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SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. 0 CARDIFF. FOREIGN REPOKTED INWARDS. —Tbe Anna Augusta, Bilesinan, and the Waterloo, Blackler, from Jersey, in ballast. » FOREIGN ENTERED OlTWARDS. The Anna, ug-u.ta, Buesman, for Breman, and the Warsaw, ™!yn, for Philadelphia. FOREION CLEARED OUT. — The Orielton, Williams, for Dorflt, the Azoreo Packet, Gibson, for Oporto, the Adalina, Bradfield, for Viana, and Verona, Bo-ardiis, for philadeiphia, wito iron. COASTERS INWARDS. — The ÀmItY, Lamb, the Brtc, Walters, and the Pride, Rogers, from Bristol, the Fly, Guy, and the Gratitude, Lloyd, from XSIoncester, the Royal Forester, F.ney, Ihe Venus, Owens, the John George, Gulliford. and the Kitty, (Dyer, from Bridwewaier, the Robert, Clampltt, ønd theCw-diff Packet, Evaour fromi N&Wpqrt, the .Liverpool Psaketi Westlake, ifom Wittobel, the Anrt, Care, frotn, and the Cornnbia, Hartnell, from Waterford, with sundries; the Hero, Loverin», from-Neath, with iron; the Camilla, Lewis, from Porlock, vkitli oysters; the Williamlind Ann, Noal. and the May, Moi-,gaN, from Bridgewatc-r, with Bricks, with bi-iek-o; the William, Pearu, from Lydney, with stones; the Triton, Willcocks, from Plymouth, with flour; the Lark, Mftgo, from Bristol, witli app'es; the Endeavour, Field, from Bridyewater, and the William, Thomas, from Bristol, with timber; the King David, Bailey, from Bristol, with powder; 20 vessels in ballast, and 8 with iron ore. COASTERS OUTWARDS.The Avt!o, Decent, for Newcastle, the Perseverance, Surridge, the Robert Sterrct, Blair, and the Star of Brunswick, for Liver- pooijibe Varre, Btttteri for Leith, the Amity, \icholl?, for Hartlepool, the Ellen, Rowlands, for Chepstow, and the Favourite, Davies, for Strangford, witb iron; the Messenger, Fall, for Waterford, the Three Sisters, Saunders, and the Castle, Jones, for Bristol, aDd The Robert, Clampitt, for Newport, with sun- dries 15 with coals and 2 in ballast. NEWPORT. 1; 1. 1 ARRIVED.—The Fame, Tullock, from youghal, with butter; the Blessing:, Duddrige, and the Una. nimity, Mitchell, from Bridgewater, with flour and bricks; the Friendship, Wesllake, and the William, Sharman, from Bridgewater, with flour; the Industry, Merit, the Industry, Davis, the Providence, Patter- Hon, the Neptune, Sharman, the Charlotte, Cary and the Thomas and Francis, Evans, from Bridgewater, with bricks; the Bee, Rfiy-fier, from Chepstow with wheat; the Sapphine, Roberts, from Portmadoc, wilh slate"; HIC Ril David, Bailey, from tlristol, with powder; the Sampson, Bryant, the St. Pierre, Her- bert, and the Prudence, Davidge, from Bridgewater, the Elizabeth, Prewitt, and the Friends,D^yie? from Bristol, with hay; the Rival, Ceok. and the Sarah, White, from Gloucester, with timber; The Robert Lawe, Snttoti, from Cork, with feathers; the Merlin, Ham, from, Bideford, with eows; the Sarab and Nancy, Hughs, from Cork, with sheep and cows; the Sally, Thomas, from Neath, with coal; the Adelaide, Baddock, from London, with wheat aud oats; the Tredegar, Morris, from Gloucester, with oats, wheat, and flour; the Truro, Carter, from Truio, with tin and rope; the Perfect, Edwards, from Youghal, with sheep and cows; the Julia, West, from Chepstow, with cinders; the Gratitude, Knight, from Bristol, with freestone; the Riviere, Rosewall, from Swansea, with copper; the William. Coltitio, from Bristol, and the Brothers, Quiaton, from Chep- stow, with inall the Bristol Packet, Payrre, from Penzauce, with tin; the Gkiui),et, Jawq, from Bridge- water, with potatoes and hay the Bristol Packet, Prewitt, the BriMol Packet, Tivers, the Moderator, Clatworthy, the George, Tampliu, the Fanuy, Johns, the Mary, Gaiuey, the Tredegar, Johns, and the Moderator, Williams, from Bristol, the Robert, Clampitt, from Cardiff, and the Cardiff Packet, Evans, from London, all with sundries; the Catherine Davis, the Bellona, Watkins, and the Lioness, Bey- tion, from liarrow, the Swift, Nicholls, and the Charlotte Ann, Pearse, from Fowey, and the Lark Smith, from Dartmouth, all with iron ore. SAILED,-The Catherine, Davis, for Irvin, Willi iron and coal; the Swansea Packet, Tasker, for Cardiff, with iron and chains; the Britannia, Olt- manns, for Dordt, with metal; the Haabel, Thnklcer for Hamburgh, the Mary, Gainey, for Bristol, with iron and tiji, plates; the Thomas, Skinner, for Water- ford, with bark the Moderator, Williams, for Bristol, wilh iron and bones; the Fanny, Johns^ for Bristol' with iron, rags, and bones; the Caesar, Le Bruna' for Jersey, with coal; the Robert, Clampitt for Cardiff, and the Turtle Dove, Williams, for Liver- pool, with tin plates the Brunswick, Hatiiford for Loudon, with iron and uaptha; the Ann, Robots, for Drogheda, with bark aud irou the Ann; Jones, for Liverpool, with iron and dye.s ware; the John) Biampted, to. Topsham, with cider; the Blessiog, Duddndge for Br.dgevvatcr, with iron and lath! wood; the Fame, Tullock for Youghal with empty casks the Bristol Packet Tivers, for Bristol, with ironaud glue; the George, Taroplin, for Bristol, ^th t|n platc9f sugar lead, and tar; the William, 11 Williams, fool Chepstow, with timber and deals; the Hope, Tasker, for Cardiff, with oats; the Amazon, Long, (or Bristol, with iron and castiugs; the Victory, Riiotre, for Bristol, with irou and chains; the Fame, Nicholls, for Porthcawl, with castiugs; the Pekin, Ollivand, for Brest, the Carnsew, Cundy, for llayle, the Zephyr, Dolton, and the Pensher, Forbes, for Newcastle, the Bristol Packet, Prewitt, the Mode- rator, Clatworthy, the Defiance, Hunt, and the Etnma, Stephens, for Bristol, the Hexham, Clarke, for Lon- don, the Brothers, Hall, for Gloucester,, the Con- cordia, Read, for Waterford, the Vesta, Breckwoldt aud the Violet, Smalldridge, for Rotterdam, the Lark, Smith, and the ThorntoH, Turner, for Gains- borough the Bellona, Waikins, and the Cleveland, James, for Liverpool, the Mark Breeds, Mace, for Southampton, the Elizabeth Jane, Handerson, for Alton a, the Friends, David, for Cardiff, the Jospph and Fanny, Lobbett, for Rhenfrew, the Thomas and Francis, Evans, for Dundalk and the Mary, Walker for Bowling Bay, all with iron. NEWPORT FORBIGN SHIPPING LIST. (From, the Mercantile Presentment.) ENTERED OUT.—The Elizabeth Jall, Hander- son, the Haebel, Thakker, and the llambro. Wood, for Altona; the Viotel, Sinalldridgei the Britannia, Oltmanns, and the Vesta, Breckwoldt, for Rotter. dam the Marchioness of Bate, Joblin, for Leghorn the Pekin, OHivand, for Brest; the Cesar, Le Brunn, for Jersey; the Sarah, Webber, for Charaute; and the James Gibson, Stewart, for Naples, SAILED.—The Vesta, Breckwoldt, and the Violet, Smalldridge, for Rotterdam; the Britannia, Oltmanns, for Dordt; the Haabel, Thakker, and the Elizabeth Jane, Handerson, for Altona; the Pekin, OHivand, for Brest; and the Cffisar^ Le Brunn, .for Jersey 203 vessels cleared from this port in the week. Quebec, 10th August. Arrived, the Queen Vic- toria, Hutchinson, from Newport. Texel, 9th September.—Arrived, the Josephine, from Newport. Spoken with 25th August, in lat. 36, 46, long. 8, 3, west, the Sultao, Barron, for Barceloua. COAL SHIPPED COASTWISE EXCEPT TO IRELAND. Tons. Newport Coal Co 4224 J. F. Hanson 294 W. and R. Thoinas 218 tt' Weish 513 Ann Rees, and Co. 114 Tredegar Coal Co 774 James Poole, Jun Monmouthshire Iron and Coal Co. 3JQ COAL SHIPPED COASTWISE To IRELAND. Newport Coal Co 400^ J. F. Hanson £ £ R. Welsh Til Ann Rees and Co. 170 Tredegar Coal Co ^5 John Corner, and Co 68 NEATH. CLEARED OUT.-The Industry, Triplett, the Fanners, Smardon, and the Elizabeth, Fearti for Plymouth the Meeter, Lane, for Southampton j the Brisk, Harding, and the Fidelity, Ro," £ for St Ives the William and Ann, Care, for Penzauce- the Active, Balmano, and the Eliza, Symonq for the Active, Balmano, and the Eliza, Sym0ns for Exeter i tho DUijeuce, H«ghest for Couway { the St. Patrick, Griffiths, for Cemaes; the Hannah, J' nes, and the Lively, Jones, for Aberyron: the Mary, Davie", the Good Hope, Davies, the Hope, Kees, and the Rachael, Evans, for Newquay: the Active, Russell, for Salcombe; the Fly. Dyer, and 'he Lavinia, Scantlebury, for Fowey; the Betsey, John-, for Newport; the Adventure, Falfrey, and the Speedwell, Adams, for Dartmouth; the Jane, Smith, foe Bridg-water; the Jane and Catherine, Jones, and the Providence, Hughes, f,)r Carnarvon the Charming Molly, Watkins, and the Albino, Newell, for Aberystwith and the Ann, Jardine, for S'i»o. SWANSEA. ARRIVEr).-Sept. 12, the Flower, Tippet, and the Catherine, Salt, from Fowey, the Alpha, Buckingham, the Phoenix, Taylor, and the Villars, Dalton, from Plymouth, the Charles, Teddy, and the Maria, Stephens from Falmouth, the Maria, Rowe. the EIi- zabeth, Gudg-e,, the Nancy, Andrews, aod the John Stroud, Stephens, from Uayie, the Five Sisters, Williams, and the Vine, Griffiths, from Liverpool^ and the St. Austle, Dunk, from Portreath, with copper ore the Eleanor, Jones, and the Nell, Rees, from New quay, -the -Waiermouth, Cudlip, and the Edward, Copy, from llfracombe,r the Appollo, Tozer, from Dartmouth, the Essay, Bold, the John and Mary, Ciidland, and the Norfolk, .Cook, from Gloucester, tbe Eliza, Thomas, from Rouen, the Providence, Watts, and the Hero, Wickham. from Rye, the Shamrock Rocher.fram Ross, the Rose, Butler, from Waterford, the Dart, Stokes, from Bideford, and the Richard, Leighton, from Jersey, in ballast; the Bristol, Jones, and, time Palmerstoa, Bailey, from Bristol, and the Mosquito, 8harpum, from Dublin, with sundries; the Frisk, Lamiilg, from Jersey, with potatoes; the Mary Ann, Elliot, from Falmouth, with powder; -the Reward, Fitin, from Youghal, with sheep; The Caerlaon, Bryant, from Bridge- water, with briekiv,-Sept. 14, the Mountaineer, Edwartls, from Liverpool, and the John and Eliza- helli, Paddon. from Barnstable, with sundries; and the Union, Bengelly, from Bade, in ballast.Sept. 15, the Mary Ann, Carter, from Truro, with copper or,-i. the Hope, Isebell, from Fowey, the Union, Arnold, from-Carmarthen, the 41ph; Mat lion,- from Gloucester, and the Eliza, Griffiths, from Newry, in ballast; and the Tredegar, Crockford, from Mine- head, with sundries.-Septe(nber 16, the. Elizabeth, Pritchard, from Amlwcb, the Erin, Byrne, from Wicklow, the Loudon, Lott, and the Jane and Sarah, Grenfell, from Liverpool, the John and Harry, Ed- wards, and the Fame, Thomas, from Hayle, and the Betsey, Sherrits, from Penzauce, with copper ore; the Susan. James, (rain Fliti t, with black jack; the Henry, Llewellyn, the Friends, Morgans, and the Pascoe, Mitchell, from Chester, with bricks; the Hopewell, Owens, and the Squirrel, Lewis, from Cardigan, with bricks; the Providence, Williams, from Cardiff, with iroa; the William, Peni-ce, from rortmadock, with »lates; and the David Walter, Forand, frotn Waterford, with cattle.-Sept. 17, the Primrose, Hawkins, and the Brothers, Hix, from St. Agnes, and the Pwellely Packet, Lewis, from Bar- mouth, with copper ore.—Sept. 18, the Singleton, Lewis, from Rouen, in ballast. LLA NELLY. ARRIVED. -Tlie Magnes, Perkinfilon; the Margaret, Hughes, and the Maria, Griffith*, from Swansea, the Twins, Cooper, the Kate, Howells, the William and Thomas, Leay, and the Fame, Grasfield, from St. Ives, the James, Pulmear, and the Redruth, Ninnis, from Peneance, the George, Thomas, (torn Plymouth, the Symmetry, Jail, the James, Sacaueli and the Nimble, Stride, from Truro, aU with-cupper ore the Mary, Evans, and the William Amelia Smith, from Neath, with clay the Providence, Ade, from Bridge- ■vater, the Nancy, Nicholas, from P«d»tow, the Thomas Wood, Leay, from Gloucester, the Adahlina, Davison, from Carmarthen, the Isabella, Lewry, the Scio, Lonadoson, and the City Rochester, Gran- ger, from Bristol, the Harvest, Waugh, the Cathe- rine Wilehmine, Ruger, and the Gloucester Packet, Thomas, from Swansea, the Resolulion, Evans, from Aberayron, and the Torridge, Shipley, from Bam- staple, all in ballast. SAILED.—The Emily, Thomas, for Bristol, with copper; the Comet, Hillman, the John and Sally, Llewellyn, and the George and Jane, Griffiths, for Waterford, the Marques of Anglesea, Thomas, for Amlwch, the Agnes, Richards, the Maria, Peake, the Sarah Ann, Morgans, the New Parliament, Brabyn, and the Ranger, Hopkins, foi the Nepean, Tamsett, for Bridport, Inderunity, Taylor, and the Henry, Raudell, for London, all wilh coal, FOREIGN ENTERED INWARDS The Caroline, Douphine, the Deux Seuris, Tron, and the Cupidon, Kerry, from Brest, in ballast. FOREIGN SAILED.-The Herebele, Chudley, for Constantinople, the Lord of the Isles, Jude, for Malaga, the Josephine, Mathews, Le Charles, Floch, the St. Peire, Kernon, the St. Muhober, Falbo, and I he Auaiceirs, Orange, for Brest, with coal.