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CHURCH EXTENSION. SIK,—Had we to deal in this question only with the religious and the pious, we might, [ think, fairly leave it where it is beseeching Him who alone can govern and direct the wills and affections of sinful men, that He would guide us in that path wli'c'i shall most surely lead to His glory and the happiness of men but we have the cold and the worldly- minded poli- tician to be propitiated and to such a one the remarks in your last week's number, as to the kind of preaching to which the unwary among our working men are exposed, may well afford matter for deep consideration. If the facts there stated are true, aiid I am convinced you would not on light grounds give them your countenance, how greatly does it concern us that the teaching now committed, under legal sanctions, to the ignorant and the designing. should be placed in responsible hands. Hitherto we have been content that this most important duty should be exercised almost wholly by those of whose previous qualifications of education or principles we know nothing. Every wild and voluble declaimer has been! at liberty, unques- tioned and unrestrained, to pour forth, under the guise of religious teaching, the full tide of infidelity and sedition. By their fruits ye shall know them." And can it yet be made a question whether or not it is the duty of the state to provide for its humbler children a whole- some aliment? And how better can this be done than by planting all around, not grudgingly or sparingly, men responsible to their ecclesias- tical superiors for the doctrines they inculcate. If our rulers will not afd in doing this, (and we ourselves ought to do somewhat) then must they answer to the ruled for the disorders that must still spring from a rotten and diseased root;— let them look to it. Infidelity, under the name of Socialism, another branch of Hell's dark communion, is closely linked with Chartism; and, to use the words of the Rev. Mr Close, Socialism is rebellion against God, and Char- tism is rebellion against man," To bring this subject to a practical issue, we should call on the Heads of our Apostolic Church to bestir themselves in earnest. Little do they know their own weight, or the amount of their influence among the gentry of the land. Let them essay it,—let them look to what was done by the Bishop of London. How much did he raise for the dark places of his Diocese and why should not the venerable man who fills the See of Llandaff be as successful in his sphere of action ? We want many Churches-3D did Birmingham and to meet all pockets they spread their subscriptions over as many years. To me, and others like me, it would be more convenient to put down ten or twenty pounds a year, for ten years, than to pay at once one or two hundred pounds. Resources are not want- ing, and all we need is a strong appeal from those at the head of affairs, to bring those re- sources into action. Let our absentee Rectors be called upon to contribute in purse for ser- vices they do net render in person. Our Mer- chants are princes—princely in fortune—why should they not be the nursing fathers of the Church among tlipir own people? They may depend upon it, ur.less better principles are in- fused into the masses they have been the means of congregating, the tenure of their possessions lot's will be but frail. Our lesser gentry can do much, each in his own sphere; they are deeply interested in evangelizing the iron districts if they will not build Churches and plant Minis- ters, they must provide Jails and salaried Ex- ecutioners. But I must conclude. Let us teach the people that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the true charter and birthright, and then their answer to the factious agitator will be—" We will not meddle with those that are given to change. el I am, Sir, your obedient servant, A LAYMAN.


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