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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTES. London, Friday, Nov. 15. DECLARATIONS OF INSOLVENCY. Samuel Palton, Aldgate High Street, City, straw bonnet maker. Jonathan Bunce Morgan, Southampton Row, Blooms- bury, laceman. Samuel Hunton Townsend Bishop, Upper Ground Street, Blackfriars, iron merchant. BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED. John Glover, Stafford, painter. James Martin and Martha Hall, Waterloo Place, Lime- house, linen draper. BANKRUPTCY SUPERSEDED. William Elkins, Oxford Street, bookseller. BANKRUPTS. Thomas M- Donnell, Pall Mall, boot maker Osborn Hills, Bow, Middlesex, grocer. Henry Vincent Garman, Colborn Terrace, Row Road, Middlesex, apothecary. William Hill, Bridge Street, Lambeth, ironmonger. Arthur Guy and Losco Dakin, Manchester, fustian manufacturer. John Prescott, Portland Crescent, Leeds, shoe maker. John Legge Lucas, late of Willenhall, Staffordshire, but now of Birmingham, druggist and grocer. Henry Parry, Digbcth, Birmingham, tailor and draper. John Booth, Rawdon, Yorkshire, clothier. John Rolling, Alfreton, Derbyshire, ale and porter merchant. London, Tuesday, Nov. 19. DECLARATIONS OF INSOLVENCY. Alexander Gallaway. Holloway, chemist. William l.uxford Trosley, Kent, butcher. John Ram, Queen's Buildings, Brompton, upholsteier. BANKRUPTCY ANNULLED. Joseph Rhodes, Denton, Lancashiie, merchant. BANKRUPTS. William Cowderoy, Bell Street, Edgeware Road, horse dealer. Henry Hall, Lamb's Conduit Street, ironmonger. Edward Cooper Hooper, Great Rusiell Street, Blooms- bury, commission agent. Charles James, Sen., and Herbert George James, both late of Lower Thames Street, but now of Mincing Latie, porter and ale merchants. William Killick, Jun., Great Russell Street Bloomsbury, hosier. James Man, Brickhill Lane, Upper Thames Street, wholesale ironmonger. Charles Proctor, Bridge Road. Lambeth, hotel keeper. John Tozer, Duke Street, Grosvenor Square, carver and gilder. Nathaniel Batho, Salford, Lancashire, machine and lathe, and tool maker. William Hayward, Winchester, tailor. David Keigiiley, Rawdon, Guiseley, Yorkshire, cloth manufacturer. Robert Nlarsb, Jun., St. Helen's, Lancashire, chemist. John Moore, Hath, meatman. John Moore, Montpelier Lodge, Brighthelinstone, Sussex. Jeremiah Naylor, Heckmondwicke, Yorkshire, blanket manufacturer. John Potts, New Mills, Derbyshire, engraver. John Stevens, Brighton, Sussex, carpenter. James Vaughan Storey, Newcastle upon fync, linen and woollen c raper. Thomas Taylor. Bolton le Moors. Lancashire, builder. William WaddeU, Liverpool, merchant. DIVIDEND. J. D. Williams, Carmarthen, ironmonger, Dec. 11. DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. E. and J. Gilbert, Merthyr Tydvil, Glamorganshire, grocers. BANK OF ENGLAND. Quarterly Average of the Weekly Liabilities and Assets, from August 20 to Nov. 12, 1839, both in- clusive; published pursuant to the Act 3 & 4 Will. IV., cap. 98 — LIABILITIES. ASSETS. Circulation ^17,235,000 S<N!urities ^23,873,000 Deposits.. 6,132,000 I Bullion. 2,545,0J0 X23,367,000 ^2C,4 Is,000 Downing Street, November 12, 1839. LONDON MONEY MARKET. (From the official list, containing the business actually transacted.) CLOSING PRICES OF BRITISH STOCKS—WEDNESDAY. Bank Stock, 178-ii India Stock, 252 3 per cent Red. 89.11 India Bonds, 6 3 dis 3 per cent. Cons.,90 £ ? South Sea Old Ann. 87J Sjprct. Anns. 1818 97f 3 per Cents. Anns. 1751. — 3 pr ct. Red, 9711 1Batik Stock for Ace. — New 3J per cts. 9B| j 9 Consols for acct. 90$ Long Anns, 1860, 13 9-16 g £ 1000 Exch. Bills 2 dis par Do, 30 yrs, 1859, 13 7-16 £ 500 do. 2 dis. par Do, 30 yrs 1860, 13| 13-16 Small do.l pm par 2 pm PRICES OF FOREIGN STOCKS.—Wednesday. Anstian, Portnguese3 pr Ct. ltelgian, Ditto Account,— Brazilian, — Russian. Ditto Ace., Ditto Metallic. — Columbian, 6 per Cent. — Span,5 pr cts. 26 5j Do. Bonds, 182-1, 30! Do Acct., 263 6 Ditto Account, 301 Ditto Passive, 61 Danish, 73f J g J Ditto Deferred, Dutch 2l per Cent. — Fr. Rentes,5 pr ct. Mexican 5 per cent Exchange, Mexican 6 per cent. — Dutch. 2j pr. ct. 521 Neapolitan, Ditto Account, Portuguese 5 per cent Dutch 5 per ct., 981 8 Ditto New 5 per cent New Loan, 5 pr Ct., 94i 5J Ditto Account, 32111 SHARES. [The quotations give the actual price, without reference to premium or discount.] Great Western — Provincial Bank of Ireland Ditto New, — — London and Brighton, 14 Manchester & Birm. — London & Birmingham, Dø, Extension, Do., New Shares, — General Steam Navigation, Lon,loii & Sotitharnp. — London and Hlackwall London Joint Stock Bank, North Midland, — — London & S. W l'stern, Van Diçmen's Land Agri- York and North Midland, cultural Compy. — Eastern Counties, National Prov. Bank of British N. American Bank, England, New, — London St Greenwich, — Bristol & Exeter, —







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