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GLAMORGANSHIRE MICHAELMAS QUAR- TER SESSIONS. The Sessions for this county were held at Swansea, oil Tuesday last, before JOHN NICIIOLL, Esq-, M.P., D.C.L Chairman. The Most Noble the Marquess of BUTE. C. R.M. Talbot, Esq. M.P. Colonel \V. Ireland Jones J. H. Vivian Esq M.l'. J. DilHvyn Llewellyn, Esq. Sir John Morris, Bart. John Eq. Rev. John Collins Henry Lucas. Eq. Rev. Samuel Davics Math. Moggridne, lisq. I)iit T. R. Plaice, Ksq. fj LI. Dillwyn, Esq. R Prirchard, Ks,(. F Fredricks, Esq. lit id Thomas, Esq. If J. Gr;,iit, I'. E Thomas, Esq. John Grove, Esq. W. Thomas, Esq. Howell Gwyn, Esq. if-J Trahcrne Hev, John Harding E. Vaughan, Esq. Bichiuo, E-.q. j W. Williams, Esq. After the proclamation against vice, &< had been read by the Clerk of the Peace, the Chairman ad- dressed tbe Grand Jury uearly as lollows:— Gentlemen of the Grand Jury,By the calendar the prisoners are not very numerous, nor the crimes heavy yet 1 beg to cali your attention to one or two cases. The first is that of obtaining money under fabe prdcllces :-lst. Yoq must be satisfied the pretence was false; 2nd, that it Was for the purpose of defraud: 3rd, that the person parted with his money, being imposed upon by that pretence. The next is a case of assault, with intent to commit a rape on a girl nine years old who being so young, the consent of the party does not diminish the guilt ot the offender. You must have proof the child was under ten years of age. In this c-ise you must ilso be satisfied whether or not the capi tal offence was com- mitted, and in this particular if you pay attention to the surgeon's evidence you will find it was ahsotutety impossible the capital offexree could have been com- mitted. The next case is that of stealing a hat. A manask'd a person to whom he was well known, to accompany him, ali(I that if he did not, he would take his hat: he took the bat in the presence of another person. I wish you to consider, whether by this act, felony was intended if the evidence does not warrant such an inference, he should not be stamped with the disgrace of that character. Other remarks were of a more general nature, and were relative to chief constables and county surveyors, who if not attending to duties they are or may be aware of, will be subject to heavy penalties. Pencavreg, Carmarthenshire, appel/ents, and St. Mary's, Cardiff, respondents, against an order of removal of Anne Evans and her children. This case, after some discussion, was left to be settled by the Solicitors. Mr Price, for appellants, and Mr P. Richards, for respondents. The Court then adjourned for the transaction of county business, when the accounts were audited and allowed; and a county rate of three farthings was ordered. During the retirement in the Grand Jury Room, the Marquess of Bute, in addressing the Magistrates, made several very shrewd remarks on an Act n^wly passed for providing Police, &c., in the several coun- ties through England and Wales. Upon the re-assembling of the Court the following prisoners were disposed ot: — Isaac Moss, aged 16, labourer, charged upon the oaths of Llwellyn Miles and others, with feloni- ollsly stealing one cart bridle, and other articles, of the goods and chattels of the said Llwellyn Miles. Verdict-Guilty, Sentenced to three months' imprisonment in Swansea House of Correction; the first and last week to be spent in solitary con- finement. Attorney: Mr E. P. Richards. Mary Millet, wife ot Thomas Millet, charged upon the oath of Charles Pearce, of Cardiff, with having stolen one coat and other articles of the goods and chattels of the said Charles Pearce. lirs Mary Arnett examined—I am the wife of \Yi'liam Arnott,ol Cardiff; we keep a beer-shop in this county I know tbe prisoner at the bar; I recollect her coming to my husband's house in Sep- tember last; I saw her when she came first; she ask'd for my husband; 1 said I could do he same purpose I went with her to ihe other room she took out a coat and ask'd me 5s. for it; she said it beiotig'd to lie man she lived %vith I did not ad. vance her the inonly she had a cloak on her back. William Howell, policeman of Cardiff, produced the coat, cloak, &c., that he had received on 23rd September from Mr Pearce. Nlr,t Arnott rc-c?%,iiy)ined -I'he coat produced by pot iceman was the same as the prisoner offer'd me; I have no doubt on the matter whatever. Mis Amott nointed out some marks on the coat and cloak, whereby sue mem. .Mr Charles Pearce, of Cardiff, exatiined-I live j at the Nag's Head Public House; I will swear to the coat produced; I paid £ 3 for it to Mr Quelch the cloak produced is my wife's; I have the cape to match it; I miss'd them from my house on Saturday the 21st September; I had seen them on the Wednesday previous; I know the prisoner; I saw her at my house oil Friday evening; she was at my ltotise when I discovered my loss; there was a cry out, I made a piece of noise ubollt it; the prisoner observed 16yotilility depend they are gone to Bristol to the pawnshops in consequence of suspicion I entertained, I went to the prisoner's lodgings; Howells and Stockdale went with int, she was called down to me when she came down I said, this is the persou 1 want, and gave her in charge; we went up and found the articles in her room the prisoner was not present when searched the room I gave the whole of the clothes to liovell, the policeman. Margaret Smith, wife of John SlIIith, examined- The prisoner lodged at my house on the morning of (he 21st September last, saw a bundle of clothes tied up; she had been lodging with me three weeks. Verdict-Guiltv. Sentenced to three months' imp, isonment in Swansea House of Correc- tion, the first and last to be in solitary confinement. Attorney: Mr E. P. Kichards. WEDNESDAY. William Quick, charged with having stolen four half crowns, and divers other silver coin of the realm, the property of Thomas Edwards, of New- bridge, in this county. Thomas Edwards examined by Mr Meyrick—the prisoner lodged at my tiotise, which he quitted ten weeks last Monday; oil the morning of that day, between five and six o'clock, after he had quitted, I found the loss of my working cap between nine and ten on the same day, I miss'd 25 shillings from the chest of drawers in the kitchen the butcher came into the house to ask for money for meat; I went to the drawer and found all the money gone I saw the money on the Sunday evening; I went with a constable in search of the prisoner; the constable found on him half a crown; I went into a public house, the constable followed me; the prisoner came to me and said, I a In very sorry for what I have done I wish I had seen you in the morning when I took the money, I would have given it you every halfpenny." This evidence being thought sufficient Mr Mey- rick called no other witness. The prisoner was Touni guilty, and sentenced to one month's hard labour at Cardiff gaol the three first and three last days to be in solitary confine- ment. John Hughes, charged with stealing a Bag, con- taining sundry articles pleaded Guilty. The Chairman in addressing ^li^prisoner, said he had been in 1S32 cotyj^lf^l a similar offence, also lately at LlandilofQIWWf^ Sessions, so that being an old offender he was sentenced to be trans- ported beyond the seas for the term of seven years. William Jones, convicted of larceny, sentenced to one month's hard labour in Swansea House of Correction; the first and last three days to be in solitary confinement. James James, charged with stealing three busltels of Oats, the property of Mr George Bur- rowe of Merthyr, pleaded Guilty: Sentencc-II days hard labour in Swansea house of correction; the lirst and last three days to be in solitary con- finement. Joseph Evans, charged with having stolen a pair of shoes and a telescope, the property of Evan Evans, pleaded Guilty- Sentence—Two calendar months hard labour tn- Cardiff gaol; the first and last three days to be in solitary confinement flenr/jc Irving, charged with having stolen lWO Watches pleaded GuiltyThe Chairman in pro- nouncing the sentence said, "George Irving, you admit you have stolen two watches from the pos- session of your employer, at Bridgend, in this county, I am also sorry (f) remark that you were at the Michaelmas Sessions of confuted of a similar offence; under these circnmstances the court sentence you to be transported beyond the seas for the term ol seven Georcje Beeh-tt. charged with having stolen a shovel, the property of Uliam Grant, of Dowlais, in this County. William Grant examined by Mr. Meyrick-1 work at Dowlais on Uw Mine Patch Beckett did not work on the same patch win, me I remember in the month of Aligtist liist, On Saturday evening, I put my shovel under a tram between 3 and 4 o'clock, about two months ago this is the habit oi workmen to leave their tools; I toi)n(i my missing on Mondqv.-morning, saw it afterwards al the pol iceman's hous"» I knew it by a mark I cot on Saturday evening; it is worth about two shil- lings; Dowlais is in this County. Jane John examined I recollect on the Sunday night about half past e glit o'clock, the prisoner went out of my house; about two o'clock on Mon- day 1 was up stairs, and saw people running from all quarters; 1 asked the prisoner "what is the matter," lie said "nothing mistress," but hiding the shovel he had in his hand and clapt it into the pantry Mr Davies the policeman was sent for, and searched several parts of the house but could not liiid what they were in search of; the people that came in said, it was a goose that the pri. ( souer had stolen presently afterward Mr Davie9 came in again, and found the shovel in the pantry. E. Davies exiiii'ined-I am a constable I liave a shovel in my hand 1 found it at the prisoner's lodgings, in the pantry [the shovel was produced and identified by William Grant, as his pro- perty.] Jane Davies gave the prisoner an excellent cha- racter for peaceable behaviour during the tillle lie lodged at her house. Mr Wood the Gaolor, beingcalled upon,declared he could nnt, from the prisoner's conduct, consider him a hardened offender. The Chairman taking into consideration the good character given the prisoner, also the recommenda- tion of itie I,iry, he was sentenced to only 14 days hard labour in Cardiff gaol the first and last three days to be in solitary confinement. D vid Morytan, charged with having stolen a Tarpaulin, the property of William Jones of Mer- thyr, hay merchant. William Jones examined hyNIr Alcyrick-I trade on the Glamorganshire canal; I have a boat there for carrying bay, straw, I)f)tat(oei,&e, I lately lost a tarpaulin from the middle lock in Merthyr, about the 7th of July last, on Sunday night I saw it about five o'olock in the evening, and found the loss of it on Monday morning I saw part of it in about three weeks and lour days afterwards I saw the smaller part of it by Mr Collin's near to David Morgan's house on the cart trebles I cannot. swear it was David Morgan's treble; I found the other part on David Morgan's garden wall, opposite his house; 1 asked David Morgan where he had my tarpaiilin he said it did not betong to me at first tie said he had it about three months, afterwards he said he had it very near a year ago; when 1 lost my tar- paulin it was whole. Mr Thomas Attwood very closely cross examined this witness, and several things were elicited that gave his evidence a different appearance. John Millward examined-I found the largest piece of tarpaulin on David Morgan's garden wall; the other part I found in his cart; I told him if they were his to tell William Jones where he had them he said he had them above a year ago, but did not say of whom he had them; the next morning he told me he had them from Mr Wil- liams's store house, on the canal, near Merthyr. Cross examined by Mr Attwood-I was sent for by William Jones; he told me that he had lost his tarpaulin on the bank of the canal; he said nothing else he told me he had some darning and other marks whereby he could identify it; before I took charge of it I made him look over it; and he then told me he was positive it was his pro- perty I have known the prisoner 12 or 15 years; he has lived at Merthyr all that period; his general character has been good I never heird otherwise but that he was an honest man; when I took him into custody he came quietly, Richard Powell exatnitted-I have been a boat- man to William Jones; 1 recollect losing a tar- paulin from the middle lock of Merthyr; [this witness was shewn the tarpaulin, and he pointed out a hole in it that he had cut lie was quite sure that it was William Jones's tarpaulin; that tar- paulin having been lost once before, he had taken partioular notice of it.) Cross examined by Mr Atttvood-I had used it about a month before to put about some straw; there are a great number of tarpaulings used oa the canal. Mr Attwood then addressed the Jury very ably and called Mr Thomas Williams, warehouse keeper of Mer- thyr, who said that last Autumn he had given the prisoner a piece of tarpaulin very like the one claiined by the prosecutor; so much like that he thought it was the one he also gave the prisoner a most excellent character for honesty and general good conduct. Mr Richard Davies, of Merthyr, and Mr John Hughes, of Dowlais. spoke very highly of him, as being a very worthy man. The Chairman summed up at great length the Jury retired for a short while and returned a ver- dict of Not Guilty. The Chairman told the Jurymen that on the re- sult the Jury came to, he quite agreed with them. r Tit hi? f'nnlinucn' ##I'# LLANELLY FLOATING* DOCK AND CHANNEL. [We publish the following letter which has coma to our hands, as containing matter of interest to- shipowners.) (Copy of a letter from Captain Forrest, of the Queen, 650 tons register.) To the Litingennech Coed Company. Ship Queen, off the Worm's Head, Sept. 22, J83(). GENTLBMKV,—Having previous to my arrivat at Llanelly heard observations prejudice) to the 'port, with reference to the passage out being unsafe for a laden ship of large size. t think that, as I have taken the Queen tlce largest cargo that was ever shipped there, I am bound in justice to state that my ship, loaded with 731 tons of your coal for Bombay, was- taken down the channel from dock by steam tugs,, not only with perfect safety, but without any ground for apprehending danger, there being a good well- buoyed channel, and plenty of water at top springs; and I should not have the least hesitation in lIail) taking a similar c irgo at Llanelly, either in theQuc^a or any other vessels of equal size. CHRISTOPHER FoRp-ii-r. "#6>.# MER THY R. A BALL will be given at the Castle, on the 31st instant, in compliment, we believe, to Mr and Mrs Purchase, on their retirement from the management of that excellent inn. We are only sorry that the gentlemen did not make up a full list for a dinner, as well, to the worthy host and hostess. CAUTIOV TO THE BENEVOLENT PUBLIC,—List week two men called on the Rev. T. Williams, ami presented a paper which they professed was a certifi- cate iven them by the Rev. Mr, Roes, Incumbent of Aberystrutli, and asked biok if he would sign it. Mr, Williams immediately perceived that it was not in Mr, Rees s handwriting; and its composition would prove- to any one that it was not written by a clergyman. Having detected their imposition, and remonstrated with them for their bad conduct, they were allowed to- depart, promising not to be guilty of a like offence- again. YVo fear, however, there is not much depend- ance to be placed on their promise, and think that the- public should be cautioned against them. The fol- lowing is a verbatim copy of the forged certificate "This is to Cel-I ify that the Bearers liert-ofJoiin,,imit Tlios. Williams Laic Glass and Ciii,in Dealers up to, to Wednesday The 2nd Inst Wiie 011 their usuaU Avocation Selling their goods In Tliis.iglujourbood! Wilcn unfortunately their two Hot -Look ftigilt I*rolfu the Sudden Letting off of One of the' Boilers ;ind Run oft, .t Manner until! Meetmg *ith a v .ioth horses Cart anl Maw 1. were Precipitated to the Bottom and Both Horse* killed and the Whole of their goods gestroyctI- D: REECE Cj& Dated this 4th Day of Octr 1839



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