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LONDON MARKETS. CORN EXCHANGE, Monday, Oct. 14.—-We are mo- derately supplied with Engl'sh Wheat this morning, fine samples continue to command the prices of this day week, but damp and inferior are a shade cheaper. Barley is Is lower, unless for fine malting. White Peas are 2t. dearer. Oats are a slow sale. Hog Peas and new Beans are in good demand, but old Beans are Is. to 2s. cheaper. In other Grain or Flour no alteration. IVoOr. -We have no alteration to notice in the English Wool Market. Manufacturers buy spai-jilgi N, at previous rates, while Farmers hold firmly. In Foreign Wool there is not much business doing. Some large public sales of Colonial are advertized to commence Oil the 17th inst. HOPS—Since our last the supply of new Pockets has been great. Weald of Kent, and Sussex, with colour, have gone off freely. The better sorts of Kent I lops continue in request, and fully support their currency. Inferior sample* are quite neglected although offered at reduced prlce. SIXPENNY VOYAGES IN run Alit.-If a balloon, capable ot taking up a hundred persons at once, were harnessed to the earth by a rope or chain of a quarter ot a mile long, no doubt can reasonably he entertained that thousands would go np daily. We have con- sulted Air Green on the subject, and have fully con vinced that enterprising ceronaut of the practicability of the thing. By firmly screwing a heavy crane to the top of Primrose Hill, round the barrel of which the required length of rope was twined, a balloon might gradually be let into the air at the rate of speed little exceeding that ofthe pile-driving monkey. This very deliberate ascent would produce a sensation altogether new and delightful.. Primrose Hill would be crammed with persons anxious to have a ride in the atmospheric omnibus, and, large -sums of money would be taken daily, when it once becomes generally known that individuals might be craned into the air five times as high as St. Paul's, and then craned down again, with perfect security, and all for sixp«nce Some people may laugh at this project, and think we are jesting. No such thing. We havelong entertained an opinion that the speculation would be extremely profitable. Indeed, we have every reason to expect that the pro- prietors of Vauxhall will carry it into effect before long, unless some enterprising company-monger shall meanwhilestep in,and make it the basis of future opera- tions for the Stock Exchange.—Polytechnic Journal [This is not so novel a suggestion as the author ap- pears to imagine. We remember some fifteen years since to have seen the unfortunate Sadler practising this very tbing. His balloon was held down by some men with ropea; and parties were allowed to ascend to a certain distance for a trifling fee; until at last one poor man's leg got entangled, and he was drawn «p into the air, to the great danger of life and limb. Alter a couple of hours' sport in this way,the aeronaut cut the ropes, and made a magnificent ascent.— ED. G. & G.] It is understood that the Bank Directors have re- fused to rescind or modify their recent order, by which all bills drawn by or bearing the endorsement of such bairks, whether public or private, as issue their own notes, are excluded from discount by the Bank of England. This is the practice to be ad- hered to in future--Tiynes.