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GLAMORGANSHIRE. Zo be Soltr btJ Auction, BY M. T. GLOVER, (By directions of the 1 rustees of the Will of John Jeffreys, Esq., deceased.) At the MACK WO TH ARMS INV, in the town of SWANSEA on MONDA Y, the 30th day of SKPTEM. HER, 1839, at twelve o'clock at noon, subject to con. ditions of sale which will be then and there produced, A VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY, called THE FYNONE ESTATE, And consisting ofin excellent Dwelling-house, and about Eighty Acres of Meadow and Garden Land, all within q ring-fence, and rontigtions to the town of S><ansea. The Land is admirahty adapted, and at present required for Building purposes; and there is a well known and workable Vein of Bituminous Coal under to property. Also several FKREHOLD, COPYHOLD, AND 'LEASEHOLD HOUSES an,1 LANDS, situate in the town of Swansea, anil tbe pa-ishes of Oystermouth and Bishopston, in the county of Glamorgan. Printed Particulars, with a Map of the pri,icipal Es'ate, and Conditions of the Sale, may be had a fort- night before the time of s-,tlc, of the Auctioneer, or at the OfTi cts of Mr J. Gwyn Jeffreys. Solicitor, Swansea. I VALE OF GLAMORGAN. Ko be SoU. Ill' auction. (By Order of the Trusfeefor Sale) At the BRAn INN, in the Town of COWBRTOGE on TUESDAY, the 15th day of OCTOBEB. 1839 between the hours of two and four in the Afternoon (subject to such conditions of sale as shall be then produced), A LL that undivided Moirty of an<l in a cort.-iin A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, or ?WELLING- FID US KP with suitable Out-huildings, caU^^ and of and in a certain Freehold Tenement oi arm adjoining the" House, comprising, by a'rccen sureinent, 122A. 3K. 13P.. (be the same wore or les ) situate in the parish of f.anlilid, in !tltn nll^H And also of and in a certain Ltwsehold >s Kit YD LETHIN and FARM WEN, containing bv admea- surement, A. 2R. 2Hr., (be the same more or less) The Freehold Estate is well wooded—the Lands ■of a £ ood qnalrty, coutainine a doc proportion o and Pasture—Coals near and very chcap. 1'^ celebratfid parks of Fox-hounds and I|inrs -}. 1 nei<hbouihood, and excellent c,)cL,boot'n' -'I'lic pre mises are about 6 miles from the:J c bri,ige. both and about 5 miles from the lownot »I.b nri-mi KT,«-ffrkCr,SMtl",0USh f'aCi' °,f WhiCd rSwansea and ami Mil ford Mail passes da. ly. on a|ternate Gtouccster Coach, with a branch to l>nsl » For a view of the Premises apply at for further particulars to E. be free of twit Major, near Cowbridge. Letters postage. C ARM ART IIENSHI RE- SALE OF VALUABLE & PURE BRED Hereford Cows, Bulls, Young Stock, Sheep, &c. AT MYRDY, NEAR TALIARIS, Within Four Miles of blandilo. MR GEORGE GOODE TAKES leave respeetfnlly «o inform the Gentle- men Farmers and Breeders, that he has received instructions to offer for unreserved ale, and that he will SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above place, on FRIDAY the 27th day of SEPTEM BER. the under-mentioned valuable and well bred Live Stock, Horses, Sheep, &c.,the property of Henry Lucas, Ksq., who is civint; up farming; consisting of sixteen pure bred Hereford Cows, some with Calves; one ex- ceedingly handsome and well bred Hull four Bull Calves four three years old Oxen; six two years old Steers three verV handsome two years old Heifers, in Calf; eidht yearly Steers and Ht iters, and eleven Calves, aTl very handsome, and of the most pure blood 1'20 Sheep of the Leicester and other breeds also nine Rams of the pure bred Leicester breed, selected from the Flocks of first rate Breeders; a superb l?ay Mare, 16 hands high, 8 years old, bv Idris, dam by Grog, stcadv in single and doable harness, a good hunter, and carrirs a lady. An exceedingly well bred Brood Mare, stinted to the Tutor, with a fine Colt foal at her foot, by Ulick. Several well bred Colts and r ilhes, from one to four years old, by Cognovit and Gambler, out of very superior mares; five capital Working Horses, and 12 Pigs, together with the Implements of Husbandry, Dairy Utensils, Machinery, &c. &c. Gentlemen desirous of improving the breed of their Cattle. will find at this Sale an opportunity which will realize their most sanguine expectations; the Cows, at a very great expense, having been selected from the breeds of old Tullev, Mrs Price, of Hoyal; ltidgewav, ),Tonkhouse; Sir John Cottcrel, Lord Talbot, Sir Hungerford Hoskin and others, who are considered the first Breeders of Hereford Stock in England. The opportunity is such as will, it is hoped, be fully appre: ciated. The Sale to commence at 11 o'clock. Long Credit will be given on approved Security. Croft Cottage, near Carmarthen, Aug. 30, 1839. GLAMORGANSHIRE, 1\T0T1CE TS HEREBY GIVEN, that ihe L* Next GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS of the PEACE for the said County will be hnlden On TUESDAY, the FIFTEENTH DAY of OCTOBER next, Atthe Town I-fall, in the Town of SWANSEA in the said County, on which day the Magistrates will meet and proicedto Court at Eleven of the dock in the Forenoon. The Grand Jury will thenbe sworn, at which time all Prosecutors and Witnesses are directed to attend and prefer their Bills of Indictment. All Appeals and lraverses must be entered with the Clerk of the Peace before eleven o'clock of such day. All Bills and Demands relating to the Pub- lie Expenditure of the County must be delivered into the office of the Clerk of the Pence fourteen days before the Sessions, or they will not be audited and settledatsuch Sessions. All Persons who have any Traverse or A ppelll to bring before the Sessions, are to be prcpll red to proceed on the same on Tuesday morning's Court: ex- cept in cases rela;ing to "Bastardy, which will not be heard until Wednesday morning's Court. All costs given or allowed by the Court, must be taxed at the same Sessions, or they will not be afterwards allowed. The several acting Magistrates within the said County are re- quested to return all Depositions, relating to Felonies and misdemedno-fs to be prosecuted at the same Sessions, into the office of the Clerk of the Peace at Cardiff, on or before Friday, the 11th Day of October next. Cardiff, September 14<A, WOOD, „ 1839. Clerk of Peace. BRECONSHIRE, TXT OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the -L ▼ Next GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS of the Peace for this Countjf > will be holdcn On TUESDAY, the 13th day of OCTOBER next, at the Shire-hall, in the town of Brecon on which day the Magistrates will meet and proceed to Court at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. The Grand Jury will then be sworn; at which time all Prosecutors ami Witnesses are directed to attend and prefer their Bills of Indictment -and all Appeals and Traverses intended to be P^mted at the same Sessions, must be entered with the Clerk of he Peace, same Sessions, inuse be entered before the sitting of the Court. AND, NOTICE IS HEREBY ALSO GIVEN, That all persons having claims upon the Coun (t/. in ",espet of work done and articles furmshed for the s f ,r. J Gaol, must attend with their accounts before te isi iiig Magistrates, at the Gaol, on Tuesday. the lughth day of October next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon; an persons having other claims upon the Conn y, a with their accounts before the M(ig^ra^es' a „ en f°!in Hall, Brecon, on Monday, the Fourteenth of c o er next,at eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, when such several accounts will be audited, A And further, that the business relating to the Assess- ment Application and Management of the County Stock or Kate will commence at two o'clock in the afternoon of e said Fifteenth day of October next. AND NOTICE IS HEREBY LASTLY GIVEN, That all Costs of Prosecutions to be allowed by the County be tared at the same Sessions, previous to or during theV sfi"U be incurred, or they will not afterwards e allowed.—Dated the 20th day of September, 1839. POWELL, Clerk of the Peace. THE Cheapest & Best Sporting Magazine IS THE SPORTSMAN, PRICE ONE SHILLING AND SIXPENCE ONLY. IT is Published Monthly, BEAUTIFULLY EM- BELLISHED with TYVO Exquisitely Finished STEEL ENGRAVINGS, From Original Paintings hv the First Artists, and con- tains no less than Eighty Pages of Letter-Press from "NIMRO D," and the most Popular Sporting Writers of the Age; a correct Racing Calendar for England and Ireland and the Latest and most Authentic Information oil all sub- jects connected with the Sporting World. The Sportsman we venture to recommend as the most talented and varied publication extant."—York Herald. "The Sportsman of this month proves the industry and talent of the 1-14itor.BIlls Life in London. The best number we have seen."— Sunday Times. The Sportsman. Vols. 1, 2, 3 4, 5 & 6, price 101. 6rl. each in royal 8vo., doth boards, may be had of all Booksellers. Office. 34, Norfolk Street, Strand. London. PARISH OF MERTHYR DOVAN, GLAMORGANSHIRE. T THE nndersijjned, EDWARD PRIEST 7 RICHARDS, being- the duly authorized Affpnt of KOilRRI1 \\7CIS JKNN". *Esq T*and-owner, within the Parish of WRRTKYR DOVAV, in the County of GLAMORGAN, whose interest is not less tban One-fourth part of the whole value of the Lands subject to Tithes on the said Parish Do, by this Notice 111 writing under my hand rill, 4 PA ROC HI L MEETINC of L AN1)-OW\ERSand TITHE OWN KRS vvitkin the limits.of the said Parish, for tbe Purpose of Appointing a Valuer or Valuers apportion the total slim agreed to he paid by way of Hent Charge, instead of the Tltps of the said Parish, and the exoences of the Apportionment amotigst the several Lands in the said I artsh subject to Tithes, alld for other the several pur- poses of carrying into <-a't the Commutation of the Titho* of the said Parish, pursuant to the provisions of an Act passed in the Sixth and Seventh Years of the Reign of his late Majesty, entituled, in Act for the Commuta- tion of Tithes in England and Wales; and of thr several other Acts of Parliament passed for the Commutation of Tithes in England an,1 Wales. And, I do hereby also give Notice, that Mich Meetinv will he helci at the House of ANN JONIs, called the RECTORY HOUSE, in the said Parish of MERTHYR IXjVAN on WBONESDA Y. 'he Ninth day of OCTOBER one thousand eight hlln- fired and thirtynine, at the hour of Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon. Given under my hand this Thirteenth day of Septem- her. one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine. E, P. RICHARDS. PAR rsil op WENVOE, GLAMORGANSHIRE. X THE undersigned, EDWARD PRIEST 9 RICHARDS, beinar {he duly authorized Affent of ROBERT F::A'IlCIS JRNNKR] r'-q a Land-owner within the Parish of WESVOE, in the County of GLAMORGAN, whose Interest is not less than One. fourth part of the whole value of the Lauds subject to Tithes in the said Parish, Do. bv this Notice in wiiting under mv hand, CALL a PAROCHIAL MEETING of LAND-OWN!IS and TITHE-OAVNKRS within the limits of the said Parish, for tbe Purpose of Appoint- ing a Valuer or Valuers to Apportion the total Stun azreed to !>e paid by way of Rent Charge instead of the Tithes of the said Parish, and the expences of the Ap- porti-inment amongst the several Lands in the said Parish subject to Tithes, and for other the general pllr- poses of carrying into effect the Commutation of the Tithes of the said Parish pursuant to the provisions of an Act passed in the Sixth and Seventh Years of the Reian of his late Majesty, intituled, An Act for the Commutation of Tithes in l,.nilati(i aiid Wales," and of the several other Acts of Parliament pissed for the Commutation of Tithes in England and Wales. And, I do hereby also give Notice, that such Meeting will be hnldpn at the House of JOHN MILLER, called the W ENVOE ARMS, ill the said Parish of WRNVOR, on WEDNESD AY, the Ninth day of OCTOB Hit, one thousand eight hundred and thiity-nine, at the hour of One o'clock in the Afternoon. Given under my hand this I hlrtrpnth day of SEP- TEMBER, ONE thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine. P. P. "IOH v urn?. HBLLSIR CLOTHING. Z. FRY BEGS to inform his Friends and (he Public, that be continues to keep, as usual, an extensive Assort- ment of HOUSE CLOTHING, and other Articles con- nected with it, according to the annexed List, which he is enabled to offer about the Manufacturers' Prices. Any of these will he found well worth the attention of Pur- chasers, either for Exportation or Home Consumption Blankets and Blanket Rugs. Illtle Serges. Kersey Horse Clothing. Millpuff. Sweaters. Saddlets' Flock. Prince's Check for Summer Roller and Girth Webbs. Cloths. Bandages. Collar Cloths. B.in<llBgs. Check Collar Cloths, liftings; these are used for Worsted Diapers. covering Carts and Wag- Cotton Diapers. gons, as well as for cheap Pannel and Scat Serges. and strong Horse Cloths. N.B. A large quantity of cheap Horse Clothing, well adapted for the use of Innkeepers and Stage Coach Pro- prietor. 30, Castle Strrct. Bristol. Britannia Xiife Assurance Company, No. 1, PRINCES STREET, BANK, LONDON. CAPITAL ONE MILLION. Directors. William liardgett, Ksq. Robert Eglinton, Esq. Samuel Bevington, Esq. Lrasmus Robt. Foster Esq. Wm. Kechney Black, bsq. Alex. Rohert Irvjnc, Esq. John Brightman, Esq. I I ete Morrison, Esq, George Cohen, Esq. William Shand, Jan., Esq. Willis Coventry. Esq. Henry Lewis Smale, Esq. John Drewett, t'sq. Thpinas Tweed. Esq. iftTetitcal John Sims, M. D.— i'.benezer Smith, Esq., Surgeon. Solicitor. William Bevan, Esq., Old Jewry. ADVANTAGES OF THIS INSTITUTION. A most economical set of Tables composed expressly for the use of this Institution, from authentic and com- plete data. Increasing rates of Premium on a new and remark- able plan, for securing loans or debts; a less imme- diate payment being required on a policy for the whole term oflife than in any other office. A uoard of Directors in attendance daily at Two' 0 clock. po|Se ofthe Assured in every case admitted in the All claims payable within one month after proof of death. Medical attendants remunerated in all cases for their reports. Premium per Cent per Annum payable during First Second Third Foutth Remain- aln Age. Five Five Five Five der of Years. Years. Years. Years. Life. £ d. s. d. £ II. d. s d. C d. 20 1 1 4 I 5 10 I 10 11 1 16 9 2 3 8 30 1 6 4 1 12 2 1 19 1 2 7 4 2 17 6 40 1 16 1 a 4 4 2 14 6 3 7 3 4 3 4 •w 2 16 73944555636 13 7 •w 2 16 73944555636 13 7 PETEK. MORRISON, Esq., Resident Director, London. AGENTS. Nr.VVPORT Mr A. G. Jenkins. I UEDKCAR IRON WORKS W. F. Ireland. CARDIFF W. D. Horwood, Bank. I MERTIIYR TYnviL waiter,ri,otnpsoll, Bank. PONTYPOOL .Stephen Vernon, Bank. CHEPSTOW .J. L. Baldwyn, Solicitor, USK AHERGAVENNY —J.Hiley Morgan, Stationer 1 MONMOUTH, —W. Jenkins,Stationer, PEMPROKESHIRE. IMPORTANT TO CAPITALISTS. rPHB TERMS and CONDITIONS of SALE of ■ the truly important and rich productive Estates of Bangeston, Alleston, Kingston, Lammaston Estates at brove-Underdown House and Lands, Underdown and Coquet, Kingsfold and Peanar in the Parishes of Saint Marys and Saint Michael's Pembrokeshire;— Lowder-fawr, Lowder-fach. Penmynydd fawr, Mellm- y-wern in the Parish of Morvil -—Estates in and about the Village of Puncheston—Vinor in the Parish of < astle-bavthe, and Tylosge and Temperness in the Parish of Nevern; together with Houses and Gardens in the Parish of Saint Thomas, in the Town and County of Haverfordwest, have been left with Messrs. Crowdcr and Mavard, Mansion House Place, London-, and Messrs. Goode and Philpott, Land Agents, Haverford- west, who are authorized to treat for the same by Pri- vate Contract. «•». COURTS LEET & BARON. GLAMORGANSHIRE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the COURTS LEET of our Sovereign Lady the Queen, and GENERAL COURTS BARON of The Most Honourable John Crichton Stuart, Marquess of Bute, and Ravi of Dumfries, Baron Cardiff, of Cardiff agtle. Lord of the several Manors hereinafter named, will be holden at the times and ploces following For the Manor of Llanblethian. at the Dwelling-house of James Ballatd. Innkeeper, situate at Cowbridge, on Monday, the 30th day of September instant, at 12 0 Clock at Noon. For the Manor of Glvnronthy, at the Dwcllinjr-honse of Thomas William, Innkeeper, at Pandv, on Tuesday, the 1st day of October next, at 12 o'Cl'lCk at Noon. For the-Mano s of Lystalybont, Roath Doefield. Roath Tewkesbury Spittle, White Friars and Kibbor, at the Dwelling-house of John Thomas, Innkeeper, called the Cross Keys, situate in the Town of Cardiff, on Wednes- day 2nd day of Oct. next,itt One o'Clock in the Afternoon. For the Manors of Boverton. Lantwit, and Lantwit Rawley, at the Dwelling-house of William John, Inn- keeper, situate at Lantwit Major, on Thursday, the 3rd dav of October. next. at Eleven O'Cl()ek irt,the Forenoon. For the Manors of Lanmaes, Bedford, and Malefant, at the Dwelling-house of William Williams, Innkeeper, sitmte at Lanmaes, on Thursday, the 3rd day of October next, at Tweh'e o'Clock at Noon. For the Manors of Lequeth, Landough, Cogan, Cos- inp-,qli)ne, and Wafterstone, at the Dwelling-hodse of Nicholas Rimbroa, Innkeeper, situate at Lcqueth, on Friday, the 4th day of October next, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon, For the Manors of Senehenith supra et gubtus, cum Mernbris Whitchurch, Rudry et Lanvedw, atthe Dwell- ing-house pf Nicholas Hopkins. Innkeeper, at Caerpliillv, on Thursday, the 10th day of October next, at rwelv-c O'Clock at No,,n. For the Manor of Miskin ciim Memhris, Pentyrch and Clun, at the Town-hall, Llantrissent, on Friday, the 1 hh day of October next, at Ten o'Clock in the For- noon For th* Manor of Ruthin, at the Dwpllin^-liouse of Martha Howell, Innkeeper, Lanharran, on Friday, the 11th day of October next, at One o'Clock in the After- noon. When and where all Persons who owe Suit and Ser- vice to the said several COllrt are required to attend, and to pay their respective Q".it Rents, Fines, and other Rents, dne to the Lord of the said Manors. EDWARD PRIEST RICHARDS, Steward. Cardiff. 16th September, 1839. A IMONG the numerous remedies that from time to time solicit public attention, none has maintained so exteusive and dllrahle a repuiation as The Cordial Balm of Syriacum, which is now steadily resorted to by- fp-e-at nnmberc of invalids for relirf in those debilities of the nervous system that constitute a la e portion of the compl lints of the studious, the fashionable, and the dissipated. It has a surprising power in controling disordered sensi- bility, and inspiring new vigour into the languid powers uflife. In affections of the head, whether accompanied with pain and jiildiness,or marked by the nvre grievous ratafnttyof impaired mental energy; in palpitatIOns of the heart, fl itulence. loss of appetite and str-njth, and ihe multiform symptoms of disordered digestion, this remedy will he found to possess the most salutary rihcacy. r It is notorious that various Disorders of the Human Frame are brought on by dissipation in Youth, and a srross violation of those rules which prudence dictates for the preservation of health, anJ laving a foundation for a long and happy life with a firm and strong con- s'imtion. The blessings of health are no sooner lost c than pa:nflll experience teaches the inestimable value of it, and the unhappy patient looks around, too often in vain, for the means of recovery. Kr\r. A* 'hese- Ullder Divine Influence, the CORDI AL BALM OF SYRl.iCUM will restore to the enjoymant of all the comforts of life It is universally admired bring pleasant to the last,. an,, smell, gently astiinges the fibres of the stomach and fives that proper tensity which a good digestion requires. As no-Iiing can bo better adapted to help and nourish the constitution, so there is nothing more generally acknowledged to be pecu- liarly efficacious in all inward wasting, loss of appetite, indigestion, depression of spirits, trembling or shaking of the hands or limbs, obstinate coughs, shortBe, of breath, or consumptive habits. It posseses wonderful efficacy iu all nervous disorders, fits, head aches, weaknesses, heaviness and lowness of spirits, dimness of sight, con- fused thoughts, wandering of the mind, vapours, and melancholy, and all kinds of hysteric complaiuts are gradually removed by its use. In sickness of the stomach, flatulencies, or obstructions, it is safe and powerful, and as a purifier of the blood, it has not its equal, in the world Constitutions, relaxed, weak, or decayed in men or WOlllen. are under the immediate influence of this resto- rative Old coughs, asthmas, and consumptive habits are soon relieved and speedily cured. Poverty of blood, and emaciated limbs will ere long meet the liapiest change the chill watery fluid will bccoroe rich and hal- samic, and the limbs be covcred with flesh, firm and healthy. Nervous disorders of every kind, and from whatever cause arising, fly before the effects of this great medicine, and all that train of sinkings, anxieties, and tremours which so dreadfully affect the weak, the sedentary, and the delicate, will in a short time be succeeded by cheer- fulness, and every presage of health. For weakness, deficiency of natural strength, and re- laxation of the vessels, by too frequent indulgence of the passions, this medicine is a safe, certain, and invaluable remedy. Those who have long resided in hot climates, and are langnid and relaxed in their whole system, may take this medicine with the happiest effects; and persons going to the Kast or West Indies, cannot store a more important article of life and health. Sold in Buttles, price Its. each, or the quantity of four in one Family Bottle for 33s., by which one II3 bottle is in one Family Bottle for 33s., by which one II3 bottle is saved, duty included and may be had of all Medicine Venders in this town also in every other town and city throughout the United Kingdom, America, and the Con- tinent of Europe. w And may be had at most of the Newspaper Offices. Prepared only by MESSRS. 1 RY & Co., Surgeons, No. 4, Great Charles-street, Birmingham, and 23, Slater- street, Liverpool. Observe, none are genuine without the signature o 8. and &. PE?EY' and Co., f impressed in a stamp all the outside of each wrapoer and also observe the name an a dress ofthe proprietor! blown on each Bottle, to in" tate which is felony of the deepest dye. Messrs Perry and Co., Surg o s, may be consulted as usual at No. 4, Great Charles reet, Birmingham, and 23, Slater Street, Liverpool. n y one personal visit is required from a country pati.e t, to enable Messrs Perry and Co., to give such advice as will be the means of effecting a permanent and effectual cure, after all other means had proved ineffcclllal. Letters for advite must be post paid, and contain the usual fee of one pound. ALSO, PERRY'S PURIFYING SPECIFIC PILLS Warranted not to contain Capavia, Cabebs or Mercury. Prepared by Messrs. PERRY, in which they have happily compressed l"e m°s P"rifying and healing virtues of the principal par o the Vegetable System, ;»nd which is of the utmost importance to those afflicted with -rtje Scurvy, Scrofu a, Lues Venera, and disorders originating m UM ructed Perspiration or Im- purities of tbe Blood. Price 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and Us.. and wilh each box ^TREATISE ON SYPHILITIC DISEASES. This invaluable little work is illustrated by Engravings and points oat the too often fatal consequence resulting ,rOlD the use of Mercury, &c. &c N.B.-Coutitry Druggists, Booksellers, Patent Medicine Venders, and every other Shopkeeper, can be supplied vith any quantity of the Cordial Balm of Syriacum and Perry's Purifying Specific Pills, with the usual allowance a the trade, hy all other wholesale Patent Medicine Houses in Loudon, BRISTOL and rqVVgrPokt STEAM PACKETS USK AND GLAMORGAN, WILL SAIL During the NEXT WEEK, II follow8 FROM BRISTOL. Sept. 23..Monday 0morning 24..Tuesday. 10 morning 25. Wediiesday 9morning 2fi..Thursday mornng 27..Friday 9 morning 28..Saturday. 9 £ morning FROM NEWPORT. Sept. 23..Monday %morning 2-1..Tuesdaÿ 10 morning 25.V.lnesday 11 mornug 26..Thursday 7 morning 7J morning 28..Saturday.p.. 8Morning PARF.S:-Arter Cabin, 4.-Fore.Ca.binJ 2s,-Chil- dren iitider 12 Years of Age, Half-price.—Dogs, Is. each. Four-Whecl Carriage, 20s.; Two-Wheel ditto, 10s.; Horses each,S. Two-Wheel Carriage or light Phaeton, drawn by one Horse with one PIIIsscnger, 15s.; Horse and Rider, After-Cabin,7s.; ditto Fore-Cabin, 6s. a:rThe Proprietors of the above Steam Packets GivE NfOTICR that they will not he acconnable for any Passenger's Luggage,nor will they be answerable for any Goods, Package, or Parcel(if lost or damaged) unless booked at either of their Offices in Bristol or Newport- and if above the value of 40s. entered at its value and Carriage paid for the same at the time of Booking. Goods, Packages, and Parcels should be delivered at file Packet Office, one hour (at least) before the time stated for Sailing. PONTYPOOL AND ABERGAVENNY.—Coaches Daily between these places and Newport, TREDEGAR IRON WORKS, through Abercam, New. btidge, and Bedwellty, and a branch from Newbridge to Vantyglo.—A Coach Daily between these places" and Newport arriving at Newport about 10 o'clock morn. iug, aud starting at 1 o'clock afternoon. Apply at the Bristol General Steam Navigation Com. pany's Oliice, Quay, Bristol; or at the Packet-Offices llownham-Wharf, Hotwells, and Rodney Wharf Now' port. JOH JON ES, Agent. THJi CARDIFF a.nd BRISTOL STEAM PACKETS NAUTILUS, JOHN ALLEN, Coulmauder. LADY CHARLOTTE, H. T. PARFITT, Commander, ARE lYTENOKO TO SAIL During- the NEXT WEEK, as follows (Wilh liberty to Tow Vessels.) FROM CARDIFF. liept.2 -i.. N Tonday.4atitiltis 41 afternoon 24..Tuesday Lady Charlotte si morning 25.. Wednesday Nautilus 6inorniug 26..Thursday Lady Charlotte 6J morning 27..Friday Nautilus. 7 mornin' 28..Saturday Lady Charlotte 71 mornin-g FROM RRISTOL. Sept. 23.. Monday Lady Charlotte 9 morning 24..Tuesday Nautilus 10 morning 25..Wednesday Lady Charlotte 101 morning 26..Thursday Nautilus 6 morning 27.. Friday Lady Charlotte G mornins Saturday Nakitilus 7 morning Carriages and Horses to be along-side an hour previous to the time of Sailing. PA Itt-» — Aftci' Cabin, 5s.—Fore Cabin, 3s. Children under 12 Years of Age, Half.price,-Dogs,ls, each. D A Female Steward attends the Ladies, C.,I)ili. Refiesluncnts may be had on Board, on moderate tcrms, in*0/-C' CarriaSe,21s.; Dittodrawnby One Horse ■ "'l u °"^vhecl Carriage, 10s. Cd.; Horses, 6s. 7* (i'l • ?,rsc Rider, After Cabiu, 9s. Fore Cabin, expense 6 'J'bese Fares include every NotJ NOt accountah^e for any Goods without Shipping Frei;hters are reqneste,1 to or,ler all Goods intended for Robert pi,. "1 bo S(,rU 10 ^o. 12, Quay Street, or to LADY C(M,I'i',?,nl,erland Bi»sin Locks; and for the Street, Bristol to Clare Street Hall, Marsh Packets' "'I! 'la"'eil from the Warehouses to the Merl r expe"se of '« Companies. Llantrissent an'Jr "7 berd:ire> Cowbridge, Bridgend, Places in Sm-.n C<'erl>>"lly.—Goods forwarded to these mediately on arr, fgg°T a,ui Lock",lP Citnal Boats im- convevarw> rrual» unless ordered by any particular i> ,n w*"ch Case they will be deposited in the naid on rC,ket Warell«use till called tor.—Freight to be pain 011 delivery olthe'ic'8' ac'ta"<« I'arcels, &c. forwarded toallparts '"o1'01*! with on* tfcelay, when sent to either of their Fi|U.!i 0fr,c" Cardiff or Bristol. "ther information as to Freight, &c. will ht. °^ta,neJ by applying to the Agents, Mr Wl ASent> at the Packet Office on the NJ in iravdifi or to Mr John Griffith Jones, Agent, » Quay Street, Bristol, for the NAUTILUS Pac- Wh' ri,°f '^r ^ollovati, at the Packet Office, on the Whart. Cardiff j or to Mr W. B. Owen, 16, Avon Cres- cent, Hotwells, Bristol, for the LADY CHAltLOll E 1 acket. ^°>TIC1'-—The Proprietors of the above Steam Packets |>ve Notice, that they will not be accountable for any rassenger's Luggage, nor will they be answerable for any Goods. Packages, or Parcels (if lost or damaged /»'f '?kaSe or otherwise) unless Booked at either of 4/) ces at Cardiff or Bristol, if above the vaUe e"tered at its value, and Carriage in pro- r t n or tbe same, at the time of Booking.— couslBned to order, or not taken away before Six th,e evening of the day of landing, will Be warehoused at the risk and expence of the consignees. S t0 C(,ll8illered as liens, not only for freigh t '.rgpS 'hereon, but also for all previously un- re'ght and Charges due by consignees to the I roprietors of the said Packets. Disputed weighu or measurement, claims for loss or damage,&c., cannot hea lowed, unless a written notice of the same be sent to the Othce on the day of delivery. Price Is. lid. per box, ri^HISesce1lentfamilv PJLLis a Medicine of lonsr ",ed<iffictCyforC(>rreCtlnganDisordersoftheStnmach and Boweli, the common symptoms of which are Costive- ness,Flatulency,Spasms,Lossof Appetite Sink 1. Giddiness, Sense of Fulness after meals!DizzinL, k IJyes, Drowsiness, and pa.ns in the Stomach and BoweU IJyes, Drowsiness, and pains in the Stomach and Bowels Indigestion, producing a rorpid State ofthe Liver a, u a consequent inactivity of the Bowels, cauiino- » A zation of every function of the frame, will jn ??TganN excellent preparation, by a little perseverance ually removed. Two or three doses wi)| COI',v- 6 e5 afflicted of its salutary effects. The Stomach w?n regain.its strength a healthy action of the Live. Pce,i>}y and Kidneys will rapidly take place listlessness, heat, pain, and jaundiced J° ° strength, activity, and renewed health, wj|| u„Pf^anFe' result of taking this M«dicine according to tho r (J'"C accompanying each box and if taken aft° '1,.recl«"» an indulgence at table, they quickly restore to its natural state of repp$e. e 8>stem Peisons of a FULL HABIT who are subject to t ache. Giddiness, Drowsiness, and Singine in M X,ead* arising from too great a flow of Wood to the H/»„t 6 1 never be without them, as many dangerous will be entirely carried off by their immediate use. FOR FEMALES these Pills are most truly 1 11 removing all obstructions'; the distressing H»»r|XCeu ent very prevalent with the sex Depression of Spirits^?!0 nessof Sight,Nervous affections, Blotches P;m, 1' Sallowness of the Skin, and give a healthy and if.l' a"i bloom to the complexion. and J«venile As a pleasant, safe, easy Aperient, they unite th commendation of a mild operation with the m t cessful effect, and require no restraint of diet or ro fi" ment during their use; and for ELDERf Y PFOVM" they will be found to be the most comfortable Medicine hitherto prepared. i«euicine Sold byT. Prout, 229, Strand, London. Price Is lid. and 2s. 9d. per box and by 2"' Mr D.Morgan. Druggist, Mertbyr Tydvil; Mr Phillips, Willi.™, »„d by- ihe Ei cines generally throughout the Kingdom. Ask for FRAMPTON'S PILL OF HEALTH, and ob. serve the name and address of ««Thomas Prout, 229, Straud, Lonùou," on the Govermneat Stamp.