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Mr Bruen's return will be vigorously and effectively sustained by the electors. The Stamp Commissioners have decided that the device of a bird cut on a glass seal is an armorial bearing BOLD SMUGGIXRS.—One of the most intrepid instances of smuggling on record occurred in the vicinity of Hastings, Sussex, a few days since. It appears that a party had for some months determined on an endeavour to run tubs at the mot inaccessible part of the cliff to the eastward of the town, near Ecclesbourn, and directly under the nose of the coast guard men on duty. The cliffs at this spot are most appalling to look up at, being full of projections, and overhanging to a fearful extent. Still that was the iõpot selected for the enterprise. The boat contained about 70 tubs. Information had been given to the officer on duty, but theapparent impossibility of the daring attempt caused it to be treated rather as a feint to divert attention from some more accessible spot. Still the officer visited the place about the time, when, from %i hat has since transpired, the liquor was all but held to his nose, without his being able to smell it out. A dog that was with the man on duty on the cliff, was far more sagacious in detecting the pre- sence of the plunderers of the revenue, for he kept barking at something under the cliff, whioh excited the attention of his master, who approached the edge to ascertain what it was, but was desired by his officer to retire, lest he should fall over. At length the tubs were all run without the knowledge of the look-out. When morning dawned, the fact was discovered, but scarcely believed. It appeared that the bold smugglers had contrived to hang up a ladder of rope, with wooden rods, from several projections on the cliff, which they climbed with the tubs, thereby avoiding the immense difficulty of ascending an overhanging precipice of at least 150 feet in height. The sl ightest lall, in any form, must have been instant death to the adventurers, who would inevitably have becri dashed to atoms on the pointed rocks beneath. A bolder attempt, it is everywhere admitted. is not recorded in the annals of heroisra.-Hanti Advertiser,


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