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THE CHURCH. NEW CHURCHES,—Within the Inst few days three new churches have been consecrated, all within two miles of Manchester:—The church of St. John, at Broughton, for which the inhabitants of that place are chiefly Indebted to the benevolence of John Clowes, Esq., of Broughton Hall, was consecrated by his Grace the Bishop of Chester:—a beautiful new church at Cheethain, called St. Luke's:-and at Openshaw, about two miles east of Manchester, the church of St. Barnabas. Each of these churches will contain from 1200 to 1500 persons. The Lord Bishop of Chester has also very recently consecrated anew church at Stalybridge; and another at St Helen's, built at the sole expense (910,000) of Mr P. Greenall. THE FOUNDATION STONE of one of the Bir- mingham ten churches," was laid last week; and another will be comtnenced in a few weeks. THE DEAN and Chapter of Westminster have giveu an allotment of ground and .£300, and the Dean of St. Asaph, £200, towards buildiug the North Hill District Church at Great Malvern.— Worcester Journal. Miss HICKMAN, of Newnham Nell, has given the site for the new church at Daventry, and JE200, towards its erection.- ivorthampton Herald. WINDSOR NEW CHURCH.—Active measures are in progress for the erection of a new church in the lower part of Windsor. The plan is intended to includc accommodation for the regiments who have hitherto been unable to attend Divine Service in any con- secrated place of worship. A book has been opened at the Windsor Bank, to receive the names of sub- scribers; and donations to the amount of- £ 800 have already been announced. The committee of the Church Union Society hate agreed to recommend a grant off 50, to be made from the general fund of the society itt, fariti-eratice of this plan.-Windsor Journal. OPENING OF ST. MICHAEL'S CHURCH, BLACK- BURN.—The ceremony of opening this building for Divine Worship according to the form of the Esfa- blishment, and by a regularly ordained minister, took place last Sunday week. The minister ap- pointed to the superintendence of this church and district is the Rev. Annesley Paul Hughes, and we understand that the Pastoral Aid Society has granted £100 ayear towards his slipend,-Blackbu.rn Stand- ard. CONSECRATION.—On Tuesday week the new church at Bradshaw was consecrated by the Lord Bishop of Ripon. BRINSLEY CtIAVEL.-This elegant structure was consecrated on Tuesday week, by the Bishop of the diocese, as a Chapel-of-ease to the populous parish of Greasley, of which, though remote in distance, Biinsley forms a thickly populated hamlet. The chapel contains sittings for 500 persons, including a very large proportion of free seats; and attached to it is a burial ground, given by the Duke of New. castle. ROTHERHITHE^—In addition to the land on which two new churches and one of the national schools at Rotherhithe have lately been built, which land was presented to the parish by Major.General Sir Wil, liam Gomm, the churchwardens have received within the last few days from Sir William and his lady the gift of a handsome service of communion plate for the use of one of the churches. A COMPLETE SERVICE of plate for the use of the communion has been presented to the Abbey Church, Shrewsbury, by the Rev. Kichard Scott, B.D. It is of au elegant design, and cost Z72. DRATH.—A few days since, the Rev. Doctor Prosser, one of the Prebendories of Durham Cathe- dral, at his meet, Belmont, Herefordshire, in his 94th year. By this event the stall held by him will de- volve on the Rev. Henry Jenkyns, Professor of Greek in the Dnrham University, under the arrange- ments for founding that Institution. Dr. Prosser was a man of immense wealth, which, it is believed, will descend to his great nephew, the son of the tate Rev. Dr. Haggitt, Prebendary of Durham. TESTIMONIAL OF RESPEC?.—The inhabitants of the parish of Brodsworth lately presented to the Rev, C. R. Flint a richly chased and elegant silver tea-pot, on the octasjon of bisdeparture from amongst them to the living of Bilsthorpe, to which he has been lately indneted by the Eacl of Scarborough. The inhabitants of Loversall also, where the rev. gentleman'srmihlstrations have been exercised, pre- sented a richly chased and elegant silver sugar- basin to correøpyd with the tea-pot.-Doneaster Chronicle. AN ELEGANT SILVER INKSTAND has recently been presented to the Rev Colin Campbell, M.A. from his friends at Newport, Salop. The inkstand is from an entirely new design, the, borders, feet, and handles being formed of handsome and massive scrolls; the glass cases are richly cut, alternate dead and bright, ■od in the centre is placed a finely modelled figure of fteligion, holding in her hand a bright silver scroll, upon which is engraved the following imorip,lon :Prescnted, together with a full set of silk robes, to the Rev Colin Campbell,' M.A. by one hundred and rotir of his friends at Newport, Salop, as a token of gratitude, esteem, and regret upon his reiigning the Lectureship of that parish, June, 18S9." THB REV. WILLIAM HOULBHOOK.-—The friends of this gentleman, who, to the sincere regret of his flock, is about to leave the scene of his ministra- tions in Bradford, have presented him with a coffee and tea service of silver, of the value of fifty guineas. It is stated that the Bishop of Chichester will present the living of Cowfold, just become vacant by the death of Mr Constable, to his Lordship's own son, the Rev. Mr Otter.-Brighton Guardian. In the subscription for extending the operations of the British and Foreign School Society, we ob- serve, with much gratification, the name of her Majesty connected with the donation of £100 for the special purpose of aiding tn the formation of a normal schoo', and also with the munificent sub. scription of £ 100 per annum.Sforning Chronicle. THE OXFOftD UNJVERSITY.Michaelmas Term commenced on Thursday, the 10th, when a congre- gation for granting degrees, &c., WB8 held. Several of the colleges meet on the first Saturday after term begins; others a week or more afterwards, accord- ing to their several arrangements. RADICALISM IN THE CHURCH !-The Lord Bishop of Exeter held a visitation at Honiton, a few days since. In that neighbourhood resides the Kev. Mr Head. who has mode himself notorious by his op- position to the espiscopal authority of his Diocesan. After the Bishop's charge, the recreant Incumbent, who eats the Church's bread, and lifts tip his heel against her," created a great sensation in the church by attempllng to "duress the Bishop, and failing to do so he afterwards printed and circulated a violent tirade against his Lordship and his reverend brethren. THE LORD BIBH°P OF I'XETER, within the last two months, b«> held 15 visitations, and 30 con- firmations. THE BISHOP OF NEWFOUNDLAND.—The Right Rev. Dr Aubrey Spencer, the newly created Bishop of Newfoundland, sailed for his diocese on the 1st instant, in the Toronto liue of packet milip, via New York. To those who have the interests of the Church of Iftigland at heart, it will be gratifying to know that in going out to his extensive and important dio- cese, the right rev. prelate has had his hands considerably strengthened by the Societies for the Propagation of tlie Gospel aud for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge in Foreign Parts; audit will interest the public to know that their generous feeling has added the sum of ZSOO per annum towards the revenue of the new bishopric, increased the number of missionaries, providing eloi) for the outfit of each, and raised their stipend from X.150 to X200 per annum. With these auxiliaries, and the aid of the powerful eloquence, high example, and Christian devotion to his duties of the gifted and ex- cellent bishop, we trust it will lIolbe long before the differences which have existed in Newfoundland may be happily reconciled.-Liverpogl Standard. CHURCHWARDENS.—The author of a work called Secession Justified," among a vast number of other charges, endeavours to fasten the sin of Persecution on the English Church and in proof of this, in modern times, alludes to the cases of fild two Dis- senting Churchwardens, who were committed to prison for the non-performance of their duties. The very allusion to thesecases shows that the writer is actuated by a spirit of animosity towards the church. What has the Church of England to do with the business? The men were committed to prison by the Civil Power, not by the Ecclesiastical; and their offence was an offence against the laws of the land. What are the facts of the case? Two Dissenters, conscientious and honest Dissenters seek the office of churchwardens, for it would not nor could it, have been imposed against their inclinations: and they seek it for the purpose of annoying the clergymen and injuring the church. 111 undertaking the office, they solemnly engaged to perform duties which they did not perform, and never meant to perform. Now the law, as a matter of course, enforces performance of the duties of the office; and under thette circum- stances, the clergyman had no alternative but to in- sist on the performance of tbe duties. They refused what they had solemnly engaged, and thereby incurred the penalty inflicted, not by the Church, but br the State,-CI,urch of En.-land. Quarterl Be! view,