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ADDITIONAL INTELLIGENCE AN INQUEST was held on Wednesday last, before W. Davies, Esq., coroner, and a respectable jury, on the body of Jacob Davies, who died from injuries he received that morning by a large stone falling upon him, atone of the Penydarran Company's coal levels, where he was at work. The deceased was a pen- sioner of the 53d Regiment of Foot, and served in nearly the whole of the Peninsular Wars, and after- wards in India for several years. Verdict—" Acci- dental death." FATAL AcclDFNT.-On Thursday morning last, a little girl, about 14 years of age, a daughter of W m. Jenkins, of Abercanned, came by her death in the following awful manner. It seems she was working at the Graig Colliery, and when the accident occurred was engaged in pushing a tram to the carriage then about descending to the pit, when, by some mistake, she pushed it into the wrong one, and the tram and she were precipitated to the bottom, and she was instantly killed. We understand an inquest will be held on the body. BAZA\R. —8ir Charles Morgan, Bart., has fixed that the Bazaar under the Patronage of Lady Rodney and Mrs Morgan, of Ruperra, shall take place at the School Rooms on the 2nd, and 3rd of January, 1840, the proceeds to be applied in aid of the building of the Schools at Newport for educating boys, girls, and infants of the poor, in accordance with the system of the National Society. THE CHARTISTS AT BRECON.—A Chartist meeting not very numerously attended, though comprising the whole of the profligate rabble of our halcyon little town, took place on the evening of Monday last. After its having been announced to be holden at the Black Cock Inn, a number of numbskulls, early in the evening, assembled but when the peaceable and pru- dent landlord became up to the drift of such a meeting, he, with the succour of our force, bundled them out neck and crop," when, after having been for an hour in quest for a chamber, they, by a handsome re- muneration, which cleanly swept their pockets, were admitted at, and countenanced by, the landlord of the Bull's Head Inn, notwithstanding the corpse of an unfortunate man was lying in the house at the time, to the amazement of all the humane inhabitants of our moral and decent place. The room was fllllycrowded and at the opening of the meeting the dissatisfied and bibacious rabble, in their filt.hy habiliment, mustered strong; and a doltish hot-headed Irishman (who was more accustomed to hoe or earth murfies than to conduct a meeting) took the chair: when, after what he called the proceedings of opening the meeting were gone through, he, (instead of attempting to explain the principle of the charter as is customary with these fellows) exposed, in the clearest manner, to our view, the subterfuges to which the Chartists had recourse to; and moved, and passed a confused jumble of re- solutions on the course which became them to pursue; and such a mass of absurdity, such a specimen of oratory, together with his imbecile arguments in de- fence of his cause, we never before gave our patient ear to. In the midst of these uncultivated animals we were, when a respectable deputation from an Odd Fellows' Lodge entered the room, when Pat (who we understand is a member) took the hint, and in a very abrupt way, dissolved the meeting; and he will be excluded the institution, for being the instrument of instigating our placid people to evil and discontent. The whole proceeding reflects indelible disgrace upon the Chartists: and there is no probability of them ever making the least progress in our town.

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