 46 Ditto 2 13 0 Ditto 39 Williams, Foster. & Co. 4 17 0 Ballyinurtagh 66 Sims,Willyams,Neville, Drew, & Co 2 14 0 Ditto 70 Ditto, & Vivian & Sons 270 Ditto 65 Vivian & Sons 3 0 0 Ditto 59 SimSjVVillya 111s,Neville, M. „„ Orew, & Co 2 3 0 Ditto 56 Vivian & Sons 2 9 0 Ditto 55 Sin"Willyiiiii, Neville, n. Drew, & Co 2 14 0 n'° Vivian&Sons 2 ll 0 52 Sims, Willyams, Neville, IV(, Drew, & Co 2 I3 0 Duo 4S Ditto.. 2 6 0 Di Mo U'tt0 2,0 0 Onto 40 DiUo 2 Q Q K Ditto .39 Vivian & Sons 2 9 0 Knockmahon.133 Ditto. & Williams, Fos- nit( Vi ter, & C( 5 11 0 Ditto. 93 Vivia & Sons. 5 12 0 }>i to 83 Ditto 6 5 0 "i»o 63 Williams, Foster, <fe Co. 6 6 0 Cobr6 .90 Vivian & Sotis 13 18 0 Oitto 33 Ditto 14 2 0 Ballygahan.. 78 Viours&Co. 1 15 0 axey. 52 pascoe Grenfell & Sons 2 1 0 Llanberris 22 Sims, Willyams, Neville, p. Drew, & Co 2 14 6 «• n 31 Ditto 2 15 6 Siinu. Dyllu, 19 Freeman & Co. 7 1 0 Ditto 12 Ditto 6 3 0 Dolgelly 30 win; Foster, & Co. 5 6 0 Drwsy Coed. 18 Freeman & Co 5 5 0 Cobro 60 Vivian & Sons 13 1 0 2143 MERTHYR. New Independent Chapel, Wc observe, by an advertisement ill our paper to-day, that a new Chapel is about to be erected forthwith, for the use of the English Independent connection in this town. We have seen a list of the subscriptions, which presents a pretty numerous amount of names, though as yet in- sufficient for the completion of the object in view.



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