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(Blamorgaugirtr^ GLAMORGANSHIRE AND MONMOUTHSHIRE INPIIIMAHY AND DISPENSARY, CARDIFF. Abstract of House Surgeon's Report to the Weekly Board, from October 14th, to October 21st, IS3D inclusive. IN-DOOII PATIBM-S.—Remained by Inst Report 7- Admitled since, I-S. Discharged-Cured and Re- lieved, O. Remaining, S. OUT-DOOR PATIENTS.—Remained by last Report 103; Admitted since, 21 —1:21. -Cure(], ,tudllelicvcd, I-t; L)ied. I-IS. Remaining, 106. Medical Officers for the TVcclc- PI)Ysiciill Dr. Moore,—Consul ling Surgeon, Mr Reeee,—Surguon Mr Davis,—Visitors, Messrs. Llovd and Skyrnie. II. J. PAtNR, House Surgeon. "1'#,#1"'1'" THE MARQUESS OF nLJTI liaS nVHt kindly and liberally presented the Board of Ci uardians of the Cardiff Union with nearly a hundred volumes of books for the use of the inmates of the union work- house. At the last meeting of the Board, a vote of thanks, moved by the Chairman, seconded by C. (I. Williams, Esq., to his Lordship, was carried unani- mously; and entered on the minute book with the other proceedings of the (ity. UNOSTENTATIOUS BENEFICENCE.—A few months ago, it came to the knowledge of the Marquess of Bute that from depression of trade a considerable num- ber of the working classes and small tradesmen of Cardiff were in distress; a list of the persons suffering was promtly and silently obtained by Lord Buto; after which eiory Monday morning duriug the pressure, each of the individuals affected by it received from an unknown quarter an'envelope enclosing a half sove- reign. Such is/the veneration in whicb, the private vir- tues of this nobleman are held, that at the latecelebra- ion at Cardiff, number* of the Mcrthyr Radicals, who had bitterly denounced his Lordship in the frenzy of 1832, attended to'dd him honor. On a gentleman ex- pressing to one of them his surprize at this change, he wasanswered, Lord Bute is so good a man that our party can have no hostillity to him; we admire him as an honor to our coullty." We omitted to insert the name of our excellent Member, L,)).d Adare, among the MagistrAtes who were present at the late Quarter Sessions at Swansea. His Lordship was at his post, where it is but common justice to say, he is always to be found. We have heard with the most sincere pleasure, that the Chancellor of the Diocese is so far recovered from his late ilittegg, that he will be able to attend the Bishop at the Consecration of Glyn Taff Church, Newbridge, on Tuesday next. On Monday last, 150 mellfJof the 94th regiment, embarked in the Persia, at Gravesend, to join iu the Service Companies of their regiment at Madras. This detachment was under the command of Major Lindsay: the other Officers of the detachment are Capt. Corbet Cotton, Lieut. Dore, Ensign Robert Bruce, and Assistant Surgeon Moore.- United Service Gazelle. We see by the University papers, that William John Conybeare, B.A., has been elected a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; and Horace Lewis Knight Bruce, Esq., of Christ Church Collcge, Oxford, li-is been admitted to the degree of Master of Arts in that University- THE FIRST OF NOVEMBER.—Next Friday is the day for the election of Borough Councillors -On the 'ninth of November the Mayor and Aldermen of Boroughs are elected. NEwnaiDGE Ciluitcu.-We have heard that a large meeting of gentlemen connected with the district in which this church is built, are expected to be present on the occasion of its consecration by the Lord Bishop of the Diocese, on Tuesday next; among others, the Hon. Robert H. Clive, M.P., Lord Adare, M.P., &c., &c. The Bishop leaves Hardwick oil the 28th, on a visit to the Rev. J. Montgomery Traherne, at Coed- riglan, near Cardiff, from whence ho will proceed to Newbridge on the following morning. "A LOYAL LIBERAL" has addressed a letter to the Merlin and Cambrian, containing several gratuitous FALSEHOODS about ourselves. One example will suf- fice. lie charges us with omitting the name of an individual who was present at the dinner at Cardiff, on the 9th inst., who is well known for his liberal polities. He says, "It is possible this may account for his exclusion, as well as others, from the list handed to the reporter of the Merthyr Guardian." The answer to this very uncalled for attack is, that we are altogether unacquainted with the person or politics of the individual alluded to. Nolist was handed to our reporter. He noted every individual personally known to him, and whom he corald recognize while sitting at the table; and tie received from several gentlemen who were near him, the names of many others he did not himself know. His desire was to give the names of every person present; even down to that of the ill-bred fellow who kept his hat on while Captain Smyth was speaking. And the only names he was in possession of, which were omitted from our report, were those of about half a dozen Newport gentlemen, kindly furnished by one of their number; the list being accidentally mislaid till it was too late to insert them. As for any political conduct, the solitary in- stance we noticed on that occasion was the hiss of some ruffian at the lower end of the room, when the QUEES DOWAGER'S name was announced. The addi- tional and deafening cheers with which this insolent piece of liberal" blackguardism was met, were quite as much called for on the score of gallantry to an ex- alted female, (not less exalted by character than by birth and station,) as approval of her Protestant con- duct. After this we scarcely need deign a reply to the other falsehoods of the latter. A PUBLICAN FINED FOR DRUNKENNESS AND BLASPHEMY!—On Wednesday last, Evan Llewelyn, a publican of Llandaff, was convicted, on the infor- mation of J. Bruce Pryce, Esq., before the Rev. Richard Prichard and John Homfray, Esq., in the full penalties and costs, under the respective nets, for being drunk and swearing several profane oaths in that place, on the Ifith instant.—It being the second con- viction for drunkenness, he was also bound, with two sureties, for his future good behaviour. [From what we have heard of this man, whose riotous and disgraceful conduct is as well known at Merthyr as at homo, we should think his sureties were in a hazardous position.] IMPORTANT TO SHIPOWNERS.—The following reso- lution has been lately passed at a special meeting of the General Committee for managing the affairs of Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping, viz., "That it will be made a regulation, that every ship, after her return from a voyage beyond the Cape of Good Hope, or Cape Horn, shall, previously to her departure upon another distant voyage, be required to be placed in dry dock, or on the ways, for the exami- nation of her bottom." And notice has been given that the regulation will be adopted and carried into effect forthwith. CARDIFF POLICE—OCT. U. [Present the MAYOR and HENRY MORGAN, ESQ.] George Lewis, George Watson, jun., Edward Wil- liams, and Thomas Maby, in connection with others, not yet in custody, were brought before the bench to answer to a charge of assault on the police. From the evidence of James Jones and others it appeared that he (Jones) was ou.duty near the Cardiff Arms, on the morning of Friday, the 18th of October last, about two o'clock, and that while conveying a prisoner awny whom he had in his charge, the prisoners, headed by George Lewis (who was very conspicuous on the occasion) made a simultaneous attack on him (Jones;) that George Lewis struck the police repeat- edly with a stick, and called on the prisoners and others to attack the police. Lewis then wrested the stuff from the constable Jones, got him down, and com- menced kicking him. After a patient investigation of the whole of the circumstances, the bench after severely reprimanding the prisoners, adjudged that George Lewis and George Watson, be fined in the sum of three pounds each and costs, and that Edward Williams and Thomas Maby, be fined 20s. each and costs. Warrants were granted against the other parties. It was supposed that the reason of the above outrage, was, that J,raei Jones (who is a very active and clever constable) used con- siderable exertions, some time since, to bring to justice and punishment, certain pasties who, a la Waterford, broke anrl did consldcable injury to the town lamps, and committed. nu,merous other follies. r## THE M. N who murdered a police officer named Lawlor, near C"rk, is stated to have escaped it, vessel bound to Swansea, the Sunday morning follow- ing the murder, where he landed, and is supposed to have proceeded to the collieries or iron works, in search of employment. CAUTION TO DRIVERS-As a man named Thomas Williams, was riding at a slow rate up High-street, Swansea, on Saturday last, a market car happened to bedriving down ata tremendous rate, and when nearly opposite Williams, the driver of the car suddenlj pulled one rein, and his horse darted almost across the street, and the shaft of the car coining in violent con- tact with Williams's horse and penetrating the poor animal's skin just over the fore legs, the horse died on the spot, the rider narrowly escaping the same fate whilst the driver of the marketer kept on at the same furious rate, as unconcerned; as if nothing had hap- pened. Tho car is said to he the property of the GwcudractU AutlifacUo Company Carmarthenshire,




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