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PARLIAMENTARY DIVISIONS. Votes of Members for South Vales, Monmouthshire and IJerefordnhire. THE SPEAKER.—MONDAY, MAY 27- The Serjeant came, and brought his mace, and laid it under the table. Then Lord John Russell addressing himself to the Clerk, who, standing up, pointed to him, and then sat down, acquainted this House that her Majesty hsiving been informed of the resignation of the Rigiit Hon. James Abercromby, late Speaker of the House, gives leave to the House forthwith to proceed to the choice of a new Speaker. Then Henry Handley, Esq stood up, and addressing himself to the Clerk, proposed to the House Charles Shaw Lefevre, Esq., for the Speaker, and moved, "That Charles Shaw Lefevre, Esq., do take the Chair of this House, as Speaker; in which Motion he was seconded by the Right Hon. Stephen Lushiugton, D.C.L. Then the Right Honourable Charles Wvnn, address- ing himself to the Clei £ proposed to the House the Right Honourable Henry Goulburn for their Speaker, and moved, tl That the Right Honourable Henry Goulburn to take the chair of this House, as Speaker;" in which motion he was seconded by Mr Wilson Patten and Mr William Duncomhe. And thereupon the said Charles Shaw Lefevre, Esq., and the Right Honourable Henry Goulburn, re- spectively addressed themselves to the House. Then the question was put by the Clerk,—'Tbat Charles Stiaw Lefevre, Esq., do take the ClJair of this House, as SpeakerThe Clerk declared the Yea# had it:-Tije House was divided:— The Yeas to the Old Lobby. The Noes to the New Lobby. Tellers for the Yeas—Mr E, J. Stanley, Mr R. Steuart-317. Tellers for tho Noes—Mr C. Wynn, Mr W. Patten— 299. AYES. Blewitt, R. J. Philipps, Sir R. j Clive, E. B. Price, Sir R. j Greenaway, C. I Talbot, C. R. M. Guest, Sir J. Vivian, J. H. Hoskins, K. Williams, W. A. Morris, D. NOES. Adare, Viscount I Morgan, C. M. R. Burr, H. "Nicholl, J. Fobjy, E.T. Owen, Sir J. Graham, Sir J. Price, R. Hotham, Lord I Somerset, Lord G. Jones, J. Wood, Col, T. ABSENT. CONSERVATIVES. MINISTERIAL, Gibson, T M Abercromby, Right Hon. J Hamilton, Lord C (abroad) Bcntinck, Lord Wm Heathcote, Sir W Bodkin, J. J. Ker, D (ill) Brabazon, Lord Kerrison, Sir E (supposed Ewart, W to be paired) Fazakerley, J N Ossulston, Lord (too late) Cowper, Hon. W Spry, Sir S (too late) Fielden, John Ingham, R Heathcote, Sir E Howard, Sir It Rice, Right HouTS Wilkins, W PAIRED OFf. Trevor, Honourable G R ."## COURT OF COMMONS PLEAS. (Sittings in Baneo.) EDWARDS V. THE BISHoP OF EXETER AND ANOTHEIT. This was an action by writ of quare impedit, which arose out of the following circumstallces :-ThA plaintiff, Mrs Edwards, was the co-tenant of an advowson with a gentleman who was a Roman Catho- lic, and consequently disabled by the statute from presenting to the living which was the subject of the advowson in question. The living becomiug vacant under tifeso circumstances, Mrs Edwards solely pre- sented herclerk, but the Bishop refused to induct him, on the ground that the sole right to present did not become vested in Mrs Edwards, and that her presen- tation was void. In that state the matter remained for six months, at the expiration of which time tile Bishop himself presented by lapse; and the matter now came before the Court upon an application oil the part of Mrs Edwards, calling on the Bishop of Exeter to show cause why he should not induct her clerk. The rule was argued in the course of a former term The Lord Chief Justice gave the judgment of the court this morning. The principal question which had been submitted to their consideration was, whether Mrs Edwards was entitled to present as sole patron, the other patron being incapacitated by statute, and their opinion was that the sole right of presentation did devolve upon her. It had been urged on the part of the defendant that it was provided by statute that where a patrol I was incapacitated from presenting, the right of presentation should pass to one of the Uni- versities and that, therefore, here Mrs Edwards ought only to have presented in conjunction with one of the Universities. But it appeared to them that that provision was intended only to apply to cases where there was a single patron, and where, conse- quently,there could ue no presentation at all. The present seemed to be an omissus casus, and they could not extend the statute so as to include it. Upon the whole, therefore, they gave judgment for the plaintiff. "## MONTGOMERYSHIRE. — It must be a subject of sincere congratulation to the well disposed inhabitants of tho kingdom at large, and we have great pleasure in com- municating the gratifying information, that the county of Montgomery is once more restored to that state of peace and quietude from which it was so recently torn by the reckless intentions and efforts of a few worth- less and insignificant itinerant agitators.-Ibid.

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