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Brttoltt\trt. BRECONSHIRE MICHAELMAS QUARTER SESSIONS. These Sessions were held at Brecon, on Tuesday and Wednesday last. APPEALS—Parish of Llanstephan, Radnorshire, appellants, and Parish of Talachddu, respondents. Mr Church moved that the order of removal be confirmed, Messrs Spencer and James, of Hay, for the parish of Llanstephan, having withdrawn the appeal.-Oi-der confirmed with costs. Parish of Llanddeusant, Carmarthenshire, ap- pellants, and Parish of IAanelly, respondents.—Mr C. Bishop, of Llandovery, called Evan Davies, who proved service of notice on the parish officers of Llanelly, and no person appearing for the parish of Llanelly, the order of removal was quashed. Parish of Llandilo, Carmarthenshire, appellants, and Parish of Llanelly, respondents, on an order for the revaoval of leitice Williams, and two children Mr G. Davies, Crickhowell, moved in this case that the hearing be adjourned, on the ground of the illness of a witness. Mr Church, with Mr J. P. Lewis, of Llandilo, objected that the surgeon's cer. tificate was not on oath; bat on the evidence of one of the overseers of Llanelly. the Court post. poned the case on payment of the costs. Parish of Gellygare, Glamorganshire, appellants, and Parish of Llangunnider, respondents-This was an appeal against an order for the removal of an infant female child found on a danghill in the parish of Gellygare, and taken into the parish of Llangonnider, by a farmer's wife who was induced by a constable of Gedygare to take care of it until some settlement could be made. Mr Church and Mr D- Thomas, of Brecon, objected to the hearing, on the ground that a similar order of removal in this same case had been quashed last sessions; but the court over-ruled the objection as the former order had been quashed on an error in matter of form not matter of substance. Several objections were argued, but the principal fact on which the learned gentlemen took their stand with great skill was, that the second order had been made on the same examination of witnesses as the first order, which had been quashed, and that the very same copies of the examinations had been sent in the second instance to the appellant parish—Mr G. Davies, Crickhowell, and Mr Thomas Bishop, Brecon argued with great ability on the other side: and the court, after some consideration, confirmed the order of removal-Mr Church applied for a case for the Court of Queen's Bench, which was granted. "## COMMITMENTS TO BRECOY COUNTY GAOL.—Oct. 7, George Bass, James Talbot, and James Gooch, to three months bard labour each. State of the Gaol. October 7.-For Trial,—Males 3 Females 2 Under Sentence,-N,l ales 21 Females 2 Debtors 12 Total..40 CRICKHOWELL.—On Sunday morning, the 6th iust. a sermon was preached at the church, by the Rev. John Evans, Vicar, on behalf of the Church Mis- sionary Society, from Acts xxvi, 18; and a collection afterwards made, which amounted to 12. At half- past six o'clock, p. M., on the Monday following, a meeting was also held at the Town Hall, on behalf of the same Institution, at which the Rev. Vicar presided, and at which the following reverend gentlemen were present:—Rev. R. W. P. Davies, Court y gollen; Rev. Daniel Rees; Rev. Henry Peake; Rev. T. Price, (Carnhuanawc); Rev. W. Evans; Rev. Geo. Howell; Rev. Mr Maylor. The meeting was addressed by the Revs. George Howell, H. Peake, T. Price, William Evans, and Daniel Rees, of Aberystruth; which reverend gentleman, in a very impressive and appro- priate address, insisted on the necessity of the diffu- sion of Gospel light and truth, in order to the promo- tion both of the social and spiritual happiness of our fallen race as well as of that holiness, without which it is expressly written, no man shall see the Lord. The collection amounted to £ t. Among the names of gentlemen to whom the Court of Examiners, at Apothecaries' Hall, granted certifi- cates of qualification on the 10th inst., were those of Mr Thomas Watkin Williams, of Ystradvcllty, and Mr David Thomas, of Llandilo. "#1'' FAIRS FOR THE ENSUING WEEK. Glamorganshire.—Llanridian, Monday 21; Wain, Monday 21. Radnorshire.-Now Radnor, Friday 25; Penybont, Saturday 2(5. Cardiganshire.-Cappel Cynnog, Thursday 24. Carmarthenshire.—Llaugadock, Thursday 24 Llan- gynnyeh, Wednesday 23; Llansawel, Wednesday 23. Pernbrokeshire.- Nitrbertli, Saturday 26.

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