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SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. NEWPORT. ARRIVED. The Sisters, Quinton, from Chepstow, with fbnir; the Sylph, Machon, from Jersey, with potatoes and onions; the Pillgwenlly, Lewis, from Jersey, with potatoes and apples; ihe Ganuet, James, from Bridgewater, with potatoes and straw; the Mary Ann, Owens, from Gioucestei, with salt; the Neptune, Sharmon, from Bridgewater, with timber; the Hope, Bnrdge, Bridgewater, with malt nnd flour; the Three Sisters; Dingly, and the Fame, Wills, from Bridgewater, with bricks the St. Pierre, Herbert,from Bridgewater, with wheat; the Berkley, Reynolds, from Gloucester, the Wave Rees, from Swansea, and the Abbess, Harris, from Neath, with metal; the Otter, White, and the Sarah, Hawkins, from Gloucester, with timber; the Ebenczer, Power, from Bristol, with hay; the Merlin, llain, from Bideford, with oats, malt, and apples; the Hazard, Croscombe, from Bideford, with oats and apples; the George, Tamplin, the Bristol Packet, Prewitt, the Bristol Packet, Tivers, the Fanny, Johns, the Mary, Gainey, the Moderator, C'latworthy, the Victory, Rudge, the Tredegar, Johns, the Moderator, Wil. Iiams, and the Turtle, Oxland, from Bristol, the Wandering Shepperd, Miller, from St, Petersburg-h. '0 the lane and Mary, Jackson, the Newport Trader, Jackson, the Minerva, Blinkworth, and the Prudence, Robinson, from Gloucester, and file Glamorgan, Jones, from London, all with sundries; the Hope, Isbel, the St. Austle Packet, Nanscoles, and the Sally, Tadd, from Fowey, the Thomas and Nancy, Yeo, the Caroline, Richards, the Wave, Bird, and the Jane and Margaret, Hoskin, from I'adstow, the Sea Flower, Palmer, and the Lidney J rader, Knight from Gloucester, all with iron ore, SAILED.—The Fanny, Johns, for Bristol, with iron and rags; the Tredegar, Johns, for Bristol, with iron and leather, the Search, Cripsey, for Gains- borough, with iron and tram plates the Charlotte, Williams, for Cork, with iron and charcoal the Moderator, Clatworihy, for Bristol, with iron and fnrnitnre; the George, Tamplin, for Bristol, and the Earl of Devon, Grace, for Newcastle, with iron and tin plates; the Robert, Clampitt, for Cardiff, with flour and tin plates; the Abbess, Harris, for with fire briciis and iron; the William and lhomas, Ley, for Nants, and the Nautias, Mas«on, for Roche- forte with coal the Happy Return, Finch, for Pem- broke, with iron and coal; the ntelina, Oclkley, for Worcester, with coke; the Ballot, Hardie, for Erskine Ferry, with iron and tin plates the Eliza, Beer, for Penzance, the Mary, Gainey, the Surprise, Hart, the Three Sisters, Sanders, [lie lidtiey Trader, Knight, the Hope,Gower, the Bristol Packet, Prewitt, and the Moderator, Williams, for Bristol, the Eunice, Williams, for Runcorn, the Christie and Jane, Wil. liams, for Liverpool, the Sally, Tadd, for Cardiff, the Shamrock, Aird, for Arborth, the Plenty, Gray, for Newcastle, the Levant Star, Hore, for Stockton, the Otter, White, and the Jane and Mary, Jackson, for Gloucester, and the Bristol Packet, Tivers, for Bristol, with iron. NEWPORT FOREIGN SHIPPING LIsT. (From the Mercantile Presentment) ENTERED INWARDS.—The Wandering1 Shepperd, Miller, from St. Petersburgh the Statiru, Moiitgomy, from Rotterdam and the Sylph, Machon, for Jersey. ENTERED OUT.—The Globe, Buital, for Dordt, L'Encharis, Dubost, for Itotieli the Statira, Mont- gomey, for Netv York; the Ellen, Ciiiidtvick, for Constantinople; the Nautias, Masson, for Roche- Corte; aiid tiie %Villiain uiid Ttioina, l,ey, f(,i- Natit, SAILKD.—The William and Thomas, Ley, for Nants; and the Nautias, Masson, for Rochelorte; 1G6 vessels cleared from this port in the week. Liltlchamplon, Oct. 13th.—The Thornton, Turner, with 'iron, for Gainsborough, foundered about 15 miles S. S. W. off Littlehamptor.. The Captain and crew saved, haviug lost everything but what they had on. Arrived at Griefswald, October 5th,-Frau Catha- rina, Zornow; at New York, Sept. 26th, City of York, Hindes: 30th, the Gardener, Jackson. Arrived at Quebec, September, 26(ii.-Robert Mc William, Edwards. The Bensley, M ox ley, with iron for Rouen, has put back with loss of sails and cargo siiifted,-all from Newport. Entered out at Quebec, September, 17th.-v-Ecouo- mist, Indus, and Magnet. Cleared out Quebec, September 17th.—Redwing, Goodeltild,-a',l for Newl)ort. COAL SHIPPED COASTWISE EXCEPT TO IRELAND. Tons. Newport Coal Co. 4295 J. F. Hanson 49-\ W.and 11. Thomas 25') R. Welsh 43., Tredegar Coal Co 712 James Poole, Jun 538 COAL SHIPPED COASTWISE TO IRELAND. Newport Coal Co 3798 .I. F. Hallsoli 108 R.Welsh 118 Tredegar Coal Co 30U John Corner, and Co ]S8 Monmouthshire Iron and Coal Co 14(> NEATH. CLEARED OUTWARDS. The Fonmon Castle, Berriman, for Bristol; the Abbess, Harris, and the Betsey, John, for Newpnrl j the Neptune, Smith, the Brothers, Welch, the Alpha, Buckingham, the Lavinia, Scantlebury, and the Pole Tender, Vivins, for Plymouth the John Noall, Freeman Veal for St. Ives; the Forth, Berry, for Padstow; the Maria Thomas, Philonian, the New Whin, Rumney, the Nevins, Williams, the Friendship, Evans, the Minerva, Gravells, and the Chepstow, Walker, for for Cork the Cornet, Groves, for Waterford the Albion, Dooly, for Dublin; the Joseph and Mary, Harry, for Truro; the Iris, Fox, for Dartmouth; the Richard, Carlile, the Dispatch, Hutchius, the Active, Balmano, the Mary, Parker, the Two Brothers, Wheaton, the Friends, Litton, and the Wil- liam the Fourth, Willcocks, for Exeter; the Brisk, Harding, for Bridgewater; the Flora, Pascoe, for Torquay; the Elizabetl), Pockett, for Gloucester; the Friendship, Fisher, for Bideford, the Salcombe, Sladen, for Salcombe. LLANELLY. ARRIVALS.—The Eleanor Grace, Roberts, from Chester, with bricks; the Dove, Evans, from Swan- sea, with iron and herrings the Industry, Thomas, from Carmarthen, with timber; the New Parliament, Brabyn, and the Leonpra, Da vies, from Waterford, with flour; the Lady of the Lake, Williams, from Southampton, with poles'; the William, Williams, from Swansea, the Amethyst, David-ion, from Cuba, the Brothers, Jenkins, from Hayle, and the Active, Authonv, from Moun', all with copper ore; the Wellington, Davies, from Cork, the Josephine, Methais, the Alexander, Octiban, the Nereide, Harry, and the Two Sisters, Oliver, from Brest, the Peter and Sarah, Wills, from Milford, the Peggy, Rees, from Kidwelly, the Sampson, Morgans, from Cardigan, the Fly, Harwick, from Carmarthen, the Milford, Owens, from Ross, the Maria, Gilbert, from Waterford, the Eliza and Margaret, Reed, from Gloucester, the Endeavour, Gibbs, the George aud Jáne. Griffilh!>, (wind bound) and the Mary, King, from Barnstaple, the St. ilnit. Smith, from Newport, the Commerce, Beuuet, from Penzance, the Eliza- beth, Smison, from Bristol, and the Mary Ann, Burgess, from VVaterford, all in ballad. SAILINGS.—I he Ranker, Hopkins, and the Per. severance, Otham, for Waterford, the Sarah Ann, I Morgans, and the James, Polmear, for St. Ives, the u Ann, Bryant, for Falmouth, the Mary, Hopkins, and the Lord Rolle, Samuel, for Truro, the Torridge, Shipley, and the Providence, Tucker, for Barnsta- ple, the Ruby, Cook, for Constantinople, the Pre fection, Oliver, and the Euphosyre, Summerson, for Loudon, the Sampson, Atorgana. for Cardigan, the Betsey, Morris, and the Flyj Hancock, for Carmar- then, the E'leu, Lloyd, for Tenby, the Josephine, L Methais, the Alexander, Actibaii, and the Bon panr le Fa 111 iHe, Oliver, for Brest, all with coal and the Emily, Thomas, for Bristol, with copper.

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