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TO LAND SURVBTTORs. A SURVEYOR of considerable practice in exten- sive Surveys will Contract for one or more Parish Surveys by the Acre a portion of which to be paid as the Survey progresses, and the remaindt r as maybe. agreed on. Letters addressed (post paid) to A. B., Chepstow, Monmouthshire. DOWLAIS. MR THOMAS DAVIES mill :Sell bp aurtion, On MONDAY, 23d SEPTEMBER, 1839, and following Days, ALL THE STOCK IN TRADE, of Mr WM. M LRF.DiTH. Shopkeeper and General Grocer, oppo. site the Vulcan Inn, Dowlais consisting of Teas, Coffees, Tobacco. Butter, Cheese, Peas, Rice, llaUius, Klue, Starch, Soap. Malt, Draperv, Paper, brushes, Mops, Twine, Shovels, Sieves, Umbrellas, Bellows, Hats, Tin Canisters, Leather Aprons, Scales and Weights, Fixtures, &c. &c. And the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. The whole to be sold without the least reserve. Sale to commence at I I o'Clock. MONMOUTHSHIRE. Ita be Jboltr fjp -Auction, By Messrs- PHILLIPS & SON, At the GREYHOUND HOTEL, ABERGWENNY on TUESDAY, the Eighth Day of OCTOBKR, 1839, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to the con- ditions then to be produced, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract. rpHE LOWER PENTRE ESTATE, in tbe Parish of Llanwenarth, One Mile from Aber- gavenny, on the Brecon Road; consisting of a very desirable Family Residence, with Twent Six Acres and a half of Orcharding, Meadow, and Pasture Lands. For particnlars, and to treat for Sale, apply to Messrs Gabb and Secretin, Solicitors, Abergavenny. Letters of application to be post paid. TOWN OF CARDIFF. go lie orn bp auctton, BY M. MARKS, Vt the WAREHOUSE of Mr W. THOMAS, on the WHARF, on WEDNESDAY, the 25th SEPTEM- BER, 1839, ABOUT SIXTY BARRELS of Hamburg Kiln /Tk Dryed FLOUR 4 Pockets of Worcester Hops, 1 Pocket of Kent Hops, and 1 Pocket of Sussex Hops.' A Lot of Ciieese,-a quantity of New and Old Sacks. Lot of Old Rope, Spars, and sundry other articles. Sale to commence at 10 O'C ock in the Forenoon, and the whole will be put up in Small Lots for the con- venience of Purchasers. I. On the 1st of August was Published, in royal 8vo., price 8s. Illustrated with several fac similes of Ancient Welsh and Icelandic MSS THE MABINOGION. NO. 2. Containing— PENEDUR, THE SON OF T.VRAWC; a omancc of Chivalry, with an English Translation and notes, BY LADY CHARLOTTE GeEST. THE ALTAR SERVICE; forthe use of country congii ''Hti')i]S 1 with short prayers, adapted for the communion of tile sick. y the Kev. S. Isaacson, \.M. 32ino. Beautifully bound in embossed cloth, gilt edges, with engraved Title and Frontispiece, Is. 6d. 0 The same, larger type, 18mo. Is. 6d. ELECT PRAYERS, for all sorts and conditions S of men: with devotional exercises, for the friends of the sick and calculated to assist young ministers in their official visitation. By the Rev. S. Isaacson, AM 32ino Beautifully bound in embossed cloth, with en- graved Title, and Portrait of the Archbishop of Canter- bury. Is. 6d. The same, larger type, 18mo. Is. 6d. BIBLE BIOGRAPHY; Histories of the Lives and Conduct of the Principal Characters of the Old and New Testament. By E. Farr, Author of a New Version of the Book of Psalms 4s. 6d. EASY LESSONS ON MONEY MATTERS for the Use of Young People. Is. rrHF, ANGLO-SAXON CHURCH its History, i Revenues, and General Character. By the Hev. Henry Soames, M. A., Author of the Elizabethan Reli- gious History. A New Edition. 10s. 6d. J. E. Dibb, Guardian Office, High Street, Merthyr. EISTEDDFOD GADEIRIOL Y GORDOFIGION, I'w chynnal yn XJerpwll, Mehefin. 1840. Ie HATEFUL IS THE !\IAN WHO LOVES NOT "CAS GWR NI CHARO Y WLAD A I )tACO. His NATIVE COUNTRY." Tri pheth a ddylai Bardd eu cynnal :— "Three things which a Bard ought to Yr laith Gymraeg, y brif Farddon- 1 maintain The Welsh Language, iaeth, a chof am bob daionus a primitive Bardism. and the memorial rhagor. of every thing good and excellent." THE GOBOOVIGZON GRAND EISTEDDFOD, To be held in Liverpool, in June, 1840. PRESIDENT-THE HON. E. MOSTYN LLOYD MOSTYN. AT A SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING of the LIVERPOOL CYMREIGYDDION SOCIETY, held at the BRUNSWICK HOTEL, JUNE 10th, 1839, MR HUGHES, PRESIDENT, IN THE CHAIR; RESOLVFD, That this Society, deeply sensible of the importance of fostering native genius, and cultivating Welsh Literature, as a means of improving and elevating the moral and intellectual character of their fellow-countrymen in this town and neighbourhood, deem it highly desirable that an Eisteddfod, or Congress of Bards and Friends of Welsh Literature, be held in Liverpool, on the 17th, 18th, and 19th of June, 1840. That the most cordial Thanks of this Meeting be presented to the Hon. EDWARD MOSTYN LLOYD MOSTYN. for his kindness and noble patriotism in consenting to act as President on the occasion. That an appeal be made by the Society to the patriotic feelings of the Natives, and generosity of the Friends of the Principality, for Subscriptions in aid of the above Eisteddfod, and that the Secretary be requested to solicit their Subscriptions by Circulars. That the respective Subscribers to the Eisteddfod be assured that the several Essavs, Treatises, Odes, Poems, &c. for which the Prizes may be awarded, together with an Account of the Eisteddfod, will be published by the Society immediatdy after the Grand Meeting takes place. That the Surplus Money, after paying the necessary Expences of the Eisteddfod, be strictly applied to Cambrian Literary purposes, viz. :—the publishine of the choice Works sent to the Eisteddfod-and in aiding the Society for the Publication of Ancient Welsh Manuscripts, &c. That the Patrons of this Society be respectfully solicited, by Circulars from the Secretary, to make exertions in the Cause of the Society, viz :— THE WORSHIPFUL THE MAYOR OF LIVERPOOL. THE RIGHT HONORABLE LORD DTNORBEN. SIR RICHD. BULKELEY WILLIAMS BULKEtEV, BART, SIR WATKIN WILLIAM WYNN, BART., M.P. SIR CHARLES MORGAN, BART., TREDEGAR. SIR J. J. GUEST, BART.. M P. MONS, LE COMTE DE LA VILLE MARQUE, BRITTANY. SIR BENJAMIN HALL, BART. MP- MONS. RIO, OF LLANARTH COURT, MONMOUTHSHIRE SIR EDWARD MOSTYN, BART., M.P., Talacre AND BRITTANY, FRANCE. That the same request be respectfully made to the Vice Patrons of the Society, viz.:— Sir HRNRY BROWNE, Knight, Bronwvlvn, St, Asaph. J Wm. WILLIAMS, Esq., Aberpergwm, Glamorganshire. JOHN HEATON, Esq., Plas Heaton, Denbigh. GEORGE GRIFFITH, Esq., Garn, Mayor of Denbigh. And to the Corresponding Members of the Society, who are also Members of the Committee, viz. Davies, Rev. Walter, M. V, Llanrhaiadr yn Mochnant Evans. IWr. John, (Ieitan ab Gruffydd.) Secretary of the Evans, Rev. D., B.D ( Daniel ndu.) Maesmynach Abergavennv Cymrei^yddion Society T^varis. Urv. J l.lanover Vicarage, Abergavenny Johnes. Arthur jimos, Esq", tiarthmyl, Montgomeryshire .Hughes, Rev. Joseph, ( Cam Tngli,) Meltham Jones, Williano, Esq., Solicitor, Abchurch Lane, London Jones, Rev. J., M.A., ( Tegid,) Christ Church, Oxford Jones, Mr. Wm. Ellis, (Cawrdaj,) Cowbridge Parry, Rev Henry, M. Llanasa, Flintshire Jones, Mr. D., At orney, Stockport ° l'rice, liev. Thomas, (Camhuanawe,) Crickho" el Owen, Aneurin, Esq., Egryn, near Denbigh Probert, Rev. Wm. Walmsley Chapel, near Boiton Owen, Mr. William, Rgrvn Richards, Rev. Richard, Caerwvs Owen,Mr. Humphrey, Rhvddgar, Llangeinwen, Anglesey Rees, Rev. William, (Gwtlym Hiraethog,) Denbigh Parry, John, Rq, (Bardd Alaw,) London ° Williams, Rev. Wm., (Cwilyrn Caledfryn,) Carnarvon Parry, Mr. Edward Chester Bland, Mr Robert, Denbigh Roberts, Mr. Humphrey, Pwllheli. Caernarvon.hire Edwards, Thomas, Esq., (Caervalltcch,) London Williams, Mr. Taliesin, (Ab Iolo,) Merthyr Tydvil That the Names of the Officers and Committee of the Society be inserted in the Report, (with power to add to their number,) five of whom to form a quortim Officers. Thomas Hughes, Upper Parliament Street. President Evan Parry Jonps, Pitt Street, Treasurer John Jones, Merchant, Senior Vice-president The Rev. Evan Evans, (Ieuan (Han Geirionydd,) Bard Robert Evans Jones, Devon Street, Vice-president Richard Roberts, Caernarvon, Harper John Jones, Joiner and Builder, Vice-president Robert Lloyd Morris, ( llhuvoniawc,) Secretary Committee. Davies, David, Lord Street, Woodside, Cheshire I Poole and Jones, Ship Brokers, South Castle Street Hughes John, M.D., Su Anne Street *°i?ert- Wine Merchant, Rumford Street James, The Rev. P., (Dewi o Ddyfed,) Kirkdale Pritchard, John, Book-keeper Meyers, John Frederick, Lower Parliament Street Richards, John, (Iocyn Ddu ) Morris, William, Accountant, Wooaside Roberts, Richard, Duke Street Owen, Thomas, Fox Street Williams, Levi, Sir Thomas's Buildings That the following Gentlemen be added to the Committee, viz. Brown, Owen, Paper Dealer Hughes, Richard, Grey Street, Toxteth Park Davies, Richard. Woodside Jones, William, Joiner and Builder, Upper Duke Street Davips, David, Town Hall Roberts, Joseph, Argyle Street Davies, David, Woollen Draper, Prices Street Williams, Richard, Old Welsh Harp, Virginia Street Fotilkcs, William, St. John's Church Williams, Thomas, Liscard, Cbeshire That the following Medals, Premiums, and Prizes be awarded at the Eisteddfod, for the respective Prize Compo- sitions and Performances on the Subjects proposed for Competition, viz. 1. For the best Ode (in Welsh) on '• Job's Afflictions, newydd oreu, yn ol y dull o ganu yn y Dywysogaeth) Patience, and Restoration, (Awdl ar Gystuddiau, A Medal, value £ 3, and a Premium of £ 2. Amynedd, ac Adferiad Job.—The Chair Medal, value 14. To the best Performer on the Triple Harp, (I'r £ 5, with a Premium of X2].-For the second best on Telynor goreu ar y Delyn Deir-rhes,) a new Triple the same subject, a Medal, vallie £1. Harp, value f20. 2. For the best" History (in Welsli) of the Welsh 15. To the best Female Performer on the Triple Harp, Princes." (Hanes y Tywysogion Cymreig.)—A Medal, (I'r Delynores oreu ar y Delyn Deir-rhes.) the MOSTYN value £ 5. given bv the Senior VICE PRESIDENT, and a GOLD HARP. Premium of £ 30. given by the CYMREIGYDDION 16- To the best Performer on the Triple Harp from SOCIETY. among the general competitors, (I'r Telynor neu y Delyn- 3. Kor the best Ode (in Welsh) on "The disasrtous ores ores ar y Delyn Deir-rhes o fysg yr holl ym^eis- Hurricane with which Liverpool kand other parts of the ddion) a silver Harp, value £ 5. [\o one will be'pre- United Kingdom were visited on the 6th and 7th of vented from competing for this Prize. butthe gainerof the January, 1839, (Awdi ar y Dymhestl ddinystriol a vmwel- Triple and the Mostyn Gold Harp.] odd a Llerpwll a manau ereill o'r Deyrnas, ar y Red a'r ]7 the jjest Singer with the Harp, after the 7fed o lonawr, 1839.)—A Medal, value £ 3. and a manner of North Wales (I'r Datgeiniad goreu gyda'r Premium of X5. For the second best on the same Delyu yn ol trefn Gwynedd.)—A Medal, value £ 3. and subject, a Medal, value £ 3. a Premium of £ 2.—To the second best Singer, a Medal, 4. For the bast <• Historical Acconnt (in Welsh) of value £ 2. IRhaid i'r Datgeiniaid fod o°nodweddiad the Welsh Institutions, and the progress of the Welsh parchus, a'n cantiau yn foesawl os amgen, attelir hwy Language, in Liverpool, and its vicinity." (Hanes y yn y fan ] Sefydliadau Cymreig a chynnyddol y^mad yr Iaith By THE REV- EVAN EVAFJS CHRISTLETON. Gymraeg, yn Llerpwll ai chymmydogaeth.)—A Medal, value £ 3, and a Premium of £ 7.—For the second best '8- For the best Welsh Poetical Composition on on the same subject a Medal, value £ 2. "Youthful Reminiscenses." (Am y Brydestawd oreu 5 For the best Biograpbicil Account (in Welsh, or ar I1nrhyw fesur a ddewl!!o Y C} fanooddyd.d, ar Htraeth English) of the late Rev. Goronwy Owen, the most ar,01 Mab°'aeth, neu Adgofiant Ieuenctid.)-\ Medal, eminent Welsh Bard of his time, (Hanes bywyd y vaiue f3' and a Premium of £ 2. [Na fydded yn diweddar Barch. Goronwy Owen, y Bardd Cymreig ddiodl.j-. enwocaf yn ti oes.) A Medal value £ 3, and a Premium FRIENDS OF THE DECEASED. of £ 5. Obs. His Life in America must be included. 19. For the best Ode (in Welsh) to the Memory of 6. For the best History (in Welsh or English) of the the late Mr. John Owen, Liverpool, an eminent Welsh Welsh Lvdians in America," (Hanes yr lndiaid Cvmreig Bard," (Am yr Awdl oreu 0 Goffadwriaeth am y yn America.)—A Medal, value f3, and a Premium diweddar hyglod Faidd loan Powys) — A Medal, of £ 5. I value X3 7. For the best Welsh and English Essay on the BY W. WILLIAMS, ESQ. A BERPERGWM. Character of the Welsh, as a nation, in the present 20. For the best English "History of Iestyn ab age," (Nodweddiaid y Cvmry, fel ceiiedi, yti yr oes hoii.) Gwrgant, Prince of Morganwg," (Hanes lestvn ab —A Medal, value f5.-For the second best on the same 1 Gwrgant, Tywysotr Moreaiiw.)—A Premium of X5. subject, a Medal, value £ 2. °,dcfai I 8. For the best Welsh Poetical Composition on The BY MRS* T- B* Resources of Liverpool, aud its claims to the name of 21. For the best English E?say'v, ij,'lewmg Modern Tyre," (Am y Bryddestawd oreu, ar unrhyw necessity ana propiiety of appointing Welshmen to the fesur a ddewiso y Cyfansoddydd, «« Ar Dref a Phorth- Bishoprics in Wales," (Tr-iethawd l ddangos yr ladd Llerpwll, a'i hawl o barth cyfoeth a Marsiandiaerh Angenrheidrwydd a'r priodoldeb o bennodi Cymry I r igael ei galw—Tyrus Newydd.")—A Medal, value £ 3, Esgobaethau Cymieig.)—A Premium ot ±o, or a Medal and a Premium ot £ 2. Sylwer.— Na fydded yn ddiodl! °f tbe same value. 9. For the best English Poetical Composition on the by JOHN HUGHES, ESQ., M.D. same suhject. A Gold Medal, value £ 5. sh :n» that there 10. For the best Poem (in Welsh) on the Battle of f'Sh a?uP native Clergy of the Bosworth Field," (Am y Cywydd goreu ar Frwyder Maes a"(1 10 t,heR^ch (Traethawd Bosworth.)—A Medal, value £ 3, and a Premium of t2. off 'I nv Jvs'Vaeth ddigonol —For the second best on the same subject, a Medal) y" danS0S fod >'n Offeiriaid y 3"° » gymmwysder, o barth Dysg a Duwioiueo, l ien*i y 11. For the best Stanza (in Welsh) to the "Goat," Vydd Ksg°^wl-)—A Premium of £ 5, or a Medal of (" Am yr Englyn goreu .'r AfV)-\ Medal, value £ 3. the same value" 12. For the best Set of Variations to the Air called BY THE REV. D. JAMES, KIRKDALE. "Mock Nightingale," (\m yr Amrywiadau goreu i'r 23. For the best Essay (in Welsh) on Civil and Don a elwir'■ Dynwared yr Eos.)—A Medal, value £ 5, religious discord the ruin of the Welsh Nation." and a Premium of J3. ( Traethawd ar EEfeithiau dirywiol Amrafaeliau gwla ol 13. For the best original Welsh Air, adapted to the a chrefyddol ar Genedl y Cymry.—A Medal, value at y Ie of Singing in the Principality (Amy Don Gymraeg £ 3, 3s. That if sufficient merit do not appear in the Compositions sent in for adjudication, the Committee be empowered to withhold the Medals and Premiums. That the Authors of the several Compositions, both Pros? and Poetical, send prefixed to them. Arguments, or Analysis of their Contents, to facilitate the decision on their resoective merits. That all the Compositions be considered the Property of the Society for 7 years from the time of the Eisteddfod. That if any Society or Individual should be disposed to offer any additional Premiums, or any increase upon those already offered, it is respectfully requested that they communicate such intentions to the Secretary. That the Compositions be forwarded free of expense under fictitious signatures, (the real names of the respective authors sealed up) on or before the 1st of May, 1810, addressed to the Secretary. THOMAS HUGHES. Moved by Mr Foulkes, and seconded by Mr R. E. Jones, That the thanks of this Meeting be given to the President for his conduct in the Chair. ROBERT LLOYD MORRIS, Secretary of the Gordovigion Grand Eisteddfod, 70, Tithebarn Street, Liverpool.



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