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BRECONSHIRE SPRING ASSIZES. (Continued from our last.) MONDAY, MARCH 25. Thomas Lewis, 24, plasterer, was charged with stealing a deal board in the parish of Llywell. Mr Hill conducted the prosecution. Mr Charles Powell addressed the jury for the pri- soner. Verdict—Not Guilty. John Carter, 43, labourer, was charged with felo- niously breaking into the dwelling.|louse of Thomas Jones, in the parish of Vavnor, and stealing money and other articles therefrom. The prisoner in defence said, be bought the cheese from a man who had another cheeso and a half that morning it was found. Verdict-Guilty. His lordship said that if the jury had the same information as he had, they would have had less cause for deliberation the deposition of tho woman who lived with prisoner, but was now too ill to appear, showed that her evidence would have contradicted ranch of what the prisoner said too ill to appear, showed that her evidence would have contradicted ranch of what the prisoner said before the magistrate. Sentence—10 year's trans- portation. Rees Thomas, 40, yeoman was charged with steal- iug twelvo lambs, the property of Daniel Joues. The trial of this case occupied several hours. The lambs in question were said to have been sent with others by Daniel Jones, of Tynyberth, in the parish of Caron, for tack, last summer to William Evans of Carergfrane, in the parish of Llandewi-Abergwessin, Breconshire. Fifteen lambs were lost, but three were afterwards found; and in September following some lambs were found in the possession of the prisoner, in his farm of Brynbedw, in the parish of Tir Abbot, Breconshire, which were said to be those lost by the prosecutor. Tho evidence turned chiefly on the iden- tity of the lambs. Mr John Morgan, of Llandovery, attorney, and Mr Wilson and Mr Nichol, coutisel for the prosecu- tion. Mr Thomas Bishop, attorney, and Mr E. Vaughan Williams, counsel for prisoner. Several witnesses to character were called. Verdict —Not Guilty. The Grand Jury returned no True Bills against .Iames Jones, for stealing a gallon of cider, at Crick- howell; and Samuel Powell, charged with the Wilful Murder of William Williams, at Llanelly. TUESDAY, MARCH 2G. The Bill against Samuel Powell, charged with tho murder of William Williams, having been thrown out by the Grand Jury, it was intended to try him on tho Coroner's warrant; but Mr E Vaughan Williams, for the prisoner, objected to the inquisition on the ground of informality. Mr John Evans, Q. C., and Mr C. Powell, replied for the prosecution. His Lordship decided that the inquisition was so informal that the prisoner could not be tried upon it, and ho was therefore discharged. Rces Williams was charged with stealing a piece of sheet lead, a nail box, and others articles, the pro- perty of Samuel Hancorn. Mr Charles Powell conducted the prosecution. Mr Vaughan Williams addressed the jury for tho prisoner. Doe Dem. Jones v. Evans. —Ejectment.—Verdict taken for defendant by consent. Morgan Williams v. Philip Francit.-This was an action for an assault alleged to be committed by tho defendant, on the 4th of October, 1837. Verdict for plaintiff-damages one shilling. Counsel for plaintiff, Messrs. Evans, Q.C., and Vaughan WiHiams; attorney, Mr D. Thomas. Coun- sel for defendant, Mr Chilton; attorney, Mr Church. Before Mr Wilson, recorder of Carmarthen, in the Grand Jury Room. John Jenkins, 25, haulier, and Hugh Price, 28, saw- yer, were charged with burglariously breaking into the house of Walter Watkins, at Brynmawr, and stealing a jar, a quantity'of brandy, a quantity of pep- permint, and a loaf of bread. Mr C. Powell and Mr Leach conducted the case for the prosecution. Mr Nicholl addrcssedtbe jury for the prisoners. Verdict-Guiltv of stealing. Sentence 12 months imprisonment to hard lard labour each. William Clark, was charged with stealing a ban- ker's cheque value X3 10s. Mr Hill, and Mr Charles Powell, conducted the case for the prosecution. Mr Vaughan Williams addressed the jury for pris- oner. Verd ict-Guilty, Twelve months' imprison- ment to hard labour. Attorney for prosecution, Mr Thos. R. Watkins; for prisoner Mr D. Thomas.


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