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Brcconsiiurc. BRECKNOCK INFIRMARY.—-NOVEMBER 12. WEEKLY REPORT OF PATIENTS. 1». Out. Patients remaining last week 3 48 Admitted since 0 4 Ini Out. 3 52 Cured and relieved 0 7 Dead. 0 0 0 7 Remaining. 3 45 Physician for tije ciisuiiig week. Dr. Lucas Surgeon ditto ditto Mr Batt. EXTRAORDINARY HOT,-As Henry Martin, of I Brecon, was out shooting, on Monday last, in Glyn Tamil, his dog raised a woodcock, upon which he put up his gun; and as he was pulling the trigger, another rose at some distance from the first, and must have passed exactly ill the direction in which he was aiming, as with the same discharge he knocked djwn and bagged botli birds* VISITATION.—On Wednesday, the 6th instant, the Archdeacon of Brecon, held at Brecon; his first Archi- diaconal Visitation. It was gratifying to see the assemblage of Clergymen on the occasion, who were there in a body to receive from their Archdeacon such instructions and such advice as the times afforded. The Archdeacon regretted much that he never took an opportunity of holding a Visita- tion before, but took occasion to speak in high terms of the young Clergy, whom he described as being active and zealous in the service of the Lord their Master. It was to him a source of much gra- tification that while he laboured hard at laying the foundation stone of many a school, and afterwards, in some degree neglected them, others had sprung up who had maintained and cherished, with such paternal care, the schools he had founded, that the most san- guine anticipations he had ever felt had been more than realised. He then enlarged upon the several heads of address which had been printed, and were in the hands of all the Clergy and others, who were in the church. The heads of address contain much matter, and evince a talent and research worthy the Archdea- con of Brecon. Mr Rees, of Cascob, had been re- quested to preach the sermon, but the weather and the distance prevented his attendance; and, moreover, having come a week or nine days before for that pur- pose, not aware, by the miscarriage of a letter, of the postponement that had taken place, a second journey, to one of his advanced years, would not have been prudent. His absence was regretted, and the time being short for another to prepare a discourse, the Archdeacon thought he could better take the liberty of calling upon one of his Curates to supply Mr Rees' place; and the Rev. Will. North, from ii. 7. S. Titus, In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works in doctrine shewing uncorruptness, gravity, sincerity, sound speech, that cannot be condemned that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you,preaclied a most admi- rable sermon. After the whole of the ceremony had been gone through, a large body of the Clergy par- took of a cold collation, prepared for them at the Archdeacon's house the invitation was general to all the Clergy present, but the voice of the Archdeacon being then rather inaudible, the invitation did not reach all ear3. The business of the day was again discussed, and an intimation given by the Archdeacon that his Visitations would be annual, and held in the different counties, for the accommodation of those of the Clergy who live at a distance. THE CHARTlsTs.-An express reached Brecon in the evening of last Sunday week, for the assistance of the military to quell the Chartist riots in the neigh- bouring Iron Works. About nine o'clock a detach- ment of the 12th regiment marched (in the midst of torrents of rain) to Blaina Iron Works. At Crick- howell, nearly one hundred special constables were sworn. On Monday the reports from the manufac- turing districts on the hills became more alarming, when an additional number of specials were sworn, and in the evening, in couscquence of a communica tion from the ironmasters, tbe magistrates issued a requisition to the troops to march to the immediate neighbourhood of Nantyglo, where serious distur- balces where apprehended. The magistrates of the borough of Brecon were actively employed on Mon- day in swearing in special constables, and making arrangements for the preservation of the public peace, in which they were promptly aided by the inhabi- tants. The detachment of the 12th returned to the Watton Barracks on Thursday, from Bryninawr. i. COMMITMENTS TO BRECON COUNTY GAOL.— Nov. 9, by John Gwynne, W. II. Bevan, and J. LI. Thomson, Ksqrs.—John Jones, labourer, late of the parish of Llanguuider, charged, on the oaths of Rees Phillips and John Jones, for being a member of a seditious Society; and, on the night of Sunday, 3rd Novem- ber, with divers other persons, armed with guns, spears, and other offensive weapons, breaking and entering the dwelling-house of the said Rees Phillips, in Llanguuider, and then and there pointing a gun at him, and with threats putting him in bodily fear, to compel him to join the said Society, and then and there feloniously stealing and carrying away oue gun, of the goods and chattels of one Roger Prosser. Walter Meredith, collier, William Williams, milvr, and William Price, collier, charged, on the oaths of John Symonds and John Esmond, for being members of a seditious combination and confederacy, and on the night of Sunday, the 3rd of November, in the parish of Llanguuider, with guns, spears, and other offensive weapons, and with threats, putting the said John Symonds and John Esmond in bodily fear, and com- pelling them to join the said unlawful combination and confederacy. -Also, John Thomas, tailor, late of Llangunider, charged, on the oath of John Powell, for being a member of, and clerk to, a certain unlawful combination and assembly of armed men, called Chart- ists, held at the house of one Llewellyn Davis, ill the parish of Llanguuider, for seditious purposes, on Saturday, the 2nd of November in-tant. The above prisoners were committed to the Assizes, or until they shall be delivered by due course of law.-litli Nov., by Major Patton, commanding the 12tli regiment at Brecon, privates, Thomas Ross and Michael Murray, to 20 days solitary confinement each, pursuant to the sentence of a Regimental Court Martial. TRIBUTE OF RESPECT.—A subscription (not ex- ceeding one sovereign each person) has been set on foot at Tenby, for the purpose of presenting Capt. William Rees, of the Star steamer, who has for the last twenty years commanded a passage vessel between Bristol and Tenby, with apiece of plate, as a testi. monial of their approbation of his uniformly good conduct, kindness, and attention to those who have sailed with him during that period. We understand there has been subscribed already a Iran !red pounds. PREFERMENTS.—The Rev. David T. Jones, Pro- fessor of Welsh, at St. David's College, succeeds to the Rectory of Llanddewi Velfrey, in the patron- age of the Principal and Profissors, vacant by the death of the late Professor llees—The Rev. John Hughes, curate of Llaubadarnfawr and Vicar of L'au- bister, succeeds to the Vicarage of Tregaron vac.v t by the death of the Rev. John Jones.—The Rev W Powell, P.C., of Mochtre, succeeds Mr Hughe, at Lianbister. ° LLANDOVERY.—The following gentlemen have been elected Councillors fortius Borough Mr Williams, maltster, i 1 Havard, maltster, Mr Morgans, surgeon, and Mr Williams, surgeon. FESTIVITIES AT POWIS CASTLE—On Tuesday week, at "the peep of dawn," the firing of cannon in the park, and the ringing of church bells, announced the coming of age of Viscount Clive for miles round. The British flag was displayed on the keep, and everything wore an aspect of gaiety even the weather, wbieh had previously been very unsettled, seemed. to ap- prove of the happy event. Shortly before nine, de- putations from Montgomery, Churbury, &c., waited upon the Larl of Powis and Lord Clive at the castle, to present addresses of congratulation. The Mayor then presented the requisition to Viscount Clive, call- ing upon his Lordship to consent to lay the first stone of the new church, to perpetuate the coming of age of his Lordship. V iscount Clive immediately consented, and concluded a neat speech, by saying he devoutly hoped the church would prove a benefit to the inha- bitants of Welshpool. Tne members of the deputa- tion then partook of a sumptuous dejeune. The pro. cession then left the castle. On their arrival on the ground of the intended church the crowd was great. The Rev. W. Clive then offered up the usual prayers when the stone was lowered and squared, and the usual coins having been deposited, Viscount Clive with a silver trowel, performed the necessary duty. While on the subject it will beas well to observe, that the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland have res- pectively given the handsome sum of £ 100 towards the fund now being raised, as also the Hon. R. H. and Lady Harriet Clive. Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Bart., M.P., his given £ 200, and Viscount Duncannon, Sir I. R, Kynaston, Sir Richard Jenkins, M P., have also subscribed liberal sums. Snortly after one the poor of the neighbourhood, upwards of 4000 in num- ber, were liberally entertained with old English fare, under an extensive and splendid marquee in the park. At eight o'clock there was a biilliant display of fireworks. #14".# FAIRS FOR THE ENSUING WgK. Glamorganshire,-Capcl y Creinant, Wednesday 20; Merthyr Tydvil, Monday 18; Wain, Wednes- day 20. MOllmouthshirc.-Aberga venny, Tuesday 19; Mon- mouth, Friday 22, Breconshire.-Brccon, Monday 18. Carmarthenshire.-Aberccnt)cii, Friday 22 Llanv- bvddar, Thursday 2l; Now Castle in Enilyn, Friday L'rt .lY 22. Pembrok-eshire.-Fisliguard, Monday 18; L'aw hadcn, Friday 22; Trefiue, Friday 22. "1>1' LONDON MARKETS. CORN EXCHANGE, MONUAY, >iov. 11 Tho supply of Wheat is large this morning from Essex Kent, and Suffolk, and the trade is Is. lower than this day week. Fine Barley is Is. dearer. Oats are firm for good qualities, but light and inferior are a shade lower. Heans and Peas of both sorts are without auy material alteration. I lops.-No variation worthy of remark has occured in this market during the week. The most colourv samples of Sussex and Weald of Kent Pockets con- tinue in good demand. Of the choice growth of Mid. Kent Pockets little short of a clearance is efrected. and as the sales of the week have embraced the very finest lots grown in that district, a currency higher in proportion to the superior character of the Hops has been submitted to. A few sales have been effected of Mid Kent bags, but not suffi- cient to form a criteron of future prices. Of East Kent nearly all the souud growth* are now sold. (From a Cor. jspondent.)—The last harvest having been very wet, it is probable that much of the grain has been damaged by sprouting, and thus the bread made from it will be bad, and injurious to the health of those using it. It will not therefore be unacceptable to the country readers of the Guar- dian, if the result of a series of experiments, in consequence of the wet harvest of the year 1816, made by Mr. E. Davy, Professor of Chemistry, to the Royal Dublin Society, now communicated to them, by attending to which they may obtain good bread from corn which has germinated. The common mode of improving the ill qualities of such flour, is drying and this he tried first, and found, that by slow drying, in a shallow tin dish, before the fire, for 24 hours, the bread made from it was of a better colour, lighter, and better tasted, than if the flour had not been dried still it had a disagreeable taste. lie tried drying the flour more rapidly in a higher tempe- rature, but the bread made from it in no way im- proved. In trying various methods of improving the ill qua- .Z!1 lities of malted flour, Mr Davy ascertained that the carbonate of magnesia (not the calcined magnesia, which is of no use) of the shops, when well mixed with the new flour, in the proportion of from 20 to 40 grains to a pound of flour, materially improves it for the purpose of making bread. Loaves made with the addition of carbonate of magnesia, rise well m the oven, and after being baked, the bread is light and spongy, has a good taste, and keeps well. In cases when the new flour is of an indifferent quality, from 20 to 30 grains of the carbonate of magnesia, to a pound of flour, will considerably improve the bread. When the flour is of the worst quality, 40 grams to a pound, seem necessary to produce the same effect. Care should be taken to mix them intimately together, previously to making the dough.—Donovan s Dotnes- tic Economy. Newspaper receipts are frequently unheeded, but as that now given is the result of the experiments of a Philosopher, and the brother of Sir Humphrey Davy, (I believe,) I would hope that they who are so unfortunate as to have germinated wheat, will for their own comfort, and their own health's sake make a trial of this plan, which can be done at a cost of a few pence. R. D. Cardiff, 12 Nov., 1839. ,# HER MAJESTY would hold a Privy Council at Windsor Castle yesterday at two o'clock. when it is understood a Special Commission for the trial of tho Chartists rioters at Newport would be agreed upon. THE DUKE OF NEWCASTLE subscribed fIOJO t- wards the erection of the pier which has been just completed at Aberystwitb. We believe we are correct in stating that the Ge- neral Commanding in Chief has submitted for the Queen's approval, that the Colonelcy of the 3d Light Dragoons, which has become vacant by the recent death of Lieutenant General Lord George T. Beres- ford, G.C.H., be given to Lieutenant General Lord Charles S. Manners, K.C.B. (at present Colonel of the I Ith Light Dragoons,) and that Lieutenant-Ge- neral Philip Philpot be appointed Colonel of the latter regiment.—Standard. TWELVE TIN PACKETS of preserved French beans, in a wooden box, have heen brought up from the Royal George, stamped 1, Conierve Artichena de Catrou, Marseilles." Neither vinegar or pickle had been used they had been boiled and placed in air-tight vessels, and were as fresh and fit for use as when first enclosed. They have been 51 years under watel'Kentisll Observer. NORWICH MUSICAL FETIVAL.-After defraying all expences, there is a surplus of XI,295, to be divided amongst the charities of the town and county. STOCKDALE (the publisher of Harriet Wilson's I'F Memoirs") has obtained 1:600 damages from Mr Hansard, the printer to the House of Commons, for a libel on his (Stockdale's) character: the libel is the same passage of a parliamentary report for which the same plaintiff formerly obtained ;t l(IO damages: the latter action being founded upon the sale of another copy of the report. THE ROYAL GEORGE.—Colonel Pasley has con- cluded his operations against the Royal George for this season. It is intended to recommence operations about May next. There have been consumed during these experiments 12,940Ibs. of powder. Above 100 tons of the wreck have been recovered and placed in the dock-yard at Portsmouth, with five brass and six iron gans. It may not, perhaps, be generally known, that the total expense incurred has been more than defrayed by the value of the articles recovered.- Kentish Times. THE Opium DISFUTE.—The following answer has been sent by the Treasury to the claimants for indemnification for losses sustained in consequence of the delivery of opium to the Chinese Government:— "Gentlemen, — Having laid before the Lords Com- missioners of her Majesty's Treasury, your letter, in which vou apply for a settlement of certain claims for opium delivered to the Chinese Government, and transmit certificates signed by Captain (3. Elliot, I have received their Lordships' commands to acquaint you that Parliament has placed at the disposal of this Board no funds out of which any compensation couid be. made, and that the sanction of Parliament would be required before any such claim could be recognized and paid. To prevent any misconstruction of the intentions of this Board, my Lords have felt it necessary to di- rect me further to state, that the subject has been under the attentive consideration of her Majesty s Government, and to add, that her Majesty's Govern- ment do not propose to submit to a\otc for the payment of such claims. R. GOIIDON. "Treasury Chambers, Nov. 11, 1839."

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