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MER TllYR. REVISION OF VOTES. COUNTY. We last week exposed the "enormous lying of the Dowlais Radicals,—for to that part of the bo- rough were our remarks particularly intended to ap- ply: we now have to state the issue of their crooked policy. There were two objections made against Conser- vative votes, both of which failed; Mr Meyrick observing, very justly, when the case had closed, that ft more vexatious objection had never been brought before a Revising Barrister's Court. The persons ob- jected to were Mr Walter Jeffreys, residing at Liver Pool, and Mr Morgan Jeffreys, residing at Llitifaii. y bryn, Carmarthenshire; who claimed for freehold houses at The Conservatives made ten objections, in three of which they failed; the proof of service of the notices of objection having broken down in the way we described last week,—in a way, we repeat, most disreputable to the Radicals. The other seven objec- tions were allowed. In one of the latter, David Jones, of Dowlais, claimed as a trustee to a benevolent institution. There was no evidence to shew that he was actually in the.receipt of any portion of the rents of their houses. It was found that he was named as a trustee, along with three others, but the deed was. not yet drawn, and therefore his appointment had not been legally confirmed. The following is the result of the registration for the county, as far as regards the parish of Mcrthyr Tydvil NEW CLAIMS. Conservatives 7 Doubtful 6 Radical. 86 Total 99 OBJECTIONS. By Radicals 2 Failed 2 > By Conservatives 10 Sustained. 7 Failed 3 10 BOROUGH. Yesterday week tho Revising Barristers proceeded to revise the list of borough voters. There were six objections made by the Radicals; in five of which they failed, and one only was sustained. The latter wasf the vote of Mr Ree3 Sevan Rees, an agent in the employ of the Plymouth Iron Company; the ground on which he was struck off the list of voters being that though he in the first instance paid all rates and tares on his house, the rent of which was £ 35 per annum, lie had an agreement with the Messrs. Hill that they should refund the taxes in their settlement with him. The Revising Barristers held that this was not a virtual compliance with the requirements of the Act. Another of the Radical' objections was to the vote of Thomas Seaton Forma. Esq., who claimed for Penydarran House. Mr Gibson proved the vote of that gentleman, to the great annoyance of Mr Perkins, whose commknd of temper throughout the whole pro- ceedings was not particularly notable. Mr Coke in- formed the Court that it was an annual objection, and the Court, as in former years, confirmed tbe validity of the vote. The Conservatives made four objectlous; failing in three, and sustaining one. There were ninteen other objections; all of which, —no one being authorised to defend them. and the par- ties themselves not appearing,- were allowed and the names were struck off the list by the Court. There were five new claims by the Radicals, chiefly on the ground of change of residence, or of erroneous description in the list: the whole were allowed. The Conservatives made two claims: failing in one, and establishing the other. The list for the parish of Vaynor was dispatched in a few minutes- There were some changes in it, all by direction of the Overseer. The Court was tbeu adjourned. CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY. As a proof of the extent to which this town is be- nefited by the operation of this venerable institution, we insert the following statement, kindly furnished us by the Curate, the Rev. Thomas Williams:- The books sold at the reduced prices, from the Merthyr Dep6t of the Christian Knowledge Society. exclusive of the sales at the Dowlais Depôt. from Oct. 8, 1838, to Aug. aI, 1839, less than eleven months, were,- English and Welsh Bibles, Testaments, and Prayer Books 491 English aDd Welsh Cards and Tracts 2835 Total sold 3323 X s. d. These books cost the Society 93 15 2 Deduct the amount for which they were sold 55 5 A Loss to the Society by the sale of the aforesaid books 38 9 5i Subscriptions. 7 12 0 Total actual loss to the Society in Mer- thyr 30 17 5 It is but just to state that out of the above the Church Sunday School was supplied to the value of 19 7s. 41ti. of these books. The public will see by the above that the Society has a solid ground of claim on respectable Church- men, whose means allow of their contributing to so excellent an institution. It has done more for the poor of the parish than any other, its claim therefore for support is the strongest. We have much pleasure in adding that a donation of one pound has been for- warded to the Rev. T. Williams, who has the charge of the depfit, by a zealous Churchmen, since the col- lections were made at the church on Sunday week. We trust it may prove the harbinger of many similar contributions. Donations, however small, are re- ceived for the purposes of the Society but an annual subscription of not less than a guinea is requisite, we believe, to constitute a member of the Parent Society. We shall only add that subscriptions will be thank- fully received by the Rev. Thos. Williams. SPECIMENS OI» ORTHOGRAPIH-, of the most original description, have appeared from time to time in our columns, to the great, edification, no doubt, of our numerous readers. We do not remember, however, that we have produced anything richer than the fol- lowing notice of IppeR), from a Dowlais Surgeon! which was Exhibited before the Commissioners of. Taxes, at their meeting in Merthyr, last week:- Augest 12 39 this his to gev notis to you Mr David Jenkins that I shul epel opon the 18 day of September at the Old Angel Inn mother for unlegcl Tax THOMAS HOWARDS








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