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CARDIFF. PRESENT RATE OF FKEIGHTS per ton from Cardiff to the following places, with iron 8. d. s. d. s. d. «• d. London.. 13 0 to 0 0 Liverpool 9 6 to 0 0 Hull 14 6 0 0 Newry 10 0 0 0 •• 16 0.. 0 0 Glasgow .12 0 0 0 Dublin ..lo 0 0 0 For tin, Is. per ton more than the above rates. FOREIGN PORTS. s. d. I 8. d. Rotterdam 18 0 I Oporto 15 0 Amsterdam 20 Oj NEWPORT. ARRIVED.—The Fanny, Job, the Moderator, Williams, the Bristol Packet, Prewitt, the Mode' rator, Clat worthy, the Tredegar, Johns, the George, Tamplin, and the Bristol Packet, Tivers, from Bristol. the Prudence, Robinson, from Gloucester, and the Friends, Barnard, from Watchet, with sundries; the Economist, Smith, the Resource, Corner, and the Magnet, Anderson, from Quebec, and the Astrea, Slaughter, from Archangel, with timber, deals, &c.; the Sarah, Parfitt, from Glasgow, the Defiance, Hunt, from Bristol, and the Moderator, Westlake, from Cardiff, with iron the Thames, Edwards, from Bridgewaier, with bricks; the Minerva, Heard, from Bideford, with deals and staves; the William, Collins, from Cardiff, with bark; the Eliza, Edmonds, from Portroadoc, with slates; the Friends, Burnard, from Watchet, with flour, butter, and oats; the William, Smith, from Gloucester, with metal; the Reward, Firm, the Victoria, Phillips, and the Hibernia, Sim- kin, from Youghal, and the Elizabeth, Flemming, from Kinsale, with pigs; the Pheasant, Dyer, from Liverpool, with hides; the Blessing1, Duddridge, from Bridgewater, with flour, beans, and malt; the Union, Hawkes, from Watchet, the Henry, Bishop, from Ross, the Fortitude, Lewis, and the Unanimity, Mitchell, from Bridgewater, the Speedwell, Felix, from Dublin, with porter; the Abbess, Harris, from Neath, with castings; the Mary, Parks, and the William, Sharman, from Bridgewater, and the Wil. liam Whitty, Rowe, from Bristol, with hay; the St. Pierre, Herbert, fiom Bridgewater, with malt and barley; the Ceres, Johns, and the Argyle, Davis, from Cork, with oats; the Charles, Howe, from Bridgewater, with malt; the William and Mary, Jones, from Bristol, with sheep; the Rover, Beytmn, from Waterford, with barley and oats; the Hibernia, Simkin, with, butter, the Delight, Boucher, from Waterford, with butter and bacon; the Friendship, Cowell, from Lidney, and Lady Louisa, Gadgcombe, from Fowey, with irou ore. SAILED.—The Tredegar, Johns, for Bristol, with iron, wool, and bones; the George, Tamplin, for Bristol, and the Two Friends, Sprague, for New- haven, with iron and tin plates; the Moderator, Williams, for Bristol, with tin plates, iron, and nap- tha! the John and William, Edwards, forCarmarthen, with bloom; the Rhoda, Griffin, for Berkeley, with timber and deals; the Swansea Packet, TasWer, for Cardiff, with fire bricks the Abbess, Harris, for Neath, with beer; the Forester, Jones, for Bristol, with hark; the Bristol Packet, Prewitt, the Fanny, Johns, the Mary, Gainey, the William and Mary, Jones, and the Turtle, Oxland, for Bristol, the Pheasant, Jones, for Wexford, the Myra, Evans, for Exeter, the Harmony, Cadogan, Porlhcawl, the Nell, Rees, for Runcorn, the Jane and Mary, Jackson, for Gloucester, the Hope, Tasker, for Porthoawl, the Three Sisters, Fifoat, for CardiC the Premier, Hoppen, for Hull, the Benjamin, Westlake, and the Emma, Man, for London, the William lvhitty, Rowe, for Maiden, the Osprey, Phillips, for Lancaster, the Jounetia, Boiyer, for Antwerp, the E'iza, Uil, for Rotterdam, the Statira, Montgomery, for Charles- ton, the Lively, Jones, for Liverpool, the John Westley, Peak, for Newcastle, the Elizabeth, Jenkins, for GJasson Dock, the Olive Branch. Mendus, for Cardiff, the Holkbam, Bowditcb, for Yarmouth, and the Richard and Sarah, Housago, for Aldbro, all with iron. NEWPORT FOREIGN SHIPPING LIST. (From the Mercantile Preseitttrent.) ENTERED INWARDs.-The Economist, Smith, the Magnet, Anderson, the Resource, Corner, from Quebec and the Astrea, Slaughter, from Arch- angel. ENTERED OUT.-The Statira, Montgomery, for Charleston; the Eliza, Uil, the Friendship, Twart, for Rotterdam the Triumph, White, for Dordt; the VVm. Goddard, Potter, for Boston; the Juonetta. Boiyer, for Antwerp; and the Mary Ann, Tucker, for Missina. SAILED.—The Juonetta, Boiyer, for Antwerp; the Statira, Montgomery, for Charleston; aud the Eliza, UiI, for Rotterdam 157 vessels cleared from this port in the week. Milford, November Itili.-Put ill the Armistead, Crawford, from this port for Dundee, sprung a leak off the Longships, bore up for this port, and it re- quired constant labour at the pumps to keep the vessel free. Marseilles, November 3rd.-Arrived, the Amy, Goddard. Elsinore, October 211d.-Ai-i-ived, the Lady Ra- vensworth, Newman. Gibralter, October I lth.-Arrived, the Lady of Lake, England. 1 Naples -Arrived, the James, Gibson, Stewart. Gibralter -Arnved, the Trinity, Williams. Naples, October 20.-Sailed, the Sellgrecn, Factor; Syren, Foster, tor Newport. b r The Lewis, Brummage, arrived at Plymouth, frotiv Pnnce Edward's Island, reports that the Ship Lan- arnain Abbey, of Newport, and the brig Clyi ha were (o be launched at George Town, Prince Edwards Island, the former, September 24th, and the latter, October 1st. Arrived, the Silksworlhj Meld rem, from Quebec. with timber and deals for the Newport Timber and Slate Company. Arrived, the Iadius, Joblin, from Quebec, with timber aud deals for B. Batohelor and Co. NEATH. CLEARED OUT.-—The Isabella, Kennedy,, 4be Eaiilv, Walsh, the Magnet, Bevan, for You|>fvall; the Friendship, Evans, the faria, Thomas, the Mary, Jenkins, the Kliza, Nicholas, the Two Brothers, Wheaion, for Cork; the Pencalenick, Rule, for Haylq. the Hannah, Jones, the Nautilus, Evans, for Aber- ayron; the Temperance, Richards, for Bridgewater; the Eliza, Griffiths, for Waterford; the Speedwell, Adams, for Salcombe; the Friends, Litten, the AI. bion, Shtlstone, for Exeter; the Mary, Davies, for Newquay the Lord Dorchester, Buse, the Rebecca,. Avery, the Orb, Rogers, for Padstow; the Eliza, and Ann, Pascoe, for Truro; the Hero, Lovering,. .K1" »ra"sea 5 Elizabeth, Squiers, for Barnstable;, e Merlin, Howe, for Bideford; the Iris, Fox, thfr Philomen Baddely, the Dromo, Tolman, for Dart- r 'i ^°'phin, Hodder, for Penzance the tdward, Berriman, for St. Ives; the Vesper, Glas- «on, for Falmouth j the Mary Stephens, Mitchell- for Port Isaac. LLANELLY. ARRIVALS.—The Cyrus, Warren, the Park, Gre- gory, and the Marys Helena, Knight, from Hayle, the Par, Ellery, from Fowey, the William, and Henry, Ball, the Mary Kitty, Evans, a«d the James,. Samuel, from Falmouth, the William Williams, frotw Swansea, the Brothers, Jenkins, from St. Ives, and the Ocean, Edgar, from Cubav with copper ore;, the Pegay, Davies, from St. Cleans,, wkh coals; the* Trial, Young, from Charente, with couis and barley the Piolot, Pugsley, from Waterford, with wheat and flour; the Good Intent, Howells, from Bristol,, with wheat and barley; the Charles, Marker, from Liverpool, with sundries; the Aurora, King, for Portsmouth, with timber; and the Mary Stewart, Anderson, from Quebec, with timber, deals, &c. SAILED.—The Amazon, Pitcain, for Gloucester;" the Alexander, Hedden, the George, Johns, the Ann, Bentley, and the John and Mary, Richards, from Barnstaple; the Flora, Mathews, for Milfrrd; the Three Sisters, Filzpatrick, the Malcolm, Bond, the Ardent, Dodding, the Royal George, and the Good Intent, Wade, for Waterford the Salacia, Maw,for Liverpool; the William, Dover,St. Ann's; the Raven, Jones, for Ross; the Industry, Thomasp. the Sarah Ann, Treharne, and the Betsey, Morris, for Carmarthen; the Charlotte, Williams, for Corkr'- L LmtQA Maria, Tanquay, for Brest,