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Brcconsiiurc. .

Family Notices

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-==:=:-==:: itt ID itiittitttf-t- -dftt I:C. Mil C. PRICE, ironmonger of Abergavenny has been appointed postmaster of that town, ill the place of Mr T. L. Wood all, who resigned the situation. THE TRADESMEN AND GENTLEMEN'S FRIENDLY SOCIETY, on Thursday week, held their first anniver- sary at the Crown Inn, Abergavenny. At ha'f-past eleven they proceeded to hear Divine service; the first man bearing a very handsome silk banner; the landlord, Mr Win. Davies", carrying a very neat crown and a member bearing a bcnlltiful gilded acorn. The Hev. T. Morgan, of Llandilo, delivered a very excel- lent discourse. After the service they returned to the Inn., where they partook of a sumptuous dinner; after which the usual toasts were drunk. About eight o'clock the music struck off, and the wives and sweet- hearts of the gentlemen present, threaded the mazes of the dance till a late hour, when they departed, highly pleased with the proceedings of the day. The club has been opened only 14 months, but they are very strong and most respectable, and no doubt, by the next anniversary, they will be complete in number, which is 99; no more will be allowed. Mr NjoitC,.kN'S tiountis will ineet oti Monday •• N()V- l8th at Mic.haelslone 1 Wednesday • 20tl' affc kmrumuoy Lodge Krirliv 22nd at Bassaleg Ited Bam Each day at 11 o'clock. NOV! IN \TlON OF SHERIFFS FOR THE ENSUING YEAR IN THE COURT OF EXCHEQUER. Tuesday last being the morrow of St. Martin, ac- cording to ancient custom a Privy Council was held in the Court of Exchequer, for the nomination of gentle- men to fill the office of sheriffs for the ensuing year. Monmouthshire.—Samuel lloinfray, of Bedweltv, Esq • Summers Harford, Sirhowy, Esq.; and John Etheringtou Welsh Rolls, of the Hondre, Esq. Gloucestershire.—Sir Michael Hicks Hicks Beach, of Williamstrip Park, Bart-; Hopkinson, of Edgeworth, Esq.; and James Woodbndge Walters, of Barnwood House, Esq. Herefordshire.rh»mns Hey wood, of Hopend, Esq.; Robert Lane, of Ryelands, Esq.; and William Barueby, of Clater, Esq. ,I" OLD PASSAGE FgRRY. TO TUB EDITOR OF THE OAZKTrB AXD GUARDtAN. SIR—Having had my attention drawn to a parn- n|, in the Merlin of the 9th instant, retdecting 011 ? P „H„,t of the parties connected with the Old Se„«o Fen-v I bog to forwyrd you the following statement of facts, which I will thank you to insert in Monday Nov. 4th, at half past two o'clock in tne morning, I was awoke by a gentleman (name unknown) who handed me a letter from he Mayor of Newport, bearing the date of Sunday night 11 o clock, wishing me to cross the said gentleman as quick as possible, with an express for the Mayor of Bristol, for troops. The crew belonging to the boat were immediately called' from their beds, and the boat manned forthwith, and she left the pier at the Beachley side of the ferry at 3A. M. 1 v another express arrived About 110011 •-« t b belonging to from Newport lor Bristol, t>y •» 1 J the Westgate Inn, 'lt ^nVlock in the afternoon, At about hall-past 111 w„) camo from New- another gentleman (name u informed me that he port, by the Monarch coach, a t(),d hi(n tlR,rc was going to Bristol for u • e ovcr to t|J0 I,ad been two expresses il ilsked me to in- Mavor of Bristol. 1 us would ply, I form him how long the stu l.f Ue coult, get any told him not ;;lti,r ;'ar J;(.ket should ply until half troops from Bristol the p<i past 7 o'clock. ee„tlein.i» wbo had first At half past 5 o clock the witb tlie post boy who crossed in the morning, J"b„tbe Hereford mail liiul crossed at be done! Ho told Inskcd the gerrtteninii »l» "» |,„ir past two mc he had left the ,K) troops ,G o'clock, and they informal '"J1 ] also spoke to spare, neither could they send • r lottcr from tb(, tbe post boy, his answer was, «c^utrates of Bristol Mayor of Newport, but baCl none to spare, could not send any troops, the? j scnt the steam Inconsequence of this m r0Ss was sent me to packet to her moorings. *■■ my utter astonish- say the troops were coming, ,riorum.? tr00Ps 111 CM it I found 011 the I uesclay ^.(ock on Monday had arrived at Aust side abou j been made ac- evening, but by this time, even rcndered any quainted with the fact, I coU 1 |1(>r moorings, and service, because the steamer w«v had taken the ground. tjoU Qf the troops As soon as we had the informs ge^i„g Up being at Aust, there was no tuni- 0n Tues- the steam; so that between 6.al'act0il| service, day morning the steamer wflS • nf ?erVant, 1 remain, sir, your obe oAR1JINER, Su~>i>rintcndcnt. BeacUley Ferry Office, NoY» J5**

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