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1 r AGRICULTURE &; COMMERCE. LONDON MARKETS. GENERAL AVERAGE PRICES OF CORN, per Q-iar. Computed from the Inspcctois' iletuins. GENBUAL AVERAGE—WEEK ENlIlNG OCT, 12ih, s. d. d. Wheat 67 2 Rye 37 9 Bariey 41 2 | lkani 4C 1 Oats 25 '■) I Peas 41 11 AGQHEGATB AVERAGE OF LAST SIX WEEKS, S. d. s. d. Wheat 70 0 Rye 38 11 Barley 40 1 Beans. 41 4 Oals 2/ 0 Feas 43 3 pVfY ON FOREIGN CORN. s. d. s. d. Wheat 10 8 Rye 12 6 B;ir,cy j 1) Beans. 3 6 Oats fi 3 Fsas 5 0 The Ave-a, c Price of Corn, per Quarter ( mperial Measure), in EngUuul. anil Wales, for the quarter ended Michaelmas, 1839. s. d. s. d. 9. d Wheat 70 5 Oats 27 0 I Beans 4'2 2 Barley 38 8| Itye 43 0 | Peas 11 6 IVILLIA31 JAC013, Cotitroller of C -rii Returns. O Ii «* if To trolter <>f Corn Returns, B iard of Trade, Oi I 10. COKIN EXCHANGL-IlIoitday, Oct. 21st. u heat, Kent and Essex, 1 Peas, White, per qr. 41s&43i per tjr (iO.&73s Grey .8, JOs Norfolk. ,r>2s 65s Boileis 46i 50s —— Suffolk. 53 s 68s Beans, Tick, Ol 40s 43 s Itye 40j 42-; New 37s 40s Harlry 31s 38s Oats, Potatoe 34s 35s Fine 40s 4ij -— Poland 32s 34s Malt 70. -u_ Feed l>5S V'J S HAY MAltKE I S, Saturday-At per load of 36 Trusses. SmTHFlELD. WHITECHAPEL, s* s. s. s. j Coarse heavy Low- | Coarse heavy Low- land Meadow Hay. 80 to 85 laud Me.tdow H;iy 70 to 80 New Meadow Hay 70 to 90 1 New Meadow Hay CO to i»0 Useful old ditto. 90 t.) 95 j Useful old ditto 85 to 90 oi,i ditt, 85 to 90 fine Upland.Meadow ) FineUpIandMeidow and Kye-ravM Hay 95 to 100 and.Ryegrass Hay 95 to 100 Nuw Clover H.iy 80 to 110 New Clover Hay 8tl i0 ll'i Old ditto 105 to 12ti Old ditto Iu5 to 131 Oat Strnv 36 to 38 Oat Straw 36 11 40 Wheat traw 38 to 401Wlitat Stra,.v. 40 to 42 PRICES OK HOPS.. Kent Pockets (1838) 48s to 00s—Fine ilitto* 60s to 70s. Choice ditto 7<>j to 81s. 1 East Kent. CDs to 70s.—C oice ditto. 80s to 90s. Sussex Pockets.45a to 5l)s—Superfine. 54s to 60s. t SMITHFIKLD MARKET.— MONDAY. PerstoneofStbittosinkthcoUat. Beef.. 3k 4d to 4s Od to 4s 4 Fork.. Is 6 to 5s Od to 5s 6 .Mutton 4s Od to 4u f.d to 4.10 Lamb-.OjOd to 0s Od to 0s Od Veal.. 4s 4d to 4s 8d to 5s Od | Had of Cattle t his day. Beastg 3 CI9 Calves ]4H Sheep 24,640 | Pii;s 6U2 I'RlCgS OF COALS, per Ton. Wailqen(f- Ff"tLO Lambton's anU Stewart's 24s Od to 24s 6d A.dair's 19. Od-liolyweil -s Od-Wylam 20, 6d—Seymour rees —a (hi—-Towuiey's ISs Oil—South Durham — u OJ- T<:c. -s OJ-Burdon -J O,I-Bl.,tii Od. BRITISH AND FOREIGN WOOl.S— Per lb. BBIT.—Hlank«t,9d to lid—Combing, 15,1 to 19d—Flannel 14,1 to 19.1. —FLEECE WooLs-No and S. Down Hoggets, Is Od to Is 7,1—Half bred, Is Gd to Is 7d-Kent. Is 5 1 to Is lid. F(U4.—Germany, Electoral, 3s 9J to 5s Od—Lower qnalilies, Is 10d to 2s 9d—Australian, best, 2a 4d to 2s 9d-Itlferior. Is 4d to Is. 8 i—Van Dieinen's Land, clean, 2s 4d to 211 9j.