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IRELAND. THE LORD LIEUTENANT.-The public will be happy to learn that there is already a visible improve- ment in his health. The Hon. Dudley Ryder, his Excellency's third son, was confirmed by the Right Rev. Dr. Sandes in the cathedral of Waterford last week. The Viceroy was present at the ceremony, aud afterwards proceeded to Newpark, on a short visit to the Right Hon. Sir John Newport, Bart. SBIZURES BY A PRIEST FOR BUILDING A CHAPEL. We beg the especial attention of our Protestant readers to the following statement: "We have received the following from Mr B. Smyth, a magistrate of the county of Clare:—'Yes- terday Mr Tamplin, the Roman Catholic curate of this parish (Doora), accompanied by a body guard of 15 or 16 stout young fellows, perambulated the parish, together with a horse and cart, to levy con- tributions for building a new parish chapel, and where he did not get cash, he took blankets, or quilts, or great-coats from the poor, to be retained till re- leased by cash. In one house he entered, instead of taking a pledge, he had to administer the last rites of the church to a dying labourer of mine. Another of my labourers had to sleep last night, and such a night! without a blanket, and without a sod of turf, all the turf of the country being still on the bog, and likely to continue so. This is no secret, as I have reported it to the Government.—Limerick Citron. THE RB-RECISTRATION. The subject of the re-registration is taken up with a zeal and activity by the press, metropolitan and provincial, which promises the best results. To prove how completely the elective franchise was per- verted immediately after the passing of the Reform Bill, a fact is stated in a Tipperary paper, which is deserving of attention. Out of 312 notices served by the Radicals for a district in that county, but two were re-registered. The 310, therefore, who could not prove their right to be registered, must have been wrongfully placed on the list of voters. It the Con- servatives watch the general re-registration in Octo- ber, they must prevent a vast number of fictitious voters from again swamping the real constituency. The apprehension of the poor-law tax, which will be rated according to the swearing as to the value of property at this re-registration, will operate power- fully. In fact, the time for the battle is come, and If the Conservatives show but proper zeal and activity, tta victor; otuat lae. fat UM CQogtilutiosu LORD STANLEY.-His lordship has the cliarie,.er of a good and kind landlord; some years ago he re mitted the rent of several of bis tenants, and gave them money to enable them to go to America. He also endeavours to compensate for his unavoidable absence during the sitting of parlituent by residing in Ireland during a considerable part of the recess. This residence he devotes to the improvement of the country, by attending to the agricultural meeting which lie has established—by promoting, in every practical way, an improved system of agriculture- and by encouraging cleanliness, morality, and good feeling amongst the people. If all absentees were like Lord Stanley, Ireland would soon be restored to prosperity and peace.-Binrt's Miseries and Beauties of Ireland.


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