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CHIT CHAT. HUSSEIN KHAS, the Peioiau ambassador extra- ordinary, is daily expected in town from Paris. His excellency brings over twenty Indian shawls as a present for her Majesty, of the same costlv and superb pattern as those he presented to her Majesty tht- Queen of the Freuch, at a private audience at the Tuileries. "Did thoo ever see our coal?" said a south Dur- ha'n pitman the other dty, to one of the apostles of sedition, who had visited a colliery for the purpose of persuading the men that they were miserable "No," was the answer. "Then," returned the sturdy querist, pointing significantly down the shaft, thoo'd bettet- tak thyself off, or else thoo suue will !Sunderland Herald. THE VOLUNTARY SYSTEM.—A gentleman writ- ing from Kinsgston, Upper Canada, in speaking of the 160 rebels imprisoned there says "about one hundred never belonged to any church, and about sixty were never baptised." So much for voluntary religious support." r The Lords of her Majesty's Treasury have given orders that there shall be a copper coinage for the I-de of Man. The coin is to have her Majesty's pro- fi!e on one side, and on the reverse the shield with the three armed legs, the armorial bearings of the isle.—Manx Advertiser. PAGANINI.—The Semaphore of Marseilles, of the lfith ultimo, says that the health of this celebrated violinist is improving daily. He has, however, lost his voice, and, as it is a nervous disorder, he is pro- hibited from hearing music. I A MERMAN.—GaligvanVs Messenger states that a singular fish, resembling a male ape in the upper form, and a fish in its lower extremities, has been caught near Havre. It is described as quite suf- ficient to account for the mermaid fables of all ages. THE GOLD-DUST ROBB E itY.-SOIOIUOt)S, one of th ? parties in custody, has made a full confes-ion of bi s own guilt, and seriously implicated all the other pr isoners. ABSENCE OF MIKD.—The last case is that of a grocer, who, emptying some liquor from oue barrel to another clapped the funnel into his mouth, and did not discover his mistake uutii he found himself run- ning over.-American paper. MINISTERS NOT MUSICAL.—It is a remarkable fact that not one of her Majesty's ministers has a box this season at the Opera; und it is equally strange that not one of the foreign ministers at the Court of Queen Victoria has this year indulged in the same luxury. SYMBOLICAL EPITAPH.-IIl a recent No. of the Cambridge Chronicle is the following typographical mo,rceau: DEATH OFA PRI.NTER.-George Wood- cock, the of his profession, the type of honesty, the of all; and although the of death has put a to his existence, e*ery § of his life was without a II." CURIOUS CIRCUMSTANCE. -The flue of the church at Hanley has lately ignited the coal-bed underneath, from whence a body of ashes has been removed, and the burning stopped. This has also been the case at the Wesleyau chapel in tUis town, Staffordshire Gazette. AN OLD LADY in Connecticut is collecting all the political papers she can lay her hands on, to make soap of. She says they are a "desput sight better than ashes—they are almost as good as clear lie." FIDDLE DE DEE !-The New York Star, as a commentary upon the remarks of another evening paper, says "Fiddle de dee upon such nonsense! -we have nothing more respectable to offer by way of opinion." Whereupon the N, Y. Gazette observes "Tile Star never had anything more respectable than fiddle de dee to otter by way of argument indeed we th;uk this same fiddle de dee about the most logical display we ever noticed in that journal A DirricULTTAsK —An Hon. Member threatened the other evening that if his pi-oposal were not agreed to, he would take the sense of the House upon it. This perhaps would have been rather a more difficult task than he imagined.— Weekly Sum- mary. GROWTH OF THE PENNY POSTAGE QUESTION. -Before Rowland Hill's plan was published in 1837, it is believed there was not a single petition for the reduction of postage. In the session of J837 five petitions were presented. In that of 1838, 320, and in the present session, up to the 15th of May, 880 petitions for the penny postage have been presented to the House of Commons alone. MARCH or LOYALTY AMONG THE PAINTERS.— From a sign painted over the door of the ThreeTuns public-house, whence Mr Bushel's omnibus starts it would appear that the painters of Kiddermiuster are jesolved that her Majesty should not be deprived of any of her privileges. It is written—"Parcels booked and carried to all parts of the Queendom Kidderminster Messenger. IMPORTANT NEWS FROM CHINA.—In the Citj In- telligence of the Standard of Monday the 13th ult, our contemporary quotes from the Canton Papers the following important announcement to the western world-" AS we were going to press, we understand that chops are again wanted. The chops, we believe, are teas of a certain description but to non-commercial John Bulls, lovers of mutton and beef, such news from Cautoa has a droil tiound.


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