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SCIENCE. ASTRONOMICAL NOTICES-(No. 12) JUNE 1839. MERCURY cannot be seen this month, his superior conjunction with the sun oecuriiiijf on the 20th. VENUS will continue to shine with extreme bril- liancy til) ne;ir 11 o'clock at night, in the western skies; and from her rapid progress towards the earth, will daily become a more ititerefting object for the telescope. 011 the evening of the 14th, the moon approaches the immediate neighbourhood of this planet, and if the atmosphere be clear at the time this phenomiuon will have a very pleasiijz effect. MARS passes rhe meridian about six o'clock in the evetiiiiw,, afid I)eioc-r in rapid retreat fi,orii us, is ap- parently considerably reduced in size; the gibbous appearance of thia planet is also, at present, very apparent; the proportion of the diameters beillg" as 88 to 100. On the 15th, at 11 o'clock, mars will ap- proach to within a few minutes of beta Virginia and will also be in conjunction with, and very near to the moon on the 18th, a little before 10 o'clock at night. JUPITER crosses the meridian at eight o'clock, P.M. on the l>t, and at six o'clock on the 31th and sets at one in the morning", almost due west, on the 15th. About midniht on the 19th, the moon may be seen in conjunction with Jupiter, and alinleto the south. The mean diameter of the planet, for the n oath, is 36 seconds. SATURN will be well situated for observation throughout the present month; it parses the meri- dian on the 1st at 42 minutes p isi I I on the 15th at -11 minutes past 10 and on the ;Otli at 40 minutes past nine, at an altitude of 19 degrees. It conies info conjunction with the moon on the 24th, when it may be seen distant 7° to the north The diameter of the planet this month will exceed ltil ,ec(,n(l., and the ring being very open, the major a"is41f Recolld, and the minor 18 seconds, renders this ob- ject a very interesting one for the telescope at the present time.



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