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REGISTRATION COURT-SWANSEA. The revising courts for the hundreds of Swansea and LIangafelach, commcnced on the 8th of October instant The Radicals in this place were active as usual, and although they charged the Conservative party with having given wholesale objections, yet they had the candour to acktiowledge liaviii, done. so in one parish themselves and it appeared strange, anrl of course was extremely annoying to our party, that all the notices of objections given by the Radicals were duly published by the overseers, while thoso iven by our party, particularly in and about Gower aud Penriee, were not so published and thus many of our objections fell to the ground. Notwithstand- ing the difficulties we had to contend with, we aro happy t,) s:iv tli;tt, at the close of the registration, we had a decided majority upon the last year's registra- tion, and this is admitted on all hands. We subjoin the particulars, but not without calling the attention of our readers to the case of John Ace, which came before Mr Wilson, by which it is seen the same de- scription of votes are cooked up near Penrice as at Margam. The followillg is the case alluded to J "hll Ace was called upon to prove his claim in the parish of Reyuoldstooe, when Mr Williams, of Neath, appeared to support his vote, and was thereupon sworn: i know John Ace. lie has a lease of a cottage, at Reynoldstone, for his own life, at a rent of 7s. per annum. [ have seen the lease; it is from C. R. M. Talbot, Esq. He had it -ibotit two yeii-s igo. Thomas George, examined.—I am the son of Mr Thomas George, who is Mr Talbot's agent at Penrice. I know John Ace; he lives at Reynoldstone. The cottage he has is worth 50s per annum. He has lived in it iiiatiy years. Cross-examined by Mr Coke.—My father receives the rent for Mr Talbot. Ace occupied the cottage as tenant at will before the lease was granted. My father is very old, and I assist him in receiving the rents. I cannot swear that Ace pays the same rent now as previous to the lease. He has lived in it many years; about eight or ten years. I do not know whether lie has ever paid the 7s. rent to my father since the lease has been given. Ace did not build the cottage, nor did he lay out any money upon it. lie occupied .the cottage, and garden adjoining. before the lease was granted as tenant at will. The garden is not included in the lease. I do not know the value of the garden. I think the (ot is wortlt 50s. per annum but cannot say what he pays. Mr Win. Llewellyn, cross-examined.—I drew the lease; it is not on stamp; won't say whether it is printed. Don't know whether Ace built the house. I never had instructions from Ace to prepare the lease. I tiolft the lease executed by Ace. I can't say he instructed me to support his claim to day. I have not seen a counterpart of ihe lease executed by the lessor. Seven shillings rent is reserved by the lease. I hold the lease for both parties. Mr Coke contended, without going into the merits of the case, that as there was no evidence of the ex- ecution of the lease by the lessor, the claimant's name ought to be expunged which was done by Mr Wilson accordingly. Messrs Davis, Thomas, and Coke appeared for the Conservatives and Messrs Collins, Llewellyn, and Walters for the Radicals. At the close of the Court, on Friday, Mr Collins on behalf of himself and the other professional gentlemen engaged in the Registration Courts,thanked Mr Wilson for the very able manner in which hediscbarged his du- ties, and for the courtesy shewn by him to the profes- sional gentlemen. HUNDRED OF SWANSEA. • a a S 73 S § J £ RJ K £ — K • U C C « t & I =| a| Swansea Town. a -5 5 — § sS z> Q ei v r i « H & H Conservative new claims 4 Radical votes expunged 16-20 Radical new claims 5 Conservative, votes expunged by Radicats. 4-9 Deduct Conservative votes struck off which are regis- tered in other places within the Hundred 3 6 Total votes in favour of Con. servatives 20 Total votes in favour of Radi- cals g Majority for Conservatives in the town of Swansea. 14 14 Saint Thomas. Conservative objections sus- tained 3 Radical new claims. 1 Majority for Conservatives 2 Saint Jolin's. Vo new claims. Conservative objections sus. tained 3 No Radical objections Majority for Conservatives 3 Reynolditone. No new claims Conservative objections sus- tained 6 No Radical objections Majority for Conservatives' 6 Orrvich. No new claims. Conservative objections su*- tained 8 No Radical objections. Majority for Conservatives 8 Penmain Lundewy Nicholaston Pennard Knelston, Walterstone and Killebion Lanrhidian Lower Lawthidian Higher No new claims or objections many of the above places Landilo Talybont. Conservative new claims sus- tained 2 Conservative objections sus- tained 1 Radical objections sustained.. 3 Majority Lanmaddock. Conservative new claims sus- tained ) No Radical new claims or objection, Majority for Conservatives ) Swansea Higher. Radical new claims sustained 1 Conservatives made six objec- tions but they were not pub- lished Majority for Radicals I Swansea Lower. Conservative new claims I Radicatditto. 1 Conservatives made fourteen objections which were not published Majority for Conservatives R hastily. Radical new claims 2 Conservative objections not posted on the door of the Church by overseers, as re- quired by the Act. which omission the Revising Bar. rister held to be fata], 29 Radical gains .v. 2 Penrice. No new claims Conservative objections 30. These objections were posted! by the overseers on the- door of theWesleyan cVa^Jel! the church being unxoofedl anrt under repair,, the Re- vising Barrister held this tin be bad. Oyste&nout/it No Radical new claims. Conservative new claims 8 Ditto objections sui^k'iiixrd. 1 'Jadiciil objections sustained,. 91 Majority Cheriiin, No new clamps. The Conservatives made one objection,, but the overseers oid not publish the list on the church door, and, there- fore it could not be entered into Langennith. Conservative objections. sus- tained 6 Radicalnewclaims 1 Majority for Conservatives 5 Porteynon. No new clainiis.-Conservative objections not posted. Louglior liorough. Conservatire new claims sus- tained 3 Conservative objections sus- tained 2: Radical objections sustained 1 Majority for Conservatives 4 Bishopslone. Conservative new claims sus- tained 2 VoRadical claims or objections Majority for Conservatives 2 45 3 3 Total majority in favor of Conservatives 4 iu Swansea Hundred,42



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