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OXFORD, OCT. 17. This day the following degress were conferred: — Bachelor in Divinity.-Rev. Thomas Byrth, Mag- dalen Hall. Masters of Arts.-Rev. Marcus Richard South- well, Exeter, Grand Compounder; Horace Lewis Knight-Bruce, Christ Church; Robert Alexander, Christ Church John Robert Cornish, Student of Christ Church; William Charles Fynes Wehher, Student of Christ Church; William Goodenough Penny, Student of Christ Church. Bachelor of Arts.—Jacob Youde William Hinde, Wadham. CAMBRIDGE, OCT. 18. At a congregation on Wednesday last the following degrees were conferred Masters of Arts—W. B. Clements, Trinity; J. Eo Goldinc, Queen's; J- R. Youn, Caius; J. Cad- dell, Corpus Christi. Bachelor of Arts.-E. Over, Catherine Hall. Pro- Proctors. -At the same Congregation the Rev. M. Gibbs, of Caius, and the Rev. J. Pullen, of Corpus Christi, were appointed Pro-Proctors. An Act for apportioning the Spiritual Services of Parishes in which two or more spiritual persons have cure of souls generally throughout the parish. —[19th July, 1839] Recites that there are several benefices, in every of which more than one spiritual person is instituted or otherwise admitted to the cure of souls generally within the same. And that it would conduce to the spiritual good of the inhabitants if the cure of souls were apportioned between or among the said spiritual persons. Enacts, that from and after the passing of act, the Bishop of the diocese in which any such bene- fice having more than one spiritual person instituted or otherwise admitted or licenced to the cure of souls ge- nerally within the same is locally situated, may from time to time direct a decree, with intimation, to issue from the registry of the diocese, calling upon the spiri- tual persons institutedor otherwise admitted to the cure of souls, and upon the churchwardens or chapelwardens and other inhabitants of any such benefice, or any of them, to show cause before the Bishop in person, at a time and place specified in such decree, such time not being within one month from the service of such decree, and such place being within the diocese, why the spiritual duties of such benefice should not be apportioned between or among such spiritul persons in the manner and in the proportions specified in such decree and if at the time and place appointed cause to the contrary be not shown to the satisfaction of the said bishop, he may issue an order in pursuance of and in conformity with such decree, or, if cause be shown, withhold, amend, or vary such order, as to him may seen just and proper; every order to issue under the hand and episcopal seal of the bishop, and on its being issued, to be registered in the registry of the diocese, and every decree and order to be served on every such spiritual person thereby affected, and on one of the churchwardens or chapelwardens of the benefice, by delivering to them a copy thereof, or leaving a copy at the house or legal residence of such spiritual person, churchwardens or chapelwardens, and on the inhabitants of the benefice, by aflixing and leaving affixed a copy thereof on the doors of the several churches or chapels of such benefice; and a copy of such order to be deposited and preserved by the churchwardens of the parish or parishes within such benefice, or one of them, in the parish chest of every such parish, and he shown without fee to any parishioner requiring to see the same, at reasonable times and in case such spiritual person refuses or neglects to comply with such order for the space of one month after such service, or refuses or neglects to perform the spiritual duties of the benefice in the man- ner and proportions by such order directed, the said bishop may proceed against him In the same manner as the bishop is empowered to proceed in the case of a spiritual person by reason of whose negligence the ecclesiastical duties of his benefice are inadequately performed. Provided that parties aggrieved, and who have appeared, may within thirty days from the service of such order, appeal against the same to the archbishop of the province, who is to hear and determine such appeal, and confirm, revoke, or vary such order as to him may seem just and proper; and if he revokes or varies the same, such revocation or variation to be registered in the registry of the diocese, and he served, preserved, shown, and enforced as before directed, with regard to the original order and the archbishop may, if he shall think fit, order the appellant to pay the costs ol such appeal. Provided that in any case in which an appeal shall be interposed by any spiritual person, notice to be forthwith given p by or on behalf of the bishop by whom the order appealed from has been made, to the churchwardens of the parish and to the spiritual persons having the cure of souls in such parish; and all persons interested in such order to be entitled to be heard before the arch- bishop to oppose the revocation or variation sought to be obtained by the original appellant from such order. THE DUKE OF LEINSTBR has contributed the mu- nificent donation of £500. towards the erection of a new church at Athy. ST. PAUL'S, STALYBRIDGE*This neat edifice, which has been recently erected, has just been con- secrated by the Lord Bishop of Chester. CASTLE STREET CHAPEL, Reading, which has been upwards of 40 years in the Countess of Huntingdon's connexion, and recently under the care of Mr Sher- man, has been purchased and consecrated by the Lord Bishop of Salisbury for the service of the Church of England. The appointment ot the minister will be vested in the trustees perpetually.. BATH.—A small Episcopal chapel has been opened in Avon street; by the bounty of a private individual, and other means, a permanent provision of Z150 per annum will be made for the support of a minister. WINDSOR AND ETON CHURCH UNION SOCIETY.— The quarterly meeting of this excellent association was held at Windsor, on the 30th ot September. It 0 appears thet the total of receipts during the year was no less than £ 948 4s. 9d of which X350 was dis- tributed among the different Parent Churches So- cieties, and .t9ó was applied to local purposes. Among the latter we are happy to find the erection of two new churches, the enlargement of a third, and the fitting up of two provincial places of public worship. The QUEEN continues at Windsor. His Highness Prince ALBERT of COnURG remains at the Castle. It is stated that a sum exceeding £ 50,000. was el furnished out of her Majesty's privy purse to pay the debts of her late Royal father. HER MAJESTY'S APPROACHING NUPTIALS. (From the Morning Herald ) We give the following precisely as we received it, last night, from an occasional correspondent:— Windsor, Sunday Evening. N'otwithstanding'the strong assertions which have been made to the contrary, it is not only currently rumoured here, but positively stated in those circles which ought to be well-informed on the subject, that at a Privy Council, which will be held at the Castle to-morrow, parliament will be prorogned to an early day before Christinas, 'then to sit for the dispatch of business,' when the intended alliance of her Majesty with Prince Albert of Saxe Coburg will be officially announced to the legislature. It would be idle to speculate upon the probable time when this event will take place although we may state it is rumoured that it will occur in the month of March or in the early part of April next."






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