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MERTHYR TYDVIL, AND BRECON, Oct. 26, 1839. THE REGISTRATION. We stated last week in general terms that fhe Registration had been eminently in favour of the Conservatives throughout the whole of England. In anticipation of a fuller statement from an authentic souice, we subjoin alistof a few places, with the amount of Conservative gain in each. COUNTIES. Buckinghamshire. 69 Durham (on objections only) 29 Glotio-ester (East). 66 Gloucester (West) 159 Lancaster (Manchester district).. 144 Middlesex ^96 Yorkshire (West Riding) 151 Gain in six counties.1014 BOROUGHS. Ashton under Lyne 32 Devizes 21 Leeds. 264 London. 587 Newport. 2 Northallerton Sedgley Totness Worcester 36 Gain in 9 cities & boroughs..1037 These are merely a selection, till we can pro- cure a more general return. We may add that the gain to Monmouthshire, in Newport alone, is 14: the remainder of the county, we believe, will also exhibit an increase. In Halifax the Con- servative majority is increased to 78. Carmarthen by the way, exhibits a gain to the Radicals of 46. The returns from Glamorganshire we have stated from time to time and we refer to the Hundred of Swansea, as it appears in our columns to-day, with no little satisfaction. To what can we attribute this altered and im- proved state of things ? First and foremost to a more healthy state of feeling in the public mind. The day for change has gone by. The error of admitting Papists to legislate for a Pro- testant Church and a Protestant country, is now becoming pretty generally acknowledged. The conduct of the members of that faith, if faith it may be called, since the passing of the fatal Emancipation Act, has clearly proved the un- changeableness of Popery;—that it can still promise, and still break promisesthat while that Act was to be the signal for the restoration of peace and harmony in Ireland, it has but thrown additional power into the hands of the vassals of Rome, which they have not been slow to turn to her advantage, at the expense of ten- fold discord and strife. Oaths have been shame- fully violated, under the sanction of the Con- fessional a treasonable conspiracy has been fostered by the Popish Priesthood and, step by step, at last we have seen Papists numbered among the Privy Councillors of our Protestant Queen. Englallll, theil, has become alive to hrr greatest danger—POPERY,—at last, and the issue of the proceedings in the Registration Courts are the proof thereof. But there has been an agency at work, in hastening and maturing this cheering sign (f the times. That agency has been CONSER- VATIVE ASSOCIATIONS. Let not, then, partial success satisfy those who have contribu- ted the sinews of war to these valuable institu- tions. On the contrary, while much yet remains to be done, we would most respectfully and earnestly call on our gentry, and tradesmen, not only to continue their subscriptions, but to use their efforts to increase the number of contri- butors. It is no visionary good to which we beckon them. The battle of the constitution has been well fought this year,—fought where Sir ROBERT PEEL long since showed it must be. The gentlemen who have directed the energies of the GLAMORGANSHIRE CONSTITU- TIONAL SOCIETY have nobly done their parts and we now repeat our earnest call on the whole Conservative body, to aid that association both with purse and influence, until Glamorgan- shire, with every other County, be wrested from the tools,—in many instances the dupes, of the Popish Faction. Since the above was written, we have ascer- tained that Tuesday week is fixed upon for a general meeting of the Glamorganshire Consti- tutional Society. The personal presence of Con- servative gentlemen is most important; and after the beneficial effects which we have shewn have followed the exertions of this Society, we are sure we need add nothing more to induce their attendance, and their heartiest co-op era- tion. Let them remember that in this county this Society is one of the chief stays the Conser- vatives have for without it there is no organi- zation; and without organization the very best cause must droop.

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