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SHIPPING IN TELLIG ENCE. --do- CARDIFF. FOREIGN ENTERED ou,WhtDs.-Tht! Hersey,, Longstiale, for Cape of Good Hope; the Concord, Cox, for Oporto; the Altivo, Stabile, for Pa'ermo; the Queen of Britain, Follett, for Syra; and the Diana, Wempe, from Bremen. FOREIGN CLEARED OUT.—The Jane, Smith, Swanston, for Syra, the Anna Maria, Sanrlersleldt, and Aiiiia Johinna, Bunjc, for Bremen, the Poland, Ilannington, for Palermo, the Idas. Potts, for Trieste; the Margaretha Elizabeth, Groot, for Rotterdam, the Wetherall, Hicks, for Malta, and the Anje, Bok, for Dordt, all with iron. COASTERS IN WARDS.—The Temperance, Richards, the Venus, Owens, and the R >yal Forrester, Furney, from Bridgewater.theUnity, Pillage, from Plymouth, the Robert, Clampitt, from Newport, the Albion, Herry, the Fly, Guy, and the C'hristianna, Gardens, from Gloucestfr, the Bute, Walters, the Friends, Davies, the Merthvr Packet, Edwards, and the William, Thomas, from Bristol, the Elizabeth, Jones, from Waterford, and the Mary, Jones, from Car- marthen, with sundries; the William and Agnes, Miller, and the Elizabeth, Scot, from Waterford, the Goode Hope, Brewer, and the Maria Eliza, Evans, from Cork, with oats; the Eclipse, Mundon, from Portsmouth, the Diamond, Haxtable, from Plymouth, and the Countess of Lisbon, Jones, from Liverpool, with timber; the Tyne, Chapman, from Waterford, with flour the Robert and Ann, Ridler, and the Jane, Cook, from Lydney, with stones; the the Perseverance, Gray, from Bristol, wilh lath wood and the Mary JQOcs, Davies, from Portmodoc, with slates; the Hiberuia, Lewis, from Dublin, with sun- dries; 24 in ballast and 12 with iron ore. COASTERS OUTWAans.-Tiie Celerity, Williams, for London, the Mary, Griffiths, for YoUijhal, the Amity, Lamb, the Castle, Jones, the Pride, Rogers, for Bristol, the Supply, Davies, for Portrmh, and the Thomas, Jerrell, for Dundalk, with sundries the Spring, Louden, and the Joseph Carne, for London, the Union, Haston, for Newry, the Sylph, Evans, the Fanny, Hayhor, and the Afl'a, Trout, for Goole, and the Dettro, Reid, for Liverpool, with iron; aud 34 with coal. NEWPORT. ARRIVED.—The Venus, Patterson, from Bridge- water, with malt; the Good Hope, Thompson, from Neath, with beer; the Experiment, Thomas, and the Friendship, Morgan, from Bristol, with hay; the Hannah, Lodwig, from Cork, the Bee, Rhymer, the Elizabeth, Baker, from Bristol, and the Hope, Darracott, from Bideford, with oats; the Swift, lliscox, from Chepstow, and the Charles, Howe, from Bridgewater, with flour; the Jane, Hughes, the Lamb, Williams, and the Venus, Watkius, from Portmadoc, and the Eleanor, Tucker, from Bude, with slates; the Amazon, Long, from Bristol, with boilers; the Providence, Patterson, from Bridgewater, with hay and bricks; the Prudence, Davidge, from Bridewaler, with straw; the Three Sisters, Westlake, and the Charlotte; Carey, from Bridgewater, with bricks the Friendship, Westlake; from Bridgewater, with flour, beans, and malt; the Friendship, Morgan, with hay; the Park, Gregory, from Neath, with metal; the Barmouth, Evans, from Waterford, with flour and oats the Gratitude, Knight, from Gloucester, with freestone; the Sisters, Quinton, from Chepstow, with flour and beans; the Three Sisters, Fnzgerrald, from Water. ford, with cattle; the Sampson, Bryant, from Bridgewater, with bricks,tiles,and hay; theThomas, Evans, from Waterford, with oats and bacon; the Charles, Carter, from Bristol, with oats the John and Marj, Cox, from Bridgewaier, with bricks; the King David, Bailey, from Bristol, with powder; the Williain, Britisiiiead, from Youghal, with oats and herrings the Unanimity, Mitchell, from Bridge- water, with glazed crests; the Dove, Walsh, froin Cork, with sheep and pigs the Sarah white from Gloucester, with elm plank the George, Tamplin, the Fanny, Johns, the Bristol Packet, Prewitt, the Bristol Packet, Tivers, the Moderator, Clatworthy, the Mary, Gainey, the Tredegar, Johns, and the Moderator, Williams, from Bristol, the Jane and Mary, Jackson, from Gloucester, and the C.,innet, James, from Bridgewater, all with sundries; the Experiment, Thomas, from Bristol, the Excellent, Kllery, the Flower, Tippett, the Regent, Silt, the Ann, Brinsmead, the Patty, Kouch, the St. Austle, Hewett, and the Fly, Sibley, from Fowcy, the Daphire, Retmells, from Dartmouth, the Mary, Holten, and the Jane, Dark, from Pty nouth, the Enterprise, Evans, and the Catherine, Davis, from Barrow, all with iron ore. SAILED.rhe A'ert, Connely, for Wexford, with chains; the Fame, Clarke, for London, with iron, sugar lead, and naptha the Pheasant, Jones, and the Dart, Laver, for Liverpool, the Moderator, Clatworthy, for Bristol, and the Globe, Buitiiji, for Dordt, and the Charles, Edwards, for London, with iron and tin plates; the Bristol Packet, Prewitt, for Bristol, with iron and lealher; the Tre- degar, Johns, for Bristol, with iron, rags, and wool the Wear, Reynolds, for London, with iron, cast- ings, and sugar lead; the Providence, Williams, for Swansea, with metal; the Hope, Adams, for Cork, with iron and charcoal; the Catherin", Davies, for Liverpool, and the Moderator, Clatworthy, for Bristol, with tin plates; the Vaga, Bowen, for Bi-idgjewater, with poles; the Ann, Roberts^ for Dublin, with iron and bark; the John Harvey, Kd-^ wards, and the Wave, Rees, for Hayle, the Regent Salt, the Broi hers. Ace, for Swansea, the Excellent' Eltery, for West Ferry, the Providence, Jones, the Albion, Pugh, the John and Mary, Thomas, the Ann, Thomas, the Alliance, Jones, the Lark, Quinton, and the Heart of Oak, Davis, for Liverpool, the Ellen, Chadwick, for Constantinople, L Encharis, Dubost, f«r Rouen, the Mary, Hooper, the Robert, Clampitt, and the Friendship, Moigan, for Cardiff, the Malcolm, Bond, for Waterford, the Regulator, Stone, for Runcorn, the Sisters, Alexander, for Ross, the Hope, Isbell, and the Astrea, llutton, for West Ferry, the Lidney Trader, Knight, the Turtle, Oxland, for Bristol, the Margaret, Newman, for Southampton, the Fly, Sibley, for Fowey, the Harriet and Phcebe, Dtvies, for Llaneily, the Vine, Hunter, for Hull, the Victory, Nicholas, for Renfrew, and the Tit.iii.,s ati,l Sarah, t-iiscox, for Swansea, all with iron the Mary, Gainey, and the Fanny, Johns, for Bristol, with sundries. NEWPORT FOREIGN SHTPPING LIST. (From the Mercantile Preseittment.) ENTERED OUT.—'Tbe Globe, Buttall, for Dordt; L'Encharis, DulioMt, for Rouen the Statira, Mont- gomery, for Charleatown the Somerset, Clift, for Mesina; the Ellett, Chadwick, for Constantinople; the Mariane, Reikles, for Mernel; the William Goddard, Potter, for Baltimore. SAILED. -L'Fiiclinris, Dubost, for Rouen; the Globe, Bnttall, for Dordt; the Ellen, Chadwick; and the Mariane, Reikles, for Melnel; 226 vessels cleared from this port ii the week. The Astress, Slaughter, from Archaugel, for this port, put illto Milford 21st, leaky and mainmast sprung. Palermo, September loth.-Ai-rived, the Eliza Jane, Bowen. ]5ih. The Statira, Pearse. Spoken with, October 18th, lat. 48, 37, N., long. 8, 48, VV., the schooner Ann, Pearson, for Messina, out 12 days, experienced coarse weather. Bremen, October 21&t,-Arrived, the Industrie, Stintz. 30th.—The Exile, Avery,-all from New- port. COAL SHIPPED COASTWISE EXCEPT TO IRELAND. Tons. Newport Coal Co. 5416 J. F. Haiison 824 W. and U. Thomas 337 R. Welsh 419 Aoij Itees aiid Co. 687 Tredegar Coal Co o 829 John Corner, aud Co 409 James Poole, Jun 701 Monmouthshire iron and Coal Co. 50 COAL SHIPPED COASTWISE TO IRELAND. Newport Coal Co 4163 J. F. Hanson 103 Tredegar Coal Co.280 John Corner, and Co 333 Monmouthshire Iron and Coal Co 280 NEATH. CLEARED OUTWARDS.—The Julia, Perry, for Jersey; tbe William and George, Cra^o, the Atlas, Gilbert, the Elizabeth Pearce, and the Industry. Brokenshir, for Plymouth; the George, Johns, for Barnstaple; the Jane, Quick, the Grace, Chellow, and the Hero, Lovering, for St. Ives; the Nancy, Andrews, and the Fame, Thomas, for Hayle; the Peace Cousins, for Wexford; the Rocket, William- son, for Dundalk the Good Hope, Davies, for Car- iiarvon the Elizabeth, May, for Falmouth; the William, Hodge, for Dartmouth; the Magnet, Bevan, for Youghal; the Sarah Ann, Morgan, and the Fox, Berritnan, for Cork the Union Canal, Clements, for Looe; the Providence, Parker, for Porihcaw'l the Aaron, Evans, the Hannah, Jones, the Nautilus, Evans, and the Martinet, Lewis, for Aberayron; the Jane and Catherine, Jones, for Aberystwith the Honiton Packet, Clark, for Lyme and the Ann and Susan, Waters, for Swansea. SWANSEA. ARRIVALS.—Oct. 24, the Spectator, Rotherough, from Youghal; the Sedulous, Evans, from Wexford and the James, Pultnane, from St. Ives; in ballast; •the £ liz», Lamb, from Truro, tbe Prosper, Alpass, from Wioklow, the Ca h rine, Nicholls,from Fowoy. and the Henrietta, Power, from Beerhaven, with copper ore; the Six Socurs, Guioonre, from SI. Malo, with fruit; and the Fl' ra, Morgans, from. Youghal, with flour.-Oct. 25, the Eliza, Spray, from Hayle, and the Braze, Hall, from Wicklow, with copper ore; the William and Mary, D'ngly, from Bridgewater, the Hope^eer, and the William, Beer, from Waterford, in ballast.—Oct. 26, the Fame, Hunt, from Bridgewater, with sundries; the A n and Mary, William, from Milford, with bricks; the Providence, Williams, and the Brothers, Ace, from Newport, with iron; and the Charles,^ Pallot, from Milford, iu billast.-Oct. 27, the Eliza, Prosser, from Bridgewater, with fruit; the Edward, Murt, from St. Ives, and the Nancy, Kiley' from Dungar- von, with copper ore the Ann, Bushen, from Bridgewater, with sundries and the Singleton, Lewis, from Rouen, in ballit,t.Oct. 28, the St. Agnes, Carter, from St. Agnes, the Agenora, Hawk, and the Perseverance, Basset, from Portreath, the Bodvil, Ellis, fruiu Liverpool, the Mutton, Hoskins, and the Walter, Dingle, from Truro; the Rose, Jenkins, from Bristol, with sundries; the Charles Tucker. Tucker, from Rouen, in ball-ast the Lively, Thomas, from Clie.-t T, with bricks; and the Thomas and Sarah, Hiscock, from Newport, with iron.— Oct. 21), the Samuel and Ann, Buckingham, fiom Liverpool, and the Kitty, Flin, from Dungarvon, with copper ore; the Mountaineer, Edwards, from Liverpool, and the Palmerston, Bailey, from Bristol with sundries. LLANELLY. ARRIVALS. The Ranger, Thomas, the Mary Kitty, Evans, the William Henry, Ball, the Fame, Harvey, and the Mary, Hopkins, from Hayle, the Rambler, Wall, and the John Stroud, Steplieiis, from Swansea, with copper ore; the Je-Iny, Chaplin, from Swansea, and the Friends, Jones, from Carmarthen, with timber; the Albion, Grey, from Bideford, with poles aud hemp; the Superb, Harvey, (rom Cork, with limestones; the Ha, rlet and Phoebe, Davies, from Newport, with iron; the Friends, Morgans, from Liverpool, with wheat; the Alexander, Roberts, from Bristol, and the Thomas, H rdiug, from Barum, with sundries; the Mary Ann, Burgess, fr m Water- ford wiih limestones Ann and Mar a, Lewis, from Lydney, and the Henry, Llewellyn, from Chester, with bricks; the Mary, King, the Barn- staple Trader, Dollard, and the Dove, Randel, from Bams aple, the Commerce, Jones, from Cardigan, the Nepean, Tamsett, from Bridport, the John and cnlaryt Riettard44, the Mary Ann, Fry, the Tron, Parry, and the Towy, Daniel, from Carmarthen, the Kate, Rees, from Tenby, the Victory, Travers, from Kinsale, the Guardian, Marsh, UE,iiile, Bereman. and the Ocean, March, from Bristol, the Samuel Allen, and the Shannon, Doyle, from Milford, the James Samuel, from Dublin, the Abet, Prosser, from Waterford, the Toris Amis, Hamelin, from Cher- bourg, and the Deiolx Soeurs, Ollivier, from Brest, all in ballast.








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