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ISMOTTGFTTTE. BRECONSHIRE SESI;tONS.-The conclusion of our report will be found in the fourth page. We regret to say that the small pox is very dreva- lent in Brecon, and its neighbourhood, and that in some cases it has already proved fatal. AN INQUEST was held 011 Monday last at the Bull's Head Inn, Brecon, before Henry Maybcry, Esq., Coroner, on view of the body of Richard Smith, who fell suddenly dead on the preceeding Saturday evening whilst in the act of putting up a shutter on one of the windows of the above Inn. The Jury returned a ver- did of" Died of Apoplexy." The deceased had for several years been employed as a hostler at Brecon, and such was his character in the estimation of those who knew him, that a subscription was entered into to defray the expenses of his funeral. She jury and witnesses also gave the money they were entitled to m aid of the supscription. The deceased had no re- lative residing in or nenr Brecon. W. MORGAN, ESQ., Ackhill House, near Presteign, has sold his wheat to his work-people regularly at 9s. per bushel, and promises to continue the same till next tiir vest.- Worcester Journal. A MEETING will shortly take place at Prestcign for the purpose of forming a committee to raise a fund by subscription, for the desirable object of purchasing a suitable site to erect a market house, for the accommo- dation of those persons bringing produce for sale. Sitt W. W. WYNN, Bart. M.P., will give a grand entertainment at Wvnnstay Park, Wrexham, on the 28th instant, in celebratiou of his natal day. THE LIST of subscriptions for the erection of a new church at Welsbpool, to perpetuate the coming of age of Viscount Clive, already exceeds £2000. It is ex- pected that the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland will honour the fete at Powis Castle with their pre- sence. Ten thousand people, it is said, will be enter- tained at the expense of the inhabitants of Welslipool. CAUTION TO HOP-PICKERS-Two men and two women, named Charles Bryant, James Colbourne, Maria Harden, and Mary Ann Stamps, were lately taken before J. Barneby, Esq., M.P., on a charge of breach of contract. It appeared that the prisoners had agreed to pick bops for a farmer in the neighbour- hood of Bromyard, at sevenpence per day, and certain meals of victuals, but after having worked for a few hours they ran away and refused to return and com- plete their contract; for this offence, they were sen- tenced to two months' imprisonment and hard labour. COLONEL EDWARD WEBB, for many years the Whig representative of Gloucester, and an unsuccess- ful candidate at the last election, died recently at New York, whither be had proceeded a few months ago on a party of pleasure, accompanied by his daughter and two young friends. CONSTABULARY FoncE FOR GLOUCESTERSHIRE.—. The magistrates at quarter sessions have decided on adopting for the whole county of Gloucester the constabulary force; and have recommended to the Secretary of State the appoinment of 200 constables, a chief constable with a salary of £ 300 per annum, superintendents, depending on the population of their districts, at £80, Xlt)O, and X120 per annum, and the common constables from 18s. to 22s. 6d. per week each.- Chettenhaws Examiner. MESSRS AcHAMAt4 and Company, have purchased Clift House and the adjoining grounds, for the pur- pose of forming a dock, in which, we hear, it is their intention immediately to commence the construction of a large iron ship.-Bristol Journal. ON WEDNESDAY morning a portion of the roof of Timmins's coalpit, at the Cockshut's, near Wolver- hampton, fell in while the men were at work, and buried six out of the nine men who were in the pit at the time. The accident occurred about noon, but, owing to the immense quantity of rock and coal that had fallen (as much, we are told, as 400 tons), the last of the sufferers was not extricated until five o'clock. Of the six individuals upon whom this immense mass fell, two men, named Perry and Rigley, were extri- cated alive, though the former is mush hurt. The other four men were quite doad.- Staffordshire Advertiser. GREAT WESTERN STEAM SHIP COMPANY.—A contract to light the premises of this Company with 200 burners has been entered into with the Bristol and Clifton Gas Company. The workman will thus be enabled to procede with the iron vessel which the Company have in preparation, by night as well as by day. Engines intended as reserves for the Great Western are also in course of mail u fact ure.Briftol Journal. DIABOLICAL ATTEMPT.—Previous to the British Queen leaving New York the engineer detected several pieces of iron put into the machinery by some evil- disposed person, which would have caused extensive destruction had the discovery not been made in time. This should be a warning to all engineers to examine their machinery carefully whenever they have been in a position admitting of the possibility of malicious persons having access to their vessels. The officers of the British Queen have not been able to fix sus- picion on any particular party.- Shipping Gazette. NOVEL IMPORTATION.—A vessel just arrived at Aberdeen from Hamburgh, has brought over a ton and a half (30 cwt.) of comb boticy .Edinburg h Advertiser. FAIRS FOR THE ENSUING WEEK. Glamorganshire.-I.antrigset)t, rues(iay 29. IJJonmouthshire. Chepstow, Tuesday 29; Usk Tuesday 29. Radnorshire. -Knigliton, Thursday 3J, Cardiganshire.—Llanarth, Monday 28. Carmarthenshire.—Abergwilly,Monday 28; Breclifa Monday 28; Kidwelly, Tuesday 29. I Pembrokeshire. Lla w had eii, Tuesday 29; Maen clochog, Monday 29. .#1"# FAIRS FOR NOVEMBER S*TOIE CardiffSu'ri""L*7 i9 Wednesdav20; Gorsvnon Cre"ai,It' r- j i 5. urs.vnoMf Saturday 30 Lianirafelach, nesday 20 McrthJr T-vdvil, Monday 18; Wain, Wed- M™^hshire.ny,Tuesday 19; Christ- °iniA U 29; Castletown, Tuesday "26; Magor, r y *5; Monmouth. Friday 22: Newport, Wed- nesday 6. Breconshire.—Brecknock,Monday 18; Crickhowell, Saturday 16; Pontneddfechen, Thursday 14; Talgarth, Saturday 2; Trecastle, Wednesday 13. Radnorshire. -Knighton, Thursday 7. Cardiganshire—Aberystwitb, Monday 11; Lam peter, Saturday 16; Llandvsscll, Monday 11; New Key, Tuesday 12; Talsarn. Tbursday 7. Carmarthcnshire.-Abcrcennen, Friday 22 Car. marthen, Thursday 14, and Friday 15; Llandilo Fawr, luesday 12; Llandovery, Tue-day 26; Llangendeirne, Friday I Llanybyddar, Friday 1, and Thursday 21 Llansawell, Friday 15; Llanedy, Friday 8; New Cas- tle in Emlyn, Friday 22; Three Lords, Tuesday 12. PembrQkcshire.-Carew, s.Iturdav 9; Ca inros, Tues. day 12; Eglwyswrw, Monday 25; Fishguard, Monday 18; Kilgerran, Tuesday 12; Llawhaden, Friday 22- Pembroke, Saturday 30; Templeton, Tuesday 12- Trefine, Friday 22 Wistou, Friday 8. .### LONDON MARKETS. CORN EXCHANGE, MONDAY, OCT. si. The arrival of Wheat is tolerably good from the home counties, and we have also a better supply of Beans, Peas, and other Spring Corn. The Wheat trade is firm at the prices of this day week, for good samples. Barley a slow sale at last week's terms, unless for fine malting. Oats are without variation. Old Beans arc Is. lower, and new 2s. per qr. In White or Hog Peas no particular alteration. Flour and seeds are unaltered in value. WOOL.-The sales of Colonial Wool commenced on Thursday evening; the attendance of buyers was good, and a largo proportion found purchasers, but prices were 2d to 3d per lb. lower than at the last auctions for fine sorts, and I rt. to 2d per lb. lower for all other qualities. Hops.-Our market has been largely supplied since our last with Hops of all descriptions in pockets, for the finer and better descriptions of which the demand has fully kept pace, and prices have shown a tendency to advance. The ordmary and low qualities are as unsaleable as before. "I'I'# NUMBER OF RAILWAY AND TRAMFnnn BILLS PASSED EVERY YEAR FROM 180L (From the Second Report on Railways. Year. No. Year. No. Year. No. 1801 I 1814 1 1827 1802 3 3815 0 1828 1803 1 1816 i lg29 •* 1804 2 18J7 1 1830 6 1805 I 1818 l j831 1806 0 1819 2 ] 832 5 1807 0 1820 1 1833 I 1808 2 1821 2 1834.. 5 1809 3 182-2 0 l835 g 1810 I 1823 0 1836 2Q 1811 4 18*4 2 ]837 J5 1812 4 1825 1 1838 1 1813 3 1826 11 Making in all 141 railway bills passed this cen. tnry. The most prolific year was lsat), iu whicb 2a bills passed,, h.-