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MER THY R. THE BALL at the Castle, on Thursday last, was very respectably attended; and dancing was kept up with considerable spirit till after four o'clock yesterday morning. Messrs Hopkins and Wayne filled the office of stewards, and were most assiduous in their endeavours to promote the amusements of the evening. COLONEL EDWARD EDWARDS has been promoted a Major General in the Madras Army after a servitude of forty two years: he is the second son of the late Mr. Thomas Edwards of Newhouse Ystradyvodock, and brother to Mr. Edwards, formerly of Merthyr Tydvil, Solicitor. BAPTIST Alissio-ig.-Tlie Rev. Jenkin Thomas, of Cheltenham, will preach at Caersalein Chapel, Dow- lais, to-morrow morning; and at the tnglish Baptist Chapel, Merthyr, in the evening. There will also be other sermons preached in the course of the day at the other Baptist Chapels, in aid of the Missions of that denomination. AN INQUEST was held at the Angel Inn, on Wed- nesday morning, on the body of a boy named Traherne, who was so severely burnt on Monday last,by his clothes catching fire, as to occasion his death a low hours after. From the evidence adduced, the jury had an impression that no medical aid had been rendered for .1 two hours after the accident; but on their assembling again at seven in the evening, it was proved that in- timation was given at Mr Russell's surgery about one o'clock in the day; that two gallons of oil were in- stantly dispatched,—being three or four times more than was absolutely necessary; that Mr Edward Russell who was dressing an amputation, which occupied him 20 minutes, immediately attended the poor boy; that Mr Probert, Mr Russell's assistant, paid him another visit an hour after; and that all this must have taken place by half-past two, only one hour and a-half after the accident, as the medical gentlemen above named were all present at a dinner party at three o'clock the same afternoon. The ver- dict was of course "Accidentlll Deatb;" and so far from any neglect being proved on the partof the medi- cal gentlemen, it was very clearly established that there had been rather an excess of attendance than the contrary,—a conclusion which every one would anti- cipate who knows anything of Mr Russell and his respectable assistants. GIRLS NATIONAL SCHOOL. The Girls National School Room has been com- pleted, very much to the credit of the Architect, Mr Evan Rees, Glebeland, and to the satisfaction of the Building Committee. It is a fine spacious airy room and has a large play ground before it which is enclosed. The number it will contain is about 200, allowing for each the space required by the National Society. Great praise is due to Lord Dynevor and Captain Richards, of Cardiff for their liberality in giving the ground of both the boys and girls school, which is worth £ 12. 3s. 3d. ground rent, and the Building Committee take this opportunity of respectfully thanking the subscribers for their liberal contributions The estimated cost of the building including fixtures &c., is £ 220. Above X150. 14s. 7d. including a grant of £ 12.0s. 7d. from the late Literary Institution, have been already subscribed but as there is sufficient ground on the School premises to build dwelliu" houses for the Master and Mistress, the Building Com" mittee have appropriated £ 70., of the Sum subscribed for that purpose. leaving ESO. towards defraying the expense of building the School Room. They have petitioned the Lords of the Committee of Council on Education to make up the deficiency for the School Room from the Parliamentary Grant; but should they succeed they have no funds towards building another dwelling house, they therefore beg to appeal to the liberal friends of religious Education for their assistance. Subscriptions will be thankfully received by D. Evans, Esq., Brecon Bank, Merthyr. To the excellent Bishop of the Diocese this Parish is greatly indebted. His Lordship subscribes ten pounds annually towards the support of these schools, and for many years lie gave X20. annually to the As. sistant Curate. Considering the many appeals made to his charitable feelings from every part of the Diocese, and the generous manner in which they are responded to, Merthyr is a great debtor to his Lord- ship. .ø.I' WELSH WESLEYAN METHODISTS. (From a Correspondent.) Some of your constant readers, who reside in the principality of Wales, and some out of it, will feel great pleasure in learning how the Welsh Wesleyans kept the Centenary Meetings in Merthyr, on Friday and Monday, as it was appointed by the last confer- ence held by the Wesleyans, that they should sanctify two days to God in remembrance of good John Wesley. It was announced by Mr Hugh Hughes, on Sunday week, to the congregation assembled at the Welsh Wesleyan chapel, that it was intended to comme- morate the centenary of methodism on those two days. • On Friday, they assembled as early as six o'clock in the morning, to offer thanksgiving, and afterwards, nt ten o clock in the forenoon, and at seven in the evening; at the latter period, the before-mentioned minister delivered a most excellent sermon. It was tigaiti annonnced on Sunday, by Mr Wilkins, that on Monday, the Welsh and E, iiglisli Weslcvaii Sunday Schools ititen,led to meet together at half past one in the afternoon, each child to wear a small medal, which o»tf>nHUU ,00' awarded them for their regular a"po, and to keep in remembrance of the cente- nmnfAri ..avu's met at the Welsh chapel at the ap- f)n "n5' y went to meet their English friends, addres<5i^r°KUMn,-tlloy sang several hymns, after which, at ili(» m.' 1 'n Welsh and English, were delivered hey then went to a funeral iu the Hiov a" ^'le children singing duriug the time Aft ,er<I.accomPanying the dead body to the grave, liI .er tl,e servicc at the chapel in the evening, a >erai collection was inado for the poorer members of the congregation. MERTHYR POLICE. David Phii]jpS^ founder, was committed to Cardiff House of Correction, for one calendar month to bard labour, as an idle and disorderly person, for refusing to contribute, with the parish of Merthyr, to the maintenance of his wife. John Taylor was convicted of a violent assault fiP°H ~eorSe Lazarus, in the Merthyr Market, and ne £ 3t and si 1 pence costs: in default of payment, tie was committed to Cardiff House of Correction for two calendar months. Alary Jones, of Mauddivy, Pembrokeshire, was committed to Cardiff House of Correction, for one calendar month, with hard labour, for running away rr- fr ",g her baslard child, chargeable to the parish ,g.aer* She had left the child when eleven weens old, m a passage attached to the General Pic- ton public house, at Bute. Evan 1 homas, puddler, Penydarran, was committed for one month, for absenting himself from his furnace and being in a state of drunkeliness, whereby he neg. lected his work. Benjamin Williams, of Pontystorehouse was com- mitted to Cardiff Gaol, for want of sureties to keep the peace towards his mother, whom he had cruelly ill treated. Daniel Phillips and Thomas John, boatboys on the Glamorgan Canal, were committed for trial at the ensuing Quarter Sessions, charged with stealing one hundred herrings from a cask at Mr Pride's warehouse Merthyr. John Powell was charged with stealing a piece of wood of the value of Is., the property of the Dowlais Company. It appeared that he had taken it from an exposed situation to repair the fence of his garden to keep the pigs out. An immense quantity of timber is stolen from time to time from the Company from those parts of the works which are most exposed, and it is necessary to make an example. •Another man was charged with stealing from his lodgiugs at Dowlais, eight months ago, a pair of stockings, a handkerchief, and some gin. The prose- cutor had promised not to prosecute, if the prisoner would confess his guilt, and pay him 7s., which be owed for victuals. The Magistrates dismissed the case. James Jones was summoned for threatening to as sault Mr Dibb. He had absented himself from his work without leave, and his wages were refused him till he had made up half the time he had been ab- sent. Having, however, threatened to procure his wages, by means of a thrashing, the magistrate ordered him to find bad; but on account of his gene- ral good character, and on his expressing his sorrow for using such intemperate language, Mr Dibb inti mated that he would not press for bail, and he was therefore discharged. On Wednesday and Friday week, some considerable damage was done to parts of the Machinery of the Penydarren Iron Company by several of the boys em- ployed there, who were anxious to enjoy the pleasure of "a spell," or holiday, without the small trouble of asking leave of absence. To accomplish this they put various pieces of iron into the nuts and spindles of the rolling mills; by which damage was effected to the amount of upwards ot X5. exclusive of the loss of time occasioned in the works. The evidence being conclusive against Evan Thomas, a boy eleven years ti of age, he was committed to gaol for one month in default of payment of £5. Thomas Williams was summoned for absenting him- self from his work at the Penydarren Works. As be had been employed only a day or two, and had been ascertained to be of aa idle turn, ho was dismissed from his employment,



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