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THE SECOND FESTIVAL OF THE TOTAL ABSTINENCE SOCIETY OF GWENr AND MORGAN WG. (From. a Correspondent.) This festival was celebrated at this town, on Easter Monday. Our principles of total absti- nence from all intoxicating drinks, which we are fully convinced are evidently founded n the general and concurrent testimony of holy writ,-tlie unde- viating laws of nature,—the unanimous opinion of hundreds of medical men, who have tried the sys- tem,—and the experience of thousands of sterling teetotallers, have nobly stood the test of another year. When it is considered that sobriety is the object we have in view,—that the only means we use to obtain that heaven-horn object, are simply, reason, scripture, and prayer, it is truly astonish- ing that any person who professes to possess the least particle of philanthropy, should not cheer- fully and willingly abstain from inebriating drink, and voluntarily join our ranks. The order and civility which should characterize the conduct of all, and always do those of),eal total abstainers, is another strong argument in favour of our glorious institution, added to which there are innumerable blessings of a civil, domestic, and religious kind. But when we glance on the old fashioned habit of tasting the intoxicating cup by bargaining, by auditing accounts, at births, christenings, mar- riages, and even at funerals; and intermixed as this habit is with every thing in society, it is more astonishing, on the other hand, that we have progressed so much in so short a time. Amid these conflicting opinions this festival was celebrated, and it is highly creditable to the inha- bitants of the town and neighbourhood, that such a friendly reception was given to the strangers, and such intense interest excited in order to see the procession. Public meetings were held in the morning between 9 and 10, at Coedycymmer, where the Rev. G. Jones, Varteg, (Baptist) and the Rev. W. Havard, (Methodist) most ably advocated the cause; at Dowlais, the Rev. P. Griffiths, Alltwen, (Independent); the Rev. R. Price, Cwmllynfell, (Independent); and the Rev. Mr Jones, (Wesleyan), most argumentatively showed the utility of the institution and at Merthyr, the Rev. Owen Jones, Mold, (Methodist); the Rev. D. Davies, Swansea, (Baptist); Charles Carus Wilson, Esq and George Smith Kenrick, Esq., in unanswered and unan- swerable speeches, proved the beneficial effects of total abstinence in a religions, moral, and domestic point of view. The Morganwg Society directed their steps towards Dowlais at 12, to welcome those of Gwent to far-famed Merthyr, and notwith- standing the very great disadvantages under which they laboured, owing to the rain that fell, and the dirty state of the streets, yet the numbers were con- siderable, and the self-denying and courageous spirit they displayed evidently shewed that total- abstinence is to succeed in the populous district of Gwent a Morganwg. The appearance of so m iny thousands by coming down from Doulaifc, with eleven splendid banners, with the most appropriate inscriptions thereon, walking so orderly, and sing- ing so melodiously, was truly magnificent to every lover of his species. The streets were lined with spectators by PenydarranWorki, at Jackson's Bridge Bridge Street, Plymouth Street, by and through which the procession moved, up to 'quare by the Market House, which was most kindly lent by one of the proprietors, Win. Thomas, Esq., of the Court House, for the purpose of holding the central publio meeting; but as the rain descended so heavily, it was deemed discreetly even for tee- totallers to depart for "sweet home," which was immediately done after a short prayer was offered by the Rev. G. Jones, Varteg, and a vote of thanks to the worthy magistrate for the loan of the place. Most interesting meetings were held at Coedy- cymmer, Dowlais, and Merthyr, on Monday and Tuesday evenings, where teetotalism was strenu- ously and judiciously defended by the Rev. P Grif- fiths, G. S. Kenrick, and C. C. Wilson, Esqrs., the Rev. C. Jones, the Rev. R. Price, Mr Thomas, Varteg, the Rev. Daniel Davies, the Rev. Daniel Evans, and Mr Thomas of Swansea. Mr Kenrick presided on several occasions. Letters were read from E. Bowman, and R. Ctiarleson, Esqrs., regret- ting their absence. The result of these various meetings has been most gratifying; no less than three hundred enrolled themselves as members.





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